The only reason we liked Anna Wintour was because she refused to put reality star Kim Kardashian on the cover of Vogue. Now we have NO reason to like her because she broke down and put Kanye and Kim on the cover! WHAT HAPPENED? What kind of unholy deal was made between this unlikable couple and editor Wintour to make her do this? To our knowledge, Vogue has never had an x-rated sex video star on the cover! They were photographed by Annie Leibovitz! Will we EVER know what Kanye did to make this happen? We are disillusioned.


Posted by Janet on March 22, 2014

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  1. By missyco
    On March 22, 2014 at

    Money will buy just about anything but they will always be stuck in the caboose of the new money choo choo.

  2. By Georgie
    On March 22, 2014 at

    Revolting. On the bright side, Seth Rogan and James Franco did a spoof on this vogue cover also. Anna Wintour has wrecked Vogue, and I haven’t bought it or looked at it in years. This is truly a sellout, you should see her lame-ass reasoning for putting them on. I hope this is finally the end of her sh*tastic reign over that magazine.

  3. By Gina Catone
    On March 22, 2014 at

    I think it is absurd that Kim Kardashian was placed on the cover of Vogue! This sends a message that you can create a sex tape and wind up on the cover of America’s fashion bible! Poor Victoria Beckham who has done everything in her power to grace the pages of Vogue and received a slap in the face! I can’t wait till it is exposed that Kayne has a boyfriend and this is just another sham of a relationship for the Kardashians!

  4. By Strom
    On March 22, 2014 at

    Women should boycott this magazine. X rated trash who has had every BLACK man who asked between her legs….someone paid off w/ big ad $$$ for this to happen.

  5. By tee
    On March 22, 2014 at

    Vogue and Sears now have something in common.

  6. By Georgie
    On March 22, 2014 at

    tee, ROFL!

  7. By christine
    On March 22, 2014 at

    Cheapens a magazine that once celebrated the artful expression of fashion and was a platform for the talents of so many brilliant stylists, editors and photographers. Shameful. Beginning of the end?

  8. By EfromTN
    On March 22, 2014 at

    Tee – haha!!! Perfect. 🙂

    Vogue has jumped the shark. See ya.

  9. By JuXtapose
    On March 22, 2014 at

    You could tell Annie Leibovitz took the ugliest picture she could ever take. Kim looks like a hairy ho and Kanye looks better than her.

  10. By Carla
    On March 22, 2014 at

    You would never see that on the french Vogue cover…

  11. By Dee Cee
    On March 22, 2014 at

    The whole world is repulsed by this Z list which is minus zero status interest.. for this gross and soooo selfish ick ha-ha non couple.. and she doesn’t care? Or could it have been that secret behind closed doors huge beneficial pay off for Ms. Wintour, that did the trick..? Oh well, nothing so boring as staying too long at your disappointing job.. and suddenly she’s mysteriously smiling before her retirement.. but words of warning, never trust an egotistical manic and lying monster Kraptashian on their promises dear..

  12. By mishmash
    On March 22, 2014 at

    They must have photos of Wintour and a donkey at a motel. Can’t believe this mess. Rogen and Franco did it better. Man, Kim has 5 o’clock laser shadow. Missyco and Tee, you are sooooo right.

  13. By Palermo
    On March 22, 2014 at

    I posted twice on this and it never showed up

  14. By Nadiadamit
    On March 22, 2014 at

    tee is my favorite comment hahah =]

    hi to all the stroms ..however many U are now~ at least Ur loyal.. all of Ur split personalities.

    Janet.. Wintour f*cked up a long time ago and U congratulated her on it with Miley Cyrus.. see what U encouraged??? I blame U Janet. lmao.. Really though, Vogue in the states has become an embarrassment. Time to take Wintour out to pasture.

  15. By Lindy500
    On March 22, 2014 at

    Sold out!

  16. By Gone
    On March 22, 2014 at

    Tee, thanks for the laugh, and the reality check!

  17. By Laus Kinski
    On March 22, 2014 at

    Clearly the issue her is that nobody actually buys magazines anymore. I’m sure the next cover will have “Twice nominated for an Oscar – Jonah Hill” on the cover. How the #$%^ does Jonah Hill get a job in Hollywood? How did Building 7 collapse at free fall speed after Larry said “We made the decision to pull it”?

  18. By mister baja
    On March 22, 2014 at

    finally……..Wanking Again!!

  19. By Saul Ginsberg
    On March 22, 2014 at

    “Two time Academy Award nominated actor Jonah hill”

  20. By Jeremy Greenberg
    On March 22, 2014 at

    Do you mean “Jonah Hill Feldstein”? He went from High School dropout to Double Nominated Academy award actor in no time at all.

  21. By Jeremy Greenberg
    On March 22, 2014 at

    These great actors have never been nominated yet Jonah Hill has been nominated twice:

    Dana Andrews (0)
    Fred Astaire (1) (Honorary Award in 1949)
    Lew Ayres (1)
    John Barrymore (0)
    Warren Beatty (4) (Won Best Director Award in 1981)
    Ralph Bellamy (1) (Honorary Award in 1986)
    Charles Bickford (3)
    Dirk Bogarde (0)
    Charles Boyer (4) (Honorary Award in 1942)
    Kenneth Branagh (4)
    Richard Burton (7)
    Eddie Cantor (0) (Honorary Award in 1956)
    Jim Carrey (0)
    John Cassavetes (1)
    Charles Chaplin (2) (Honorary Awards in 1927/28 and 1971, a Special Award in 1927/8, and the Original Dramatic Score Award in 1972)
    Maurice Chevalier (2) (Honorary Award in 1958)
    Montgomery Clift (4)
    Lee J. Cobb (2)
    Joseph Cotten (0)
    Noel Coward (0)
    Tom Cruise (3)
    Tony Curtis (1)
    James Dean (2) – Both awarded posthumously
    Kirk Douglas (3) (Honorary Award in 1995)
    Clint Eastwood (1) (Thalberg Award in 1994)
    Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. (0) (Honorary Award in 1939)
    Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. (0)
    W.C. Fields (0)
    Ralph Fiennes (2)
    Albert Finney (5)
    Errol Flynn (0)
    Peter Fonda (1)
    Glenn Ford (0)
    Harrison Ford (1)
    John Garfield (2)
    James Garner (1)
    Richard Gere (0)
    Elliott Gould (1)
    Cary Grant (2) (Honorary Award in 1969)
    Sydney Greenstreet (1)
    Richard Harris (2)
    Laurence Harvey (1)
    Bob Hope (0) (Honorary Awards in 1940, 1944, 1952 and 1965)
    Dennis Hopper (2)
    Leslie Howard (2)
    Trevor Howard (1)
    Rock Hudson (1)
    Jerry Lewis (0) (Honorary Award in 2008)
    James Earl Jones (1)
    Louis Jourdan (0)
    Boris Karloff (0)
    Danny Kaye (0) (Honorary Award in 1954)
    Buster Keaton (0) (Honorary Award in 1959)
    Gene Kelly (1) (Honorary Award in 1951)
    Arthur Kennedy (5)

    Alan Ladd (0)
    Stan Laurel (0) (Honorary Award in 1960)
    Harold Lloyd (0) (Honorary Award in 1952)
    Peter Lorre (0)
    Bela Lugosi (0)
    Roddy MacDowall (0)
    Fred MacMurray (0)
    Dean Martin (0)
    Steve Martin (0)
    Groucho Marx (0) (Honorary Award in 1973)
    James Mason (3)
    Raymond Massey (1)
    Marcello Mastroianni (3)
    Joel McCrea (0)
    Malcolm McDowell (0)
    Steve McQueen (1)
    Adolphe Menjou (1)
    Burgess Meredith (2)
    Robert Mitchum (1)
    Robert Montgomery (2)
    Zero Mostel (0)
    Liam Neeson (1)
    Nick Nolte (3)
    Peter O’Toole (8) (Honorary Award in 2003)
    Anthony Perkins (1)
    Walter Pidgeon (2)
    William Powell (3)
    Tyrone Power (0)
    Vincent Price (0)
    Richard Pryor (0)
    Dennis Quaid (0)
    Claude Rains (4)
    Basil Rathbone (2)
    Ronald Reagan (0)
    Robert Redford (1) (Won Best Director Award in 1980)
    Burt Reynolds (1)
    Ralph Richardson (2)
    Alan Rickman (0)
    Edward G. Robinson (0) (Honorary Award in 1972)
    Will Rogers (0)
    Mickey Rooney (4) (Honorary Awards in 1938 and 1982)
    Robert Ryan (1)
    Peter Sarsgaard (0)
    George Segal (1)
    Arnold Schwarzenegger (0)
    Peter Sellers (2)
    Robert Shaw (1)
    Martin Sheen (0)
    Donald Sutherland (0)
    Robert Taylor (0)
    John Travolta (2)
    Max Von Sydow (2)
    Eli Wallach (0) (Honorary Award in 2010)
    Clifton Webb (3)
    Orson Welles (1) (Honorary Award in 1970)
    James Whitmore (2)
    Richard Widmark (1)
    Bruce Willis (0)
    Robert Young (0)

  22. By Rex Reed
    On March 23, 2014 at

    Jonah Hill is the next “Sean Connery” or “Laurence Olivier”

  23. By Strom
    On March 23, 2014 at

    Add Oprah and Halle Berry to the Jonah Hill overrated crew!

  24. By Carlos Danger
    On March 23, 2014 at

    Why did Anna Wintwhore do this you ask? To sell copies of course! She is no dummy. My guess is Vogue is like many other mags that aren’t selling like they use to. This will generate buzz. While there would be nothing better than to see these two over hype no talent losers come down with leprosy, they should help sell the magazine. If I happen to see the cover in a bathroom, I’ll be sure to use it wipe my behind with it.

  25. By JuXtapose
    On March 23, 2014 at

    That fat slob Jonah hill has not deserved any of his nominations. He’s a mediocre actor at best. Hollywood seems to think ugly actors are serious actors. Good for him for getting out of Judd apatow and Seth rogen movies, but an Olivier, a hanks or even a oscarless dicaprio he will never be.

  26. By Gone
    On March 23, 2014 at

    tee – great comment.

    Wintour has lost all fashion credibilty. She’s already lost front row seating preference with at least one designer.

  27. By Nin
    On March 23, 2014 at

    Did he impregnate her mouth before or after this shoot?

  28. By Anna Belle Leigh
    On March 23, 2014 at

    Vogue is going downhill fast…..

  29. By Paula
    On March 23, 2014 at

    Two disgusting idiots! The kid is just as ugly as them. So repulsive! The kid should be having a sex tape soon. Whores!

  30. By Palermo
    On March 23, 2014 at

    Kim has a mustache in this picture and it looks like neither one of them wants to touch the other. Awful photo.

  31. By Amy
    On March 23, 2014 at

    The last time I looked at a Vogue there was more advertising than fashion shoots and actually the adverts were more visually appealing. Wintour needs to be gone and this cover is so wrong in so many ways. I hope the people she normally hangs with give her the cold shoulder. That would be a fitting slap in that arrogant mug of hers.

  32. By Shelby
    On March 23, 2014 at

    Au contraire! Anna Wintour is a GENIUS for putting celebrities on the covers of Vogue. Surely she will pull Vogue back from the brink of non-profitability! Every woman who has a $6,000/year budget for clothes will take her fashion cues from Kanye, Lea, Miley, and now Kim. Oh yes!

  33. By JuXtapose
    On March 23, 2014 at

    Shelby you’re a re–rd.

    I have a budget bigger than that and don’t look at any of those jokes for fashion inspiration. I look to people like cate blanchett, Tulsa swinton, you know, really elegant women. Not tabloid trash that are a dime a dozen.

  34. By Patrick
    On March 24, 2014 at

    Now this!
    Is why I don’t care about missing airliners or troops massing on the Ukranian border.
    All is well in the world.

  35. By RENEE' B.
    On March 24, 2014 at

    who cares it’s just a magazine cover..not important at all…in the real news where the heck is that airplane!

  36. By Shelby
    On March 24, 2014 at

    Juxtapose, you’re no fun. You don’t get irony.

  37. By Strom
    On March 25, 2014 at

    Ann should receive 100,000 pictures of BLACK Ray J pounding Kims willing rear opening!

  38. By Noblecascadee
    On March 25, 2014 at

    they are not good enough for Playboy but Vogue sure took ’em…..


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