Our favorite backstage gossip from “Dancing with the Stars” involves Bristol Palin and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. According to The Enquirer, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin got very upset when her daughter started rambling on and on about how “cool” and “smart” the Jersey Shore star is. Bristol, 19, admires how Mike, 29, has managed his show business career, and they both happen to be living in the same apartment complex during the dance competition. She figures she could learn a lot from him. Her mother Sarah, however, fears that Bristol will end up running around with party boy Mike and warned her to stay away.

Posted by Janet on October 3, 2010

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  1. By captain america
    On October 3, 2010 at

    yep, when you’re neighteen you take AMERICAN LOSERS like these for breakfast, folks!!

  2. By SebastianCanada
    On October 3, 2010 at

    HaHaHa! The Situation is cool and smart! She forgot Eloquent and Handsome.

  3. By PitBullLover
    On October 3, 2010 at

    a doorknob has more intelligence and awareness than this idiot…..WHY is he “famous” again??

  4. By Leo
    On October 3, 2010 at

    Bristol’s dancing partner Mark Ballas has a crush on her. Check out the hugging,kissing on the cheek,and runaway hand holding that Mark does while in the company of Bristol.

  5. By Seriously?
    On October 4, 2010 at

    Please, please, please let these two hook up. They could call their baby “The Palin Situation”. Or maybe just “The Little Sit.”

  6. By Indy
    On October 4, 2010 at

    IMHO, Bristol looks age about 25; she just has an older look about her. And, if her face is not fixed up to the max, she looks really rank and plain.

    On a SITUATION like DWTS, I’m sure there is lots of hanky panky going on. No big deal, it’s everywhere.

  7. By Indy
    On October 4, 2010 at

    JANET, U R still tops in my book. We luv ya.

  8. By Bill Doe
    On October 4, 2010 at

    If Bristol and the Situation get together, I might be tempted to believe in God.

  9. By strom
    On October 4, 2010 at

    This airhead being paid to lecture on conservative issues is like having Whitney Houston lecture on a stable family life or Kirstie Alley lecturing on controlling an appetite. She has been impregnated by one bs artist and may be on her way to the second round. The Situation is just a Jersey con man with 15 minutes of fame.

  10. By SebastianCanada
    On October 4, 2010 at

    Bill Doe, if those two get together , it might be a sign that the End of Days is indeed coming.

    They might produce the anti-Christ…Sorry, I meant anti-pasta.

  11. By Palermo
    On October 4, 2010 at

    We already know she has bad taste in men and no sense, so he’s right up her alley

  12. By SebastianCanada
    On October 4, 2010 at

    Well, at least if he is up her alley, she won’t risk another pregnancy.

  13. By Natalie
    On October 4, 2010 at

    Bristol probably thought Levi Johnston was “cool” and “smart” too, and look where that got her.

  14. [...] Bristol Palin crushing on The Situation? That is both gross and [...]

  15. By Rahm
    On October 4, 2010 at

    Sarah’s probably mad because, with The Situation’s darker, classic Italian complexion, she mistakenly thought he was an illegal immigrant. And with what’s happening with Meg “Skim” Whitman, Sarah was worried The Situation would knock her daughter up so he’d have an “anchor baby” — and it’d be a huge drag on her 2012 bid (no pun intended).

  16. By Palermo
    On October 4, 2010 at

    Sebastian, shaking my head at you :P

  17. By Pierce_mn
    On October 4, 2010 at

    Yet another worthless press grabber whose 15 minutes were gone long ago. Who cares???????

  18. By SebastianCanada
    On October 4, 2010 at

    Rahm, gossip is Sarah met the Situation, and when he kept saying “bada bing, bada boom”, she thought he was a terrorist speaking in code. Bristol thought he was declaring his sexual prowess. Actually, he was just having a seizure.

  19. By captain america
    On October 4, 2010 at

    …………..what living in alaska can do with people.

  20. By Reta
    On October 4, 2010 at

    Sebastian, that has GOT to be the funniest thing you EVER said! And I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but strom’s remark is actually dead on correct (this time and maybe for the only time). What happened strom, did you get your head ran over by a snowplow and somehow a brain fell into it?

  21. By right
    On October 6, 2010 at

    Would be really great if he knocked her up.

  22. By No fats
    On October 7, 2010 at

    My dreams are coming true! Bristol is a total grenade but the situation can take one for the team and have this fat whore drinking it up at the jersey shore with momma palin as the loyal bar fly at their side. Who are we kidding the palins are bigger attention whores than the jersey kids.


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    Is this openly gay TV personality who already suffered a painful loss, headed for another stay at heartbreak Hotel? He has a new YOUNG boyfriend and he’s doing everything he can to promote the lad’s career. But, BEHIND HIS BACK, the conniving cutie is having a fling with the personal trainer they both share! Our unsuspecting TV guy doesn’t have a clue because the hunky trainer has a green-card marriage and plays it straight.

    Whodunit?? Guess who.

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