Lindsay Lohan’s exgirlfriend Samantha Ronson thought she was finally free of her shenanigans when Lindsay checked into Betty Ford. Imagine how appalled she was when Lindsay got sprung and leased the home RIGHT NEXT DOOR to hers in Venice for $7100 a month. (4 bedrooms, 3100 sq ft) Lindsay wanted to get out of Hollywood and CLAIMS she had no idea Sam lived in the mirror image house (above left) next door. The tour busses are clogging up the traffic outside and paparazzi are all over the place. Now Sam can’t walk out of her house without being photographed or asked questions. None of the neighbors are thrilled with the new tenant. Lindsay shrugged “If it’s such a big deal – I’ll move, if I have to.”


Posted by Janet on January 5, 2011

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  1. By strom
    On January 5, 2011 at

    Like Queen Latifah who has her “personal trainer” there to service her Sam will be next door and between Lindsay’s legs on an on call basis.

  2. By Reta
    On January 5, 2011 at

    Neither of those hideous things looks like a house, more like an apartment building. And what would either woman need a four bedroom house for when they are single and have no kids? And Lindsay is supposedly broke… certainly hasn’t worked in ages, and I would think is pretty much uninsurable now anyway. I wouldn’t pay one cent to see her do anything except maybe board a slow boat to China (one way of course)! Mt hope for the new year is that we don’t have to hear or see anything this year abount any of the Lohans, Palins, Hiltons, or Spears.

  3. By Walt Cliff
    On January 5, 2011 at

    This sounds like something Michael Lohan was behind for publicity. The whole family is strangely twisted. Kinda sad.

  4. By Indy
    On January 5, 2011 at

    Lindsay and Sam are both crazy, unspeakably crazy. Look for something big to happen soon and am surprised that a tragedy did not occur when they were off again/on again, stalking each other, screaming, fighting in clubs, blah blah. This time, I have a bad feeling about the whole situation Lindsay is going from bad to worse; she needs a full time caretaker, someone not in her family. But, as Reta said, how is she even affording this monstrosity and all other expenses, and possibly still her drugs.

  5. By Muffin Top!!
    On January 5, 2011 at

    They both act like it wasn’t planned, but it had to have been. Sam just wanted Lindsay more “Mink Munching” accessible.

    I do think Lohan IS serious about being sober this time, though. Why else would she allow her SLEEZY Dad back in her life? She knows she must mend her family relationships and The Loose Cannon she calls a father is the key. She has to control him, and his rantings and ravings.

  6. By Bu
    On January 5, 2011 at

    I think Sam knew about this and because the paps got wind of it Sam needed to save face with her friends that all hate Lindsey by saying she had no idea that Lindsey was moving in!

    I use to live very close to that location and I’m sure that the neighbors are going nuts!

  7. By clementine
    On January 5, 2011 at

    Lindsay lies all the time. There is no way she didn’t know Sam lived there. Of ALL the places in LA to move to, she just “happens” to move there?!?! Bitch, please…

  8. By Reta
    On January 5, 2011 at

    OF COURSE she KNEW! And I’m not for one second falling for this hogwash she’s selling of being clean and sober. No way! She’s only saying it because she wants to get an acting job and she’s acting now by telling her lies which you’d have to be a total moron to believe (or Michael Lohan who wants to live off her a while longer). OR her skany mother or 45 year old looking sister who bombed “singing”.They ALL just need to GO AWAY and STAY AWAY!!!

  9. By Mimi
    On January 5, 2011 at

    IMO Lindsay is a sociopath. She reminds me of OJ Simpson. Like OJ she does Coke, blames everyone else for her problems and stalks her ex-lovers. I have a bad feeling she will do something violent in the near future. Sam, protect yourself!

  10. By uncle bill
    On January 5, 2011 at

    don’t get confused: this is just a “STANDING” travel trailer!!

  11. By strom
    On January 6, 2011 at

    The real tragedy is the $7000+ per month for that place. No doubt owned by yids who are laughing all the way!

  12. By Rick
    On January 7, 2011 at

    Unless this is part of a plan which Sam is in on – to live side by side as a half step towards possible reconciliation – then I sense another move and/or restraining order in Sam’s not-too-distant future.

    What I’d really like to know is where an unemployed person who just begged her friends for the money to help pay her rehab bill finds $7000/month for rent. Sam’s family is wealthy so she can afford it. Lindsay not so much.

  13. By Bootsie
    On January 8, 2011 at

    Perhaps Sam is footing the bill…partly to keep Lindsay from every coming out about Sam being her drug source??? She did go see her in jail, after all…

  14. By strom
    On January 9, 2011 at

    Seems Sam is already between her legs!

  15. By Strom
    On April 29, 2012 at

    Sam’s recent piece has GONE BACK TO MEN…words a bull dyke and PC’ers never want to hear:


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