London papers are reporting that Michael Jackson was found dazedly wandering in the lobby of his London hotel in the early hours of last Wednesday morning. He was described as “spaced out” but not drunk, and had to be held up by his security guys and led back to his suite. The next day when he made his big announcement about his 10 London shows, he read those terse and rambling remarks (which included repeating “This is IT!” eleven times) off a TELEPROMPTER! There are already rumblings of ten more concerts to be added and we wonder how he will hold up under the pressure of actually performing.


Posted by hoodlum on March 8, 2009

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  1. By frank
    On March 8, 2009 at

    He was probably high. He used to have an intravenous demerol drip set up at Neverland Ranch. He would do it himself.

  2. By Anonymous
    On March 8, 2009 at

    He won’t actually perform. This is just a money grab. Like Janet planned all her concerts and got the money then got conviently “sick”, Jacko will do the same thing. He has a clause in his contract that he still gets paid even if he cancels. He must be very broke.

  3. By Sebastian Stoker
    On March 8, 2009 at

    I agree with the general opinion – these concerts are never going to happen. And this whole thing will end up a fiasco, another milestone of Wacko Jacko’s crash and burn. In the 70’s and 80’s the Jackson’s seemed one of the biggest things around, and now they are just one huge running joke, with Michael as the anticipated punchline.

  4. By gerard Vandenberg
    On March 8, 2009 at

    DO NOT PANIC, folks!!
    I’m sure we will see!!

  5. By Reta
    On March 9, 2009 at

    This creature hasn’t been human for some time now, but the above photo has a particularly PLASTIC look to “it/him” in the jaw-chin-nose (or what’s left of it)!!
    It seems to have odd bulges where there should BE no bulges…could this be the edges of the implants he uses to make up his very essense?
    AND WHO in their right mind would pay a CENT to watch this mess crash and burn on stage, lip stinking and grabbing what is known to be his “spotted dick”???
    I MIGHT do it as a JOB, if you PAID ME that is, I’d show up and take notes on his bombing, but only if you paid me the big buckeroos!!
    That colossal fool of a child molester who chops his own face off and buys white children and bleaches himself into another race turns my gut inside OUT!!!

  6. By Anonymous
    On March 9, 2009 at

    I wish this dude would take a dirt nap.

  7. By Anonymous
    On March 9, 2009 at

    The next time I want to see a Michael Jackson post is when they haul him into prison for child molestation. Until then, no thanks on this ongoing freakshow.

  8. By anonymous
    On March 9, 2009 at

    So many people had it much, much worse in the dysfunctional family arena….I have no compassion for this freak, only for his kids….and who’s gonna look after them when he goes (only a matter of time)….their “mother?!!” No sympathy for this criminal, farce of a person who threw away his life and talent, but made sure to take a lot of innocent people’s lives too. Sicko, extraordinaire.

  9. By Reta
    On March 9, 2009 at

    Can anybody IMAGINE that freakmonster of a face coming at you from above panting longingly, tongue hanging out in a frenzy of lust?

  10. By Anonymous
    On March 10, 2009 at

    He’s still an ass wanting attention. Take those abused kids away from this ailing, perv moron.

  11. By Anonymous
    On March 10, 2009 at

    It may sound strange but I don’t think Jacko is going to be around much longer. I can’t imagine him wanting to get old. I sense tragedy.

  12. By Anywhere, USA
    On March 10, 2009 at

    It’s a miracle he is still alive. He is definitely in bad health and maybe incurable.

  13. By nan
    On July 24, 2009 at

    I am sure you are all happy now that he is gone. some of you may have had a hand in it. who knows who some of you really are. God knows though and He will deal with you Himself. You all have not compassion for his children at all by the hateful and wicked comments you all made while he was alive. I hope you are happy in your self righteousness.

  14. By You people...
    On July 29, 2009 at

    …should be reading your own comments now, after MJ has gone. You all were so BIG on CONVICTING him with your haphazard opinions I BET you are now spreading yourselves praising him in news sites out of guilt! Simply because you know too well this kind of trash talk attitude & loose JUDGMENT from the media & people were what drove him to depression in his last years.

    It has been revealed for all the world to see how good Michael was in raising his kids. from the memorial, to all the home videos, to all the testimonials of people who have personally met & dealt with the children. In short, Michael Jackson HAS BEEN HUMAN.

    I BET YOU ARE even ASHAMED to realize how clumsily you yourselves have been raising your own kids!

    Where are you now and all of your trash talk, by the way?

    YOu people make my hair crawl.


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