Is this a sinister plot or an odd camera angle – or an accurate portrayal of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? In this recent photo taken at the Beverly Regent Hotel Tom appears miniscule next to his towering girlfriend. She IS wearing high heels but the height difference is startling. Tom’s fans are outraged – they claim people are conspiring to make Tom appear foolish and insist the picture is Photoshopped. They feel this is just the latest form of harrassment against their idol. We don’t know if it’s a joke or not, but it is a hoot.


Posted by Janet on September 29, 2006

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  1. By Anonymous
    On September 29, 2006 at

    It’s obvious this photo is an inaccurate representation of their sizes.

  2. By Anonymous
    On September 29, 2006 at

    It’s most likely the camera angle. I don’t think she’s that much taller than he is.

  3. By yet another anon
    On September 29, 2006 at

    Camera angle, fo sho.

  4. By JustCurious
    On September 29, 2006 at

    According to IMDB (Internet Movie DataBase) their bios list Tom Cruise’s height as 5’7″ and Katie Holmes at 5’9″.
    The photo is EXTREMELY deceiving.

  5. By Maddie
    On September 29, 2006 at

    Wow! Katie sure looks great!Didn’t know she was built so great. She is a couple of inches taller than Tom, but not quite as much as this photo indicates. The person in front always looks much bigger and taller.
    Camera angle, indeed.

  6. By Anonymous
    On September 29, 2006 at

    I used to be a professional personal matchmaker, and I can tell you all woman lie about their weight and all men lie about their height. For men, the lie is usually 2″ in their shoes. I’ve seen TC’s lifts, although none are visible in this picture. If TC claims 5’7″, we are down to 5’5″. Almost all men’s shoes add 1″-2″ in height WITHOUT lifts. With lifts, a man can add 3″-4″. In my professional opinion, TC is 5’2″. In this picture, although she is slightly ahead of him, if she is 6’2″ in heels, and he’s 5’5″ in lifts, they are still 9″ apart, and it shows.

  7. By Pat
    On September 29, 2006 at

    Wow. He’s taller than I thought!

  8. By Pebbles
    On September 29, 2006 at

    Tom has short man syndrome so I think that the photo is real.

  9. By April
    On September 29, 2006 at

    Upon looking at this picture it seems he is just the right height if you know what I mean. Maybe that is why he always dates much taller women, so he really does have an excuse to always be looking at their brest instead of into their eyes!!

  10. By PatSample
    On September 29, 2006 at

    No one would give a rat’s butt about this photo if Tom Cruise himself weren’t so insecure about his height. By usually wearing lifts, he’s painted a big bull’s eye on himself and invited the rest of us to take some shots.

  11. By Anonymous
    On September 29, 2006 at

    Someone has a great sense of humor. Look at her hips and the size of her head! This is not a difficult task in photoshop – Funny stuff!

  12. By PatSample
    On September 29, 2006 at

    BTW, I meant to say ‘pot shots.’

  13. By Anonymous
    On September 29, 2006 at

    What scares me is the weird way they hold hands – normal, happy, ‘tpgether’ couples interlace their fingers, but these two – her hand is more like a fist, always. any body language experts out there to shed light on this?

  14. By Anonymous
    On September 29, 2006 at

    I agree with you on the hand holding. It looks formal, almost royal. She appears to be of two minds.
    Regarding his shortness, medical studies have indicated that children in abusive families can stop growing as much as a decade before other children raised in happy homes. Or he had two tiny parents.

  15. By Big Rocky
    On September 29, 2006 at

    I saw the uncropped photo, and it is clear from their feet that they are next to each other — the picture isn’t slanted that way.
    Maybe her heels are VERY high!

  16. By Anonymous
    On September 29, 2006 at

    I’ve worked with TC, and he’s about 5’6″ or 5’7″. I’m 5’8″, and he’s just a tad shorter than me.
    this looks photoshopped or a camera angle thing. Look at how much bigger her head is than his.

  17. By Anonymous
    On September 30, 2006 at

    Unfortunately… as of late no one has to conspire to make “Tom” look foolish!
    Sad, really. I think Tom is very talented…maybe he is in a midlife crisis.

  18. By Anonymous
    On September 30, 2006 at

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  19. By Faith
    On September 30, 2006 at

    bull. tom cruise is 5’5” TOPS. katie holmes is at LEAST 5’9 without heels. look at all the pics of tom and nicole back in the day, she was like a foot taller than him with NO heels!

  20. By carlotta
    On October 2, 2006 at

    I’m shocked with how skinny she looks. She could stand a few pounds.

  21. By Anonymous
    On October 2, 2006 at

    That is an obvious fake, although it is hilarious. Poor Katie. She seemed to have such a bright future.

  22. By Anonymous
    On March 23, 2007 at

    they’re all short, to save money on set construction i think, i have been stunned to see some leading actors.. next to other leading actors outside their “sets” and whew.. was i initially fooled about their size! Also i wonder if natural acting ability is partially based on having been short.. and trying to make up for it all your life. Someone said short man syndrome? i’d be suprised if tom cruise was over 5 ft .. how tall was james cagney, micky roony? etc.. i think they all a LOT shorter than anything u will find on paper.

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