Madonna is in shock – and she is rarely speechless. Insiders say her young boyfriend has mustered up the courage to propose to her! 53 year old Madonna was flabbergasted when 24 year old dancer Brahim Zaibat asked her to marry him a few weeks ago. Her younger boyfriends are generally too intimidated to suggest such a thing. But Brahim has a mind of his own – he has introduced Madonna to his mother and accompanied Madonna to the Kabbalah center. In May, Madonna kicks off another world tour with Brahim as a principal dancer. She told Brahim she needs time to think about his proposal. When she divorced Guy Ritchie she declared “Never again!” but since then has softened on the idea. She’s happy with Brahim, but won’t be rushed.


Posted by Janet on March 4, 2012

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  1. By Muffie
    On March 4, 2012 at

    Wellll, I suppose he’s got to get her to pony up somehow. When he outlives her, he will be in the prime of his life, with money to burn.

    Not a bad gig! There are definately worse ways to make money. Shagging the OLD bag, is just part of a bigger plan.

  2. By Christine India
    On March 4, 2012 at

    When these 2 false religions clash….(he is a Muslim and she is in Kabbalah)….look for WW III. And when Madonna falls, it will be a long and very difficult fall, very very unspeakably whore-able.

    BTW, doesn’t he look like a young Barack Hussein Obummer?

  3. By Kitty
    On March 4, 2012 at

    Right on, Indie. The phrase “No fool like an OLD fool” comes to mind also.

  4. By Bluejay
    On March 4, 2012 at

    Just considering Madonna’s NY apartment, I’d ask her to marry me too, in hopes of getting a few thousand square feet.

  5. By forrest gump
    On March 4, 2012 at

    she must hurry with her thinking.

  6. By hello
    On March 4, 2012 at

    Don’t do it maddonnna! Just fuck them and keep it moving.

  7. By Ruben Bronx
    On March 4, 2012 at

    Ms. India “2 false religions”, are you serious ?

    You do of course realize all faiths, do, by definition, require the suspension of fact, for them to ” work” .

    They are all faith based, unproven, largely baseless or shared illusions and are all therefore, in varying degrees “false”.

    Arguing that one is somehow less false, is frankly, stupid. they’re either all true or all false.

    Please don’t reduce faith to a team sport. Mine vs. yours etc.

  8. By E
    On March 4, 2012 at

    1) If he’s following her to Kabbalah, he does not have a mind of his own

    2) She probably told him to ask her. Madonna controls every little thing about her life, and several others (reportedly Lourdes’s completely scheduling her time down to fifteen-minute blocs, and probably David Banda’s, and Rocco’s when he’s not with his dad)

  9. By dark sided
    On March 5, 2012 at

    C’mon,Janet!Give us some real gossip.You copied this “story” word for word from DailyMail.You have no idea if it’s even true.

  10. By Denise
    On March 5, 2012 at

    Wouldn’t it be cheaper if she just adopted him?

  11. By Walt Cliff
    On March 5, 2012 at

    Denise, LOL! 🙂

  12. By Say Something Nice
    On March 5, 2012 at

    She was shocked that he suppressed his gag reflex long enough to propose—in his halting english. 😀

    (And this not-so-nice comment has NOTHING to do with her senior-citizenship—but is all about her rank personality.)

  13. By Diva
    On March 5, 2012 at

    It will give the 15 year old daughter someone to play with.

  14. By Mrs. Honoria Pilkinghorne
    On March 5, 2012 at

    Her lead dancer? Has she read the Brittney Spears biography?

  15. By Patrick
    On March 5, 2012 at

    Ruben, you are far to logical and large brained for this site. Dumb it down a bit for us will ya.
    Good one, Diva.
    Hi, Miss Nice!

  16. By Say Something Nice
    On March 5, 2012 at

    Hey, Babe 😉

  17. By Christine India
    On March 5, 2012 at

    Patrick: What perzackly did Ruben say.?

    Kabbalah, Islam, (and of course Scientology) are unspeakably bad bad bad. They shun the Gospel and salvation and all in these will end up where Hitler, Stalin, Jeffrey Dahmer, etc. are now. I’m entitled to my beliefs aren’t I, just like everyone else is entitled to theirs, including atheist Reta. If Reta reads this, she will get on my case as usual. A song by Spike Jones applies here: The title is “I don’t care”.

  18. By Mrs Patrick Campbell
    On March 5, 2012 at

    Is Brahim a homosexual?


  19. By Mel Zipskin
    On March 5, 2012 at

    Bad idea, Madge. He will molest one of your kids. I have a bad feeling about him.

  20. By Voltaire
    On March 5, 2012 at

    India: Of course you’re entitled to your faith, just as others are entitled to theirs. Difference is you trashed theirs to make yours the best. And it’s no different than any other.

  21. By Patrick
    On March 5, 2012 at

    Chrissy, Ruben says…
    Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.

  22. By Christine India
    On March 5, 2012 at

    Patrick, LOL, I like your answer. 🙂

  23. By Carol Gerard
    On March 6, 2012 at

    I hate the double standard!! It’s perfectly ok for older guys to date and marry women young enough to be their daughters…but whoa!…an older woman w/a younger guy is a no-no! In Europe especially France, they revere older women. I date younger guys all the time….most guys my age are boring and out of shape!

  24. By Chris
    On March 6, 2012 at

    I agree. Why double standards in the society? There have been more instances of older guys marrying younger (too young) women than the other way around. That is slowly changing.

  25. By Hillary's Duff
    On March 6, 2012 at

    I wish this filthy disgusting and untalented Woman would just go away.

    On September 5, 2012 at

    Oh Lordy!!! I hope this time Madonna remembers the prenup!


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