This stolen necklace situation with Lindsay Lohan is an instant replay of a stolen coat situation in 2008. The neighborhood jeweler who spotted a paparazzi photo of Lindsay wearing his missing necklace called her on it, and the jewelry was delivered to the police the next day. Back in 2008 Lindsay was at a party at 1Oak in New York seated next to a young woman who took off her $11,000 blond mink coat. When the woman got up to leave, the coat was gone. Days later, she saw paparazzi photos (above) taken that same night of Lindsay wearing the coat! She called 1Oak, who were of no help, and had her lawyer contact Lindsay’s lawyer. The next day the coat was delivered to her, reeking of cigarettes and booze. No apology, nothing. She didn’t press charges. A coincidence? We think not.


Posted by Janet on February 3, 2011

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  1. By Strom
    On February 3, 2011 at

    Obviously she is a klepto like Winona Ryder, too. She has gotten off the hook so much it will be interesting to see what happnes. Terrible judges in Hollywood but the big black DA would probably love to get her hands on this one.

    Is Sam Ronson munching on Lindsay again, too?

  2. By Muffin Top!!
    On February 3, 2011 at

    The infamous fur coat incident. I totally forgot about that. Wasn’t she also accused of stealing someone’s watch a while back too?

    A cry for attention maybe? Another celebrity thinking they can take what they want because they are famous and “entitled” to whatever they please.

    Oh Lindsay Girl, you really need to leave Hollywood and start over again somewhere new. If your Movie Star career is meant to be…they will track you down wherever you are. You are definitely a gifted actress, now you just need to grow up!!

  3. By Natalie
    On February 3, 2011 at

    I wish they’d throw this deviant back behind bars for violating probation. Isn’t stealing from a jewelry store considered a violation? If not, it ought to be.

  4. By Something Nice
    On February 3, 2011 at

    Winona Ryder’s response: “A 25-Hundred dollar necklace? Amateur!!”

  5. By clementine
    On February 3, 2011 at

    I really hate this bitch. Will laugh when she gets 3-5 yrs for all her fuck-ups. C’mon LA, arrest her for probation violation. She’s got plenty of incidents to choose from. Pick one.

  6. By Patrick
    On February 3, 2011 at

    What a fucking skank, thief.

  7. By Something Nice
    On February 3, 2011 at

    Winona added: “And this one time, at a party, back in the ’80s, Lindsay made this really really racisty joke about Anne Frank—loud enough so that I could hear it!!”

  8. By Something Nice
    On February 3, 2011 at

    Winona added further: “And this other thing, that I just remembered, one year, on my birthday, Lindsay sent me a pair of OVEN MITTS. And I think she stole them, too.”

  9. By Denise
    On February 3, 2011 at

    Oh come on Janet, they were both loaners, and besides, it was the stylists fault for not returning them.

    What I found interesting about the picture of her with the necklace: it appeared to be turned around maybe, so no one could see it?

  10. By Something Nice
    On February 3, 2011 at

    Final additional statement from Winona Ryder via Abscess Hollywood:

    “I was totally, TOTALLY researching an important role when that unfortunate misunderstanding thing happened to me many, many, many years ago for which I was unfortunately persecuted and made fun of, unfortunately. Does Lindsay Lohan still get enough work to qualify as an ‘actress?’ I am in Black Swan.”

  11. By Rick
    On February 3, 2011 at

    She seems to be missing any semblance of a compass on so many levels. I don’t have a clue what to make of her.

    Time for her attorneys to sprinkle some celebrity fairy dust again to confuse and paralyze the L.A. judicial system.

  12. By CoCo
    On February 3, 2011 at

    She didn’t steal the necklace; she saw it and put it on. Period. She deserves to have pretty things; she works so hard. Besides, she’s doing them a favour. Don’t they know how famous she is, how much attention she has brought to their brand? People are so mean, so racist, oops, I mean anti-gay or against promiscuity – wait, I mean they just hate red haired celebrities, I mean blondes, I mean Lohans, I mean…

  13. By Reta
    On February 3, 2011 at

    Wasn’t there ANOTHER big jewelry heist with her, or was it Paris? With several pieces gone from a shoot? I think I recall it being LL. It was a huge amount of money in lost gems and an investigation was supposedly taking place. Never heard the final take and don’t think there WAS one. So, I guess the moral of the story is to try to get a gig modeling where groovy gems are photographed and then shove them up your snatch when no one’s looking and play coy, tossing your long red hair when questioned, maybe flash a bit o’tit accidentally on purpose for good measure. Seems to work for our gal Linds!

  14. By uncle bill
    On February 3, 2011 at

    Wal Mart is on her “To Do-list”, folks.
    … they’re warned now.

  15. By Oda Mae Brown
    On February 3, 2011 at

    Chronic lying/stealing are signs of a sociopathic personality. She can thank her idiot parents for that.

    Has this woman ever taken responsibility for anything or shown any guilt/remorse for anything? All I ever hear her do is blame other people.

  16. By Nicole
    On February 4, 2011 at

    Lindsay is a nasty little thief and I’m so happy somone called her on her shit. The jeweler really needs to press charges. Nothing seems to shame this rogue. Perhaps some REAL PRISON time and none of this Hollywood treatment will do her good. She has a pattern of theft and I doubt it will stop. Throw the book at her!

  17. By Anonymouth
    On February 4, 2011 at

    Well, on one level this kind of behavior is almost to be expected. Companies and their PR flacks are always throwing outrageous amounts of swag at celebrities.

    Think what kind of monstrous entitlement that helps breed in the way some people perceive their supposed importance (see Ryder, Winona and the above).

    Plus Lindsay is BROKE and doesn’t she have that hoarding syndrome, too?

    She’s probably pulled stunts like this all over town (including Trader Joe’s and VONS), we just haven’t heard about it.

  18. By Anonymouth
    On February 4, 2011 at

    Eh, wanted to add—thought she was very good in “Bobby” (admittedly the only thing I’ve seen her in), but there are lots of talented actresses out there who won’t rip-off the joint!

  19. By Tinchy
    On February 4, 2011 at

    Sick and tired of her.Please somebody put this crackhead behind the bars.World will be a safer place with her lock up.

  20. By Strom
    On February 5, 2011 at

    Once she is jailed for the necklace there will be some roomates who are happy to munch her mink!

  21. By Strom
    On February 6, 2011 at

    The big black DA was named to prosecute the case so unless she makes a major slip up or has an enabler judge, it might be curtains for this nut case.

  22. By Leo
    On February 6, 2011 at

    Well, what can I say??

    Some people will steal lightening
    grab at thunder!!

  23. By Rick
    On February 6, 2011 at

    She’ll wiggle out of this like she does everything else because the justice system doesn’t apply to celebrities. She’ll never change; why should she?


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