Above, the recently departed Jane Russell with the long departed Robert Mitchum in “His Kind of Woman.” Jane usually played a no-nonsense street-wise dame with a heart of gold, and that’s what her leading men liked about her. When we first moved to Hollywood we encountered Jane at a party and told her she was our father’s favorite actress and it happened to be his birthday. No cell phones then, but she sweetly wrote “Happy birthday George, Love from Jane Russell” on a napkin with a red kiss print! Sweet!


Posted by Janet on March 1, 2011

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  1. By Walt Cliff
    On March 1, 2011 at

    Dang, she was so beautiful.

  2. By cal
    On March 1, 2011 at

    Janet, that is a nice story – I bet your father was very happy about that!

  3. By Strom
    On March 1, 2011 at

    Jane got knocked up and we can only imagine it was by Howard Hughes and she had an abortion that was botched. Her breasts were the real thing and eagerly fondeled by man leading men. She was very religious in her later years and a conservative. Quite a contrast with today’s wanna be fame whores showcased on the Oscars as presenters or winners!

  4. By Muffin Top!!
    On March 1, 2011 at

    Another legend gone.

    “Walt Cliff”, I 100% agree with you, she was gorgeous!! Robert Mitchum was pretty easy on the eyes also.

  5. By Reta
    On March 1, 2011 at

    HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT picture! Those two WERE real sizzlers, weren’t they? Robert Mitchum is one of my favorite old time movie stars. Boldly sexy and manly, unashamed to be virile on screen. And SHE couldn’t turn it off if she wanted to. Her early looks and pictures were so stunning, just an amazing speciman of a female. Glowing.
    I loved what a treat it was with her and Marilyn Monroe (my favorite) together in their prime of youth and beauty singing and dancing together like polar opposites of each other. You couldn’t figure out which one to keep your eyes on while they danced in their beautiful gowns singing.

  6. By The American
    On March 1, 2011 at

    she helped alot of impotent men.
    EVEN FAGGOTS WERE CHANGED INTO HETERO-SEXUALS, so she was seen as a god by many.

  7. By georgie
    On March 1, 2011 at

    God she was so gorgeous. And what a bod. Makes these anorexic size zero wannabes of today look ridiculous.

  8. By Leo
    On March 2, 2011 at

    For years Miss Russell was a fixture on TV for her commercial for the Playtex bra. She never appeared to age in front of the camera. At the young age of 89, her life will continue on film for all to enjoy!!

  9. By Bu
    On March 2, 2011 at

    RIP Jane

  10. By XYZ
    On March 2, 2011 at

    Great package, zero talent whatsoever. Just because she belonged to another era, thats not making her a goddess or a legend, get serious. Marilyn proved she is talented, Jane not. Sorry to break ur bubble.

  11. By Strom
    On March 2, 2011 at

    Jane was no rocket scientist for certain, no doubt Bob was pounding her or at least trying very hard.

  12. By Strom
    On March 2, 2011 at

    Change the title to “Thanks for the Mammaries”

  13. By Hilary
    On March 2, 2011 at

    Hi Strom,
    According to ABC News, Jane had a back alley abortion in high school, which she testified about in Congress, so it wasn’t Hughes’ baby.
    Sad because she was never able to get pregnant when she wanted a baby. What a class act. She admitted that she wasn’t much of an actress, but her charimsa is evident even in still photos. RIP. 🙂

  14. By Selene
    On March 2, 2011 at

    Yes, she was beautiful….and she didnt benefit from plastic surgery to get that way right? Her face is great and no work done? Same thing with Sophia Loren, one of the most beautiful women ever..

  15. By Reta
    On March 2, 2011 at

    Hilary, that is truly sad and should stand as a testament and lesson to each generation of young women who are desperate in those times. To permaently damage and scar your female parts so badly that you can never again get pregnant or hold a child inside it is scary and really sad. That time was even worse because of thos horrors of the “back alley” abortion, and how filthy and dangerous they could often be. That she didn’t die is a miracle.

  16. By Monah Garrett
    On March 3, 2011 at

    She was quite stunning during her time in movies, and always seemed to appreciate her good fortune.

    There is an iconic photograph of her and Marilyn pressing their hands into wet cement at Grauman’s; they were the epitome of beauty and vitality. And had wonderful chemistry together. It’s the reason “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” is still so entertaining after all these many years. 🙂

  17. By Diandra
    On March 7, 2011 at

    I liked all her movies. She was stunning in all of them. A real natural beauty and an honest person.

    It is nice to see a real face. Plastic surgery makes the stars look like they have half of their faces shaved off because nothing matches. Noses too small for their faces and the peels take their top layer of skin away and they look like martians.

  18. By FunMe
    On March 11, 2011 at

    She might be beautiful outside, but outside she certainly was NOT, according to her own words:


    ‘She also turned to conservative politics in her later years.

    “These days I’m a teetotal, mean-spirited, right-wing, narrow-minded, conservative Christian bigot, but not a racist,” she told The Daily Mail of London in 2003. Bigotry, she added, “just means you don’t have an open mind.”’

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