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It’s not easy being Janice Dickinson’s daughter. Janice took Savannah, 17, shopping Beverly Hills and treated her to an expensive Herve Leger dress and a handbag from Furla but Savanna never got as happy as her mother. When Savannah was born, Janice claimed she was fathered by Sylvester Stallone and Sly paid her medical bills. A paternity test eventually revealed that Savannah’s father was someone not so rich and famous.


Posted by Janet on December 22, 2011

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  1. By Palermo
    On December 22, 2011 at

    It would be very hard growing up with a lunatic like this for your mother

  2. By mookie
    On December 22, 2011 at

    Egads, the plastic surgery is catching up with her. She’s starting to resemble NY socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein. So is Joan Rivers.

  3. By missyco
    On December 22, 2011 at

    Her face is so distorted. So sad to know she is making her face monster like. Does she see how it looks? I mean a slight nip here or there can be “refreshing” but when these women start looking like that maniac cop actor guy not good.

  4. By forrest gump
    On December 22, 2011 at

    pst: savanah has more working braincells than her mother.

  5. By Muffie!!
    On December 22, 2011 at

    This girl wearing a Herve Leger dress, I don’t think so! A tuxedo maybe. She’s wearing slippers for gosh sakes!

  6. By Hello
    On December 23, 2011 at

    Jesus, a white guy finds attractive to stick his dick in?!?!? Is her face mistaken for puckered asshole?

  7. By Strom
    On December 23, 2011 at

    Mookie hit it…a Wildenstein lookalike….poor daughter!

  8. By Edith's Designer Head
    On December 23, 2011 at

    Janice has assaulted herself with plastic surgery. Has she always been flighty and absent mentally ? Is she ill? Has she suffered from substance abuse (s) ??? Pitiful. In her day, she was a true beauty and major head turner. Sadly, the public turns their heads for the wrong reasons now.

  9. By Strom
    On December 23, 2011 at

    Imagine the rest of her….a fright!

  10. By Diva
    On December 23, 2011 at

    I’m always amused at women who really don’t know who their baby daddy is! I guess nice try for moeny % fame Janice.

  11. By Christine India
    On December 23, 2011 at

    Savannah looks dreadfully sad and Janice is definitely mentally ill.

  12. By chris
    On December 23, 2011 at

    Poor girl, her expression and outfit says it all.

  13. By zippy
    On December 23, 2011 at

    My ass would make Janet a good Sunday face.

  14. By Reta
    On December 23, 2011 at

    I remember that well, Janet. What a dumb move! Actually, looking at the daughter, she could be Sly’s with that face, poor kid. She’s certainly not model material. Bet Janice, tho loving her as a mom would, is dissappointed that the girl is not beautiful enough to grace covers all over the world. Perhaps she’ll send her off for some touch-ups with some of her closest friends?

  15. By Reta
    On December 23, 2011 at

    And to Edith’s…yes, Janice HAS had MAJOR substance abuse and even went on Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab where she completly came unhinged. Her dad sexually assaulted her for most of her childhood and that’s where her problems began. Now she tears her face up trying to destroy herself from the outside in. If she couldn’t do it with drugs and alcohol, this seems to be working, right?

    Actually, she looks most like that “man” who does hair dressing in, I think, Beverly Hills, Or it could be West Hollywood. He’s famous for having so much plastic surgery and has been on numerous TV shows to discuss his obscession with it, even brings his doctors with him! He is so disgustingly deformed, with huge duck lips and pec implants that are rediculous! And he still has an incredibly feminine look to him, and of course, the way he talks doesn’t help. I don’t get why he got the pec implants to look more manly when he looks so obviously female! Whatever…either way, he is hideous, and DOES looks like Janice’s clone!

  16. By Say Something Nice
    On December 23, 2011 at

    GREAT legs…but-her-face: tragic. 🙁

  17. By indi
    On December 24, 2011 at

    So mean, and out of line to post negative comments on Janice’s daughter’s features.
    Also, unless you know for certain Janice is not clean, keep quiet.
    IM sure Janice would discourage her from modelling as she is well aware of the pitfalls.

  18. By chris
    On December 24, 2011 at

    What a tragic life.
    Pedophiles should be tortured to death.

  19. By Strom
    On December 24, 2011 at

    Yep…Michael Jackson and Woody Allen

  20. By Patrick
    On December 24, 2011 at

    That little girl looks like she could use a nice long hug and a tender kiss on the cheek from dad.


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