We still haven’t recovered from Jason Russell’s wife’s incredibly inane explanation for her husband’s bizarre behavior. The sudden viral success of Russell’s mini-documentary on monstrous war criminal Joseph Kony has brought him notoriety and admiration. Instead of reveling in the spotlight, Russell was found in the streets of San Diego behaving like a madman – talking and shouting to people who weren’t there, running around and pounding the sidewalk, stripping off his clothes and masturbating in public. He was hauled off to a mental hospital and his wife was offended at the suggestion that he was drunk or on drugs. She insists that his naked meltdown was not substance abuse, but “dehydration and exhaustion.” (So instead of have a glass of water and a nap, he flipped out?) His wife should only HOPE that Jason abused drugs because he exhibited all the symptoms of schizophrenia. And THAT’S a scary diagnosis.


Posted by Janet on March 18, 2012

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  2. By Palermo
    On March 18, 2012 at

    He is either crazy or on drugs, guaranteed. It’s always exhaustion when it’s Lilo, Demi and now this guy apparently

  3. By Dragonfly
    On March 18, 2012 at

    I think everyone here has been exhausted physically and mentally but resisted the urge to strip down and talk to invisible people on the streets. I have no idea why people even try to use that excuse. It’s ridiculous.

  4. By Anna
    On March 18, 2012 at

    Exhausted people do not have the energy to run around the streets. Dehydrated people pass out or go into a coma, they do not run around and strip off their clothes. The excuses are totally ridiculous and insult our intelligence.

    It is one of 3 things: Drugs (PCP, LSD or Crystal Meth)or Psychotic break or schizophrenia/bi-polar.

    Remember how Margot Kidder acted when she was deemed bipolar? Very similar albeit she didn’t take her clothes off.

    Schizophrenia is usually discovered and diagnosed in early 20’s. I don’t know how old this guy is but maybe in his 30’s.

  5. By Muffie
    On March 18, 2012 at

    Wtf. I haven’t heard much about this story, but could it be possible his wife isnt aware of his extracurricular activities? Just wonderin’

  6. By Hilary
    On March 18, 2012 at

    Some blogs have suggested that Russell — whose parents created the Christian Youth Theatre in San Diego — is a deeply, deeply closeted gay man. I have a bit of gaydar and I have to say — this wouldn’t surprise me. I also agree w/ Muffie — the schizophrenia cases I know about have all manifested when the person is in his late teens or early 20s. I’m thinking either psychotic break or crystal meth. I’m sure LA Time or NY Times will do a complete story on Russell’s background, his family, etc — but until then, we can only guess.

  7. By Hilary
    On March 18, 2012 at

  8. By hello
    On March 18, 2012 at

    Riiiiiggghht, the media loves pissing on people and calling it rain. Just a few days ago this Korny, horny, corny was rooted as the savior, to send troops to Uganda to save african kids on some government propaganda wag the dog nonsense. The fact that he wasn’t arrested makes more likely a government op. U.s. wants to make a united africom stealing all of Africa. U.s. has No original idea of its own just steal Africa’s resources and kill the people. Colonization in 21st

  9. By Bu
    On March 18, 2012 at

    Whatever is going on with him it’s just very sad.

  10. By forrest gump
    On March 18, 2012 at

    yep, living in america is really hard for some……..

  11. By chris
    On March 19, 2012 at

    This whole Ko ny shiit is bs…Our govt is knee deep with the Corrupt U.N. and it’s not about the children….WHo is funding this dude and what are the ulterior motives , Oil maybe

  12. By gogo
    On March 19, 2012 at

    I agree with ‘hello’ and ‘chris’ There’s a radio show host that said something similar but in greater details. I forget his name…I’d never leave home if I kept up with all the conspiracies…but it’s worth looking into!

    Wikipedia has AMAZING information. I strongly suggest researching famous people/politicans. It’s an interesting read!

  13. By Dave
    On March 19, 2012 at

    Looks like he is having a schizo attack. If it is schizophrenia,
    he will need years of treatment.

    If he disappears from public life, then he must have
    a psychiatric illness.

    If he stays in public life, then he has a drug problem,
    needing rehab sessions.

  14. By dandilion
    On March 20, 2012 at

    Though he is charitable and smart, the pressure of real life is hard.. Can’t take any criticism.. thin skinned freakouts occur.

  15. By Walt Cliff
    On March 20, 2012 at

    Lots of good points from everyone. I was thinking along the lines of what “Anna” said about a Psychotic break. I’ve seen two incidents like that in my life and they were eventually much much better (not a hundred percent but a close 90) after rest, lots of rest, and meds.

  16. By Reta
    On March 21, 2012 at

    Hilary is right on the facts of schizophrenia in that it does occur or first manifest symptoms in the late teens to early twenties. This man is obviously NOT in that age bracket.

    Another drug that could be responsible for such behavior is PCP and it has been slipped into marijuana unknown to the smoker.

    My ex-husband had that done to him by his own cousin and he reacted by passing a mirror in the bar they went to after they smoked the joint, and seeing his own reflection in the mirror, slammed his fist into the mirror, and the brick wall behind it. He shattered the mirror and his hand throughly. Luckily that was the worst of it, but people have been known to strip and climb poles screaming all kinds of things. Watch “Cops” sometimes…you’ll get a real education on drugs and the real world.

    I have no idea why anybody hiding being gay would do anything like this because of it. That’s the most rediculous thing I’ve ever heard. Sounds like something Santorum would believe.


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