A lot of gossip bloggers (you know who you ARE) declared that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were OVER because he has been working in New York and she’s been busy in LA. It so happens Jennifer is delighted when Justin is working because her success is a lot to contend with. They were spotted this week shopping at Barneys (one of their favorite stores) n New York and they met Jason Bateman at the Fred restaurant there for lunch. This relationship is far from over.

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Posted by Janet on March 10, 2014

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  1. By Dawn Davenport
    On March 10, 2014 at

    I think he is sex on toast points. JA really lucked out with this fresh catch of the day. Yummy.

  2. By xyz
    On March 11, 2014 at

    Their relationship gets faker, if it has ever been true at some point…. I fail to see his appeal, not to mention hers, overhyped talentless male face….

  3. By Amy
    On March 11, 2014 at

    He ooozes confidence and sexiness and she seems like a decent gal who has lead a scandal free life in a business that is rife with skanks, creeps and addicts.

  4. By Palermo
    On March 11, 2014 at

    He will never marry her, the woman is pushing 50 now.

  5. By mister baja
    On March 11, 2014 at

    so the united states are in BIG trouble?

  6. By Barry W
    On March 11, 2014 at

    Jen must be going for the Inspector Clouseau look?

  7. By Noblecascadee
    On March 11, 2014 at

    I hope it is not over…she deserves some happiness….

  8. By Soho
    On March 11, 2014 at

    She just turned 45 and she looks youthful. He’ll be 43 this year himself. Maybe he’s a decent guy who actually prefers women his own age. You generally have more in common with a partner near your own age. Your remark about her being near 50, and therefore not marriage material is sexist and false.

  9. By Daily Muse
    On March 11, 2014 at

    After she was dumped by Braddy boy, she was ummm, let’s just say she was ‘consoled’ by every one of her leading men (Vince Vaughn was one of them). All were short-lived affairs, as these boring, pointless films were made. Truth be told, they all knew she was still seething about Angie stealing her man…she missed being 1/2 of the golden couple of GollyWeird. Her short-term lovers were in it for a quickie and all the mags screamed about Jenn’s unfruitful search for love. If she ever pushes Justin down the aisle, it will be a great surprise, and maybe a surprise even to her.

  10. By Gone
    On March 11, 2014 at

    She’s still got that great purse.

  11. By Angelo
    On March 11, 2014 at

    Dawn-Strom, how many people have farted into your cushions? I hope lots! You stink anyways Strom.

  12. By Amy
    On March 11, 2014 at

    It always slays me when people make such a big deal of her dating history. She’s single, she dates. Every male she was ever pictured with got the label of boyfriend whether they were or were not. Just like with people in general (non celebs), some relationships work out and some don’t. She obviously has moved on from her divorce but tabloids and the people who suck up the lies printed obviously can’t move on because they keep regurgitating the past. That is so 2005.

  13. By Shelly Longswirth
    On March 11, 2014 at

    Poor Jen. She is still obsessed with Angelina Jolie . She will never get over it.

  14. By mishmash
    On March 12, 2014 at

    Cute photo of them but what about the big kid in the stroller to the side of them? That kid should be walking!

  15. By Daily Muse
    On March 12, 2014 at


    Have you been living under a rock.?

    After the divorce, ALL the mags were full of her going to CaboSanLucas, Mexico with almost all of her leading men (many pics). Also, when you get dumped by your high-profile spouse and the world knows it, then you don’t easily get over it. It is basically the law of the jungle, that is, females are inherently jealous of their males and there have been many stories like this. But in Jenn’s case, I am sure she felt extra humiliated because with Brad she was enjoying being one-half of Hollywood’s Golden Couple. And now, all the mags have him w/ Angie, fornicating like two crazed minks. Yeah, I’m sure this doesn’t faze her at all.

  16. By Paula
    On March 12, 2014 at

    Daily Muse-I agree with you!

  17. By MissEva
    On March 12, 2014 at

    “Her success is a lot to contend with”? What success?? She’s a faded, aging TELEVISION actress who can’t carry a film to save her life! Everything she’s been in is an insipid flop!

  18. By Daily Muse
    On March 12, 2014 at

    Paula, thank you dear.

    The main thing we must remember is that the whole world is teetering on the brink of insanity in one way or another. LOL 🙂

  19. By Amy
    On March 12, 2014 at

    DM your generalization about females suggests that you are either a male or a sad sack female, either way one who doesn’t get out much. JA’s divorce was YEARS AGO, she’s engaged to a hunk, has a successful career and has a loyal circle of friends. That in my books is a rich life. Why you go on and on about your ‘version’ her past is kind of pathetic. And to the other misinformed poster, most of JA films do make a profit, therefore are successful. Stars like Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, Cam Diaz have all had movies that bombed yet people like to hold JA to a higher standard. You may not like her but she does have a fanbase and that is why she continues to work in the film biz and why the moneymen continue to bankroll her movies. Like it or lump it she is a Star that is not burning out anytime soon.

  20. By Morgan Smith
    On March 12, 2014 at

    I think they’re both a good match, but I don’t see marriage any time soon. Aniston has shown she refuses to get with men who are actually going to stay with her, the committed types. I foresee more heartbreak in her future — Justin seems awfully “reluctant”. Their body language has always sent the signal he is on the fence, one foot in, the other foot out. Some insecurity inside of her causes her to seek men like this out, but when you’re 45, maybe it’s time to find a more regular-joe type of guy who will appreciate you?

  21. By Carly's Goldfish
    On March 14, 2014 at

    Amy, you are a hateful person. I agree with Daily Muse. Once a woman is scorned/dumped, the pain lingers on and on. STFU and go jump off a bridge.

  22. By Amy
    On March 15, 2014 at

    Yes people do grieve after a divorce but for 10 years? The pain only lingers if you DON’T have a life and ALLOW yourself to wallow in self pity. No man is worth getting into a lifelong rut and destroying your self-esteem. Grow up, live your life and move on! That is what NORMAL people do and it is exactly what JA is doing.

  23. By Strom
    On March 15, 2014 at

    Amy is right on this one…..the Obama syndrome is that people can not recover on their own and need councilors and workshops to help them….all provided by a caring government. Those who believe in self help and self achievement need not apply. Those that want a smaller government are to be scorned.

    Grow up, get over it, forget the pity and remember you make $10 million dollars a year with basically no skills.


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