jenniferacut.jpgAnother surprise visitor at the LA Modernism opening night gala was Jennifer Aniston. Her exhusband Brad Pitt used to bring her to this show to shop and apparently some of his design appreciation rubbed off on her. Now she shops with her decorater and two very subtle bodyguards who could be mistaken for friends. Jennifer was very casual in jeans and a black puff sleeve blouse. She selected some 1940’s pieces, some Hollywood regency décor and some totally eclectic stuff. Among her purchases: matching Italian brass shelving units for $18,000, a pair of large Mediterranean metal lamps for $1400, and an Italian sculpture of an ostrich that included a real ostrich egg for $1500. Our favorite was a delicate French standing ashtray trimmed with Hermes leather for $2500. Looks like she hasn’t quit smoking yet.


Posted by Janet on May 6, 2007

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  1. By blah blah blah
    On May 6, 2007 at

    She really needs to do something else with her hair. She is pretty but it looks stupid being in her face.

  2. By paris is a cumdumpster
    On May 6, 2007 at


  3. By Anonymous
    On May 6, 2007 at

    I can only see the top 1/4 of these pics. Anyway, I don’t think it bodes well for Jen to be spending ridiculous amounts of cash on stupid objects when Angelina is trying to do some good for poor children. Just sayin’

  4. By Bev
    On May 6, 2007 at

    she should spend some more money and get that chin done

  5. By Anonymous
    On May 6, 2007 at

    the stuff this woman bought sounds tacky

  6. By Anonymous
    On May 6, 2007 at

    She’s getting those cigarette wrinkles, look closely at women who smoke. The first solid wrinkle is the one where when she blushes they start to really stretch and then the ones out the corners of her mouth start to stretch.
    She needs to start smoking a pipe if she’s going to maintain her face.
    Look at old smokers, nuff said.
    Teeth look sort of yellow as well.
    I once though so highly of this gal.
    She definately needs a hair make over, something like Shakira – that’s a sexy look!!

  7. By Anonymous
    On May 7, 2007 at

    I enjoy reading the tabloids although I no longer pay for them. I admit to being interested in celebrities, and I understand that they somehow end up morphing into something that we view as “our property” because we see and hear about them so much. It’s a world so different than ours – seems exciting and glamorous. It’s fun to escape for a little while by reading the gossip and stories.
    One thing that is concerning me more and more. though, is how SERIOUSLY people take these little snippets of gossip or unsubstantiated information, and they just run with the information, coming up with crazy rumors, idiotic assumptions, and sometimes scary intepretation. I see this time and time again – it seems to be most prevalent in readers’ comments to celebrity blogs, and on TV shows like Nancy Grace (who I do believe is trying to do good despite the hysterial behavior), and, of course, Geraldo.
    So why does anyone care about the stupid furniture in the first place? Is it possible that it is actually meant for Vince Vaughn’s new condo in Chicago – including the smoking unit? I heard that Jen has quit smoking, anyway. Maybe the stuff is for her and she will let Vince use the smoking unit when he visits. Or maybe she just liked the piece of furniture, period. There are many, many possible answers.
    The truth is that no one posting comments to this blog has any idea of what is going on with the future. Janet Charlton’s reputation is such that we know that she tries to weed out unsubstantiated gossip before passing the information on to her readers. But that doesn’t mean that Jen is using her for a mouthpiece.
    One poster here suggested, “I don’t think it bodes well for Jen to be spending ridiculous amounts of cash on stupid objects when Angelina is trying to do some good for poor children.” What does that have to do with anything? A very wealthy woman purchases some ALLEGEDLY very expensive antique furniture. So? How does it follow that because of the furniture purchase, she is heartless when it comes to poor children, and that she does nothing to help them? Isn’t it possible that the charitable things that Aniston does are kept under wraps intentionally, because that’s the way she likes it? With regard to the JA v. AJ race for sainthood, why is there a need to compete? JA has lost Brad, and he’s not going anywhere anyway. They are two completely different women in so many ways. JA appears to have moved on, for the most part. I’m sure she’s had a tough time; I don’t know how I could have handled it half as well as she did. So why bring up this imagined competitionat all? And what does it have to do with the furniture?
    Speaking of irrelevant matters, there were those who simply could not miss the opportunity to make nasty cracks about JA’s purportedly declining appearance. I myself believe that most of us would be thrilled to have 10% of her good looks and her bod, as well as the emphasis she supposedly places on healthy eating, etc. (with the exception of the occasonal ciggie).
    “blah blah blah” believes that JA’s hair “looks stupid being in her face.” “Bev” thinks JA needs to get her chin done. The last post was totally illogical – a classic. The writer was concerned about JA’s “cigarette wrinkles” and “yellow teeth” as a result of her smoking. But apparently it was not the smoking itself that has the poster concerned – it’s the effect that smoking cigarettes were having on Jen’s looks! This, the poster suggests, could be
    resolved if JA would simply switch from cigarettes to a pipe! This same poster goes on to to agree with “blah blah blah” about the need for a new hair style, and then concluded her posting by saying, “I once though[t] so highly of this gal.” Good grief! I am almost afraid to ask what your “high opinion” was based on. If she switches from cigarettes to a pipe, would that have been OK? Or were the defective chin, face, wrinkles and hair style deal-breakers, too. If you’re going to go so far as to critize her looks in that much detail, why not go for the Full Monty and demand that she quit smoking entirely?
    The thought processes of some of the people commenting here cause me considerable concern. I would sure hate to have some of you on a jury. I myself am horrified that I have taken so long on the matter myself. I think this last posting has put me over the edge. 🙂

  8. By lookwhaticando
    On May 7, 2007 at

    She is still a Fugly Fraud.

  9. By Anonymous
    On May 7, 2007 at

    A face not even a mother could love.

  10. By Patsy
    On May 7, 2007 at

    If you are looking for a place in which to converse with intelligent, logic-minded people, you came to the wrong place. The comments are almost always like this. Always nasty comments from those like Bev & Margo Channing. After a while, you just learn to skim over them. Pity. It’s a good gossip blog.

  11. By Anonymous
    On May 7, 2007 at

    So if someone disagrees with you they’re illogical?

  12. By Anonymous
    On May 7, 2007 at

    I am of the logical, informed, and intelligent opinion that Jennifer Aniston is an ugly whiney tw*t who has no career because she has no one’s coattails to ride at the moment.

  13. By Anonymous
    On May 7, 2007 at

    Hmm.. Let me try this again. What I was saying is that some people here NEVER have anything but nasty comments to make. I guess they are trying to be funny but it just gets old.

  14. By Anonymous
    On May 7, 2007 at

    Blogs are meant to be stress relievers.
    It’s a way of blowing off some steam, without saying it their face and really insulting them.
    Any celebrity that visit here and is worried about what we say about them, well, that’s a bit too insecure of a person and shouldn’t be in the show business in the first place.

  15. By Anonymous
    On May 7, 2007 at

    Interesting. You think that making nasty comments about people is a way to blow off steam? I never would have considered that. I thought that maybe some people were trying to be funny.

  16. By moshe
    On May 7, 2007 at

    way too jewish

  17. By Anonymous
    On May 8, 2007 at

    Needs a new do.

  18. By Kitty Carlot
    On May 8, 2007 at

    If people dont like the comments left here than go to mario lavenderias aka perez hiltons site,or better yet FCK OFF

  19. By Anonymous
    On May 8, 2007 at

    aniston is greek.
    “moshe” you are an antisemitic retard. the kkk hoods are not in vogue anymore.

  20. By Anonymous
    On May 8, 2007 at

    hey now, take it easy on Jennifer’s mom (anonymous 5:09). she doesn’t like having people talk smack about her daughter.

  21. By Lovelyleo
    On May 8, 2007 at

    Wow, it is 5:09 am. You need to lighten up. And go get some sleep. It is gossip. Because I read and comment on this blog, doesn’t mean I am narrow minded and stupid.
    That being said. Jen is a doll, but she looks like hell.

  22. By lisa
    On May 9, 2007 at

    I have never been to this site before,but, all of you who can only seem to say nasty things about Jennifer are a bunch of fools!! She is a very talented actress and looks amazing. I also believe she has shown amazing grace under what can probably only be described as two of the worst years of her life. I would love to see how well any of you who are so mean to her would cope if you were in that situation!! She could have said some really bad stuff about Angie & Brad after all who could blame her? She took the high road though and I think that only shows what kind of person she really is, which is why Brad is always going to care about her , respect her and why Angie is and always will be jealous of her! Who wouldn’t be? She has all the class and beauty Angie lacks. Anyway it is Jen’s money she can buy anything she pleases. You want to throw stones at her for buying furniture, maybe you should check out what alot or most of the other stars are buying and bash them too!!! Leave Jen alone!!!!!!!!

  23. By Bu
    On May 9, 2007 at

    Jennifer is beautiful!

  24. By Anonymous
    On May 9, 2007 at

    I don’t care what she looks like or what she smokes as long as I don’t see her ass on tv begging us to give to save the world while she goes on ridiculous spending sprees like this one.

  25. By gerard Vandenberg
    On May 9, 2007 at

    I suppose a smart man even you can’t buy, Jenn!


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