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Is there a better wife and mother in Hollywood than Jennifer Garner? She dotes on her two kids with husband Ben Affleck and now she’s expecting their third. Apparently Ben still gets his fair share of attention. Jennifer is in charge of keeping Ben’s back smooth! Ben doesn’t have a lot of hair on his head, but his back has way too much and if he waxes he get irritated red bumps. So Jennifer dutifully shaves Ben’s back for him! (We don’t think Jennifer Lopez would have been so accommodating.)

Posted by Janet on August 24, 2011

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  1. By Patrick
    On August 24, 2011 at

    Back shaving is an invaluable service provided by my love.
    Especially since I have mutated into a silverback.

  2. By Strom
    On August 25, 2011 at

    He is very lucky to have woken up and dumped the J Lo fame machine and found this lady.

  3. By Mona Garrett
    On August 25, 2011 at

    Paddy: We need pix! :)

    I never got the (acting) appeal of Jennifer Garner—another blogger calls her “Taupe”—until I saw her in “Juno.” I thought she was wonderful in that film; she’s got talent.

    (And I have to wonder whether her latest conception coincided with the infamous phone call from J Lo’s mom—trying in vain to get her daughter back across that bridge? At the very least, it probably sent Jennifer G into a state of high alert: “Code Booty” LOL :) )

  4. By cal
    On August 25, 2011 at


  5. By yoyo
    On August 25, 2011 at

    Of course J-Lo won’t shave his back cause by the time it takes to mow & yank her own back & chest hairs, she’s exhausted.

  6. By Walt Cliff
    On August 25, 2011 at




    There’s something likeable about Ben Affleck and I think it is Jennifer Garner. His beautiful wife and doting mother of his two children make him look good.

    I suspect he is a sleaze that cheats on her. Perhaps, I have read too many tabloids (is that even possible?? lol ).

    He has a shiny bald head that he keeps covered up with an array of expensive hair pieces (wigs). When he slips into a new wig, I suspect he goes into playboy mode and chases anything that has a monthly cycle.

    He needs to be smacked hard across the face at least once a week for things he has done or contemplating doing.

    Yes, the best thing about Ben is Jen. :)

  7. By Mona Garrett
    On August 25, 2011 at

    Walt, if Janet hasn’t added you the payroll yet, she’d better—before you get snapped up! :)

  8. By Walt Cliff
    On August 25, 2011 at


    Thank you. :) Your making my fat head swell.

  9. By Indy
    On August 25, 2011 at

    Ben still has a very bad gambling addiction. Jen of course knows about it and it’s said she has built a special poker room into their mansion so Ben and his cronies can play poker and he won’t be out and about in back VIP rooms in Vegas and elsewhere. I think Walt is right and he is cheating or at least has cheated. And he should keep his wigs and toupees one style and one length, as it is so obvious he wears them. Whatever the case, all is not so perfect with them, and a lot of the times I think Jen prefers to look the other way, ’cause he takes off in a huff when she lights in to him about his high-stakes gambling habit.

  10. By Strom
    On August 25, 2011 at

    Perfect is a stretch but miles ahead of J ‘the fame seeker” Lo.

  11. By Walt Cliff
    On August 25, 2011 at

    Affleck would probably not admit to wearing the wigs/rugs/toupees. However, since it is one of those well known secrets of Hollywood, wouldn’t it be funny for Affleck to do SNL and as he goes into his monologue the audience is shown footage of Affleck doing day to day routine errands but each day has a different more obvious wig… day one like Justin Bieber… like Anderson Cooper….one like Fabio……then end it with a red head wig with pigtails (the Wendy’s girl). LOL!!

    Okay, maybe I have had one too many cups of coffee this a.m……..or not. :)

  12. By Muffin
    On August 25, 2011 at

    By Indy, I think you are 100% right! I also think Mona is right about the pregnancy/relationship saver. This may work for awhile but she can only get pregnant so many times. I suspect Ben is a Catholic or raised a Catholic?

    I don’t understand this kind of relationship but maybe it’s right? Children need their fathers, especially little girls.

  13. By Palermo
    On August 25, 2011 at

    I think he is pretty rotten to her. In almost every picture when he is with her he looks off into the distance, like he’d rather be any place else. He is rumored to have cheated and we all know he’s a big gambler. Stand him next to a young starlet and he just lights up. I wouldn’t be having another baby with him, that’s for sure

  14. By Strom
    On August 25, 2011 at

    He is a Yid and probably as good to her as can be. He was not the addicted gambler he was made to be and the stories came from J Lo’s media machine as a reason for the break up but the real reason was she was very low class and totally a self absorbed and superficial person and Ben had more on the ball. He got a good wife and kids and hopefully it will continue. He is known to have said many times that he narrowly escaped a very bad marriage and is thankful of the current one. Jennifer G has never been linked to a bevy of BLACK rappers so that is also different.

  15. By Denise
    On August 25, 2011 at

    Since she’s in her second trimester, I believe that means the pregnancy started before the JLo/Marc Anthony blow up and phone call from mom.

    I actually like them as a couple.

    Oh, and Janet, if you do hire Walt, I understand that he’ll work for cheesecake.

  16. By Mandy
    On August 25, 2011 at

    Love Jen G. Yes, Ben was very lucky to escape the self-absorbed, famewhore, J-VeryLo, alas, it may look like he’s a cheat, maybe he’s not, it might all be publicity B.S. to keep him in the leading man status he craves. Some nerve of J-VeryLo’s mom to call him, knowing he is married with a sweet wife and little girls, that is classless and low, glad it backfired. Good luck Jen on the new baby, hope it’s a boy!!!

  17. By chris
    On August 25, 2011 at

    Restless dude is stuck a while longer.

  18. By Hilary
    On August 25, 2011 at

    I would like to know how Janet is sure that Jennifer shaves his back. EEEWWWW

  19. By Patrick
    On August 25, 2011 at

    Oh c’mon Hilary. Be a sport.

  20. By Strom
    On August 25, 2011 at

    Does Huma shave Hillary Clinton’s back and beard?

  21. By Casonia Logenberry..Fear and Frighten of Hells kitchen but on the other hand people break down and lose there minds on that show. Jennifer really strong and very lucky girl..She got to work with!The King of Cook!Lucky Girl.Keep up the good work!
    On August 25, 2011 at

    Jennifer is lovely and is able to create a family and she has a lovely shape and looks fantastic and her children are Beautiful and so is her husband.

  22. By Lee
    On August 25, 2011 at

    @storm, you a racist pig nothing more ; nothing less!

  23. By Indy
    On August 25, 2011 at

    Since Jennifer was about 3 months away from delivering Violet when they wed, I wonder if he would have gone thru with marrying her if she had not been knocked up. Somehow I just don’t trust Ben. Whenever I see pics of Jenn and the 2 girls, he is never there and if he is, he always looks miserable. I think he is a good actor and he is for sure a mama’s boy and he is still gambling; there are recent pics and stories about it. I would not have another kid w/ him, because if it’s not a boy, I think he will sull up, being the mama’s boy that he is.

  24. By Strom
    On August 25, 2011 at

    Amazing comment, what set you off the Yids of the BLACKS. Many from both groups are much more racist than I could ever imagine.

    Who was boning Jennifer before Ben came into the picture?

  25. By Strom
    On August 25, 2011 at

    Or was it the Huma shaves Hillary message? She certainly lathers her up regularly.

  26. By Indy
    On August 25, 2011 at

    Jennifer is not that saintly either. I read that when she left her hubby Scott Foley that he was heartbroken and did not see it coming. That’s all I remember reading about that. After she divorced, she had 2 or 3 boyfriends, but can’t remember their names.

    RE: Gambling. Yours truly has been to Vegas 3 times and by golly the next time I’ll just hand them about $300 and save my unlucky self all the grief of slooowwwly losing it. Saves a lot of time. Best Bets in Vegas are tours of stars homes, eg Liberace, Red Foxx, Wayne Newton and the desert tours.

  27. By Al Kay Duh
    On August 25, 2011 at

    Omg jgarner is a hideous man looking whore. Ben is a hard core gambler, thane it from an LA gambler that sees him at gambling venues all the time!!! And btw he has totally cheated on Jen with not one but two casino waitresses that I know of. Every time I see Jen garner I think desperate skank with dirty pubes bcus of a comment I think I heard about her.

  28. By Dragonfly
    On August 25, 2011 at

    There is a blind that is revealed on another site as Ben and Jen. He was about to leave Jen and was excited about his new life when she turned up pregnant and he knows what he will be looked at if he left a pregnant wife. However, there have been countless sites that say she is pretty mean and nasty herself so she is not a complete victim. She is far from the perfect wife. I bet they are separated before this baby is 1.

  29. By Walt Cliff
    On August 25, 2011 at

    @Hey Indy

    I say your right and Jennifer Garner is a strong lady. Any lady worth her salt will have a “pinch of bitch” in her. You need it for survival. One would have to be to put up with the big ole dick-head she married.

    It is my understanding that her Foley couldn’t handle Jennifer’s success and was feeling sorry for himself. If true, that’s hardly her fault. Plus, she’s a beauty and having boyfriends isn’t a crime. It’s not like she was turning tricks. :)

  30. By Lee
    On August 25, 2011 at

    @strom, you are just full of BS! Black people are not inferior for you to make derogatory comments anytime a person of colour is mentioned on this website.

  31. By Al Kay Duh
    On August 25, 2011 at

    Have u ever seen Jen garner face to face? A beauty I would never call her, she is so sickly pale and has awful posture, u ppl really believe all these gossip rags. I live in Brentwood, trust me I see her and Arianna huffington all the time. Arianna is a lot older than Jen but looks a million times better.

  32. By Walt Cliff
    On August 25, 2011 at

    This is a gossip site. We’re just gossiping here. That’s all. :)


    According to Wikipedia………..

    Huffington was accused of plagiarism for copying material for her book Maria Callas (1981); the claims were settled out of court in 1981, with Callas biographer Gerald Fitzgerald being paid “in the low five figures.”

    Lydia Gasman, an art history professor at the University of Virginia, claimed that Huffington’s 1988 biography of Pablo Picasso, Picasso: Creator and Destroyer, included themes similar to those in her unpublished four-volume Ph.D. thesis. “What she did was steal twenty years of my work,” Gasman told Maureen Orth in 1994. Gasman did not file suit.

    Maureen Orth also reported that Huffington “borrowed heavily for her 1993 book, The Gods of Greece.”

  33. By Indy
    On August 25, 2011 at

    Al Kay Duh….The Enquirer recently had a spread of ‘stars without makeup’. Jen Garner looked the worst of any of them; I mean fugly. As usual she in the park with the 2 kids hanging off her and she looked tired and grumpy. I have never seen Ben w/ her out with the kids except one pic.
    Granted, all the stars need makeup…but she REALLY needed makeup. I predict they are and will have troubles in the future. It’s the gambling and restlessness in Mr. Ben Cool that’s giving her fits.

  34. By Walt Cliff
    On August 25, 2011 at


    Hope your week is going well. Are you behaving? :)

    Think about being a famous actress living the Hollywood fishbowl entertaining your two little girls in a public park (while pregnant-can you say morning sickness?) and some eager beaver photographer is there snapping away. I’d be grumpy looking too. She doesn’t owe us a makeup job and pressed clothing every time she hits the park or grocery store with her 2.5 kids. I’m shocked she is as gracious as she is (and she is known for being kind to paps). Everyone has crappy days sometimes.

    Also, keep in mind that she birth’s her own children unlike those that chose a surrogate (not because they can’t medically have a child)simply because it might make them fat or they might lose a movie or tv role if they have excess weight.

    Plus, Jennifer Garner looks and acts like a mother of two should. She is a hands on mom with those little girls. That reason if nothing else is why she always gets my vote.

  35. By mistechal
    On August 25, 2011 at

    Jen is lucky to have a guy who appreciates her taking such good care of his children, their marriage, their private time together. Sadly, many fellows are not very comfortable with a wife who “does it all” , ( Successful career, great wife, and mother, her own money, and a gorgeous looking woman who takes care of herself , not just physically, but also stretches herself in her work and life.
    I wish them both continued bliss, and personal triumphs. This is a hard working couple,who are doing all the right things.

  36. By Indy
    On August 25, 2011 at

    @ Walt: Behaving??? ha ha ha heck no, that’s no fun. I hope to shape up in time for church Sunday.:) Sounds like you are doing well and feisty as usual. lol

    Gossip has been going on for decades and now with the ‘electronic age’, it’s been ramped up considerably….lucky (or unlucky?) for Janet and all of us. I can hardly get my housework down now what with Janet and the computer always luring me away. LOL

  37. By Walt Cliff
    On August 25, 2011 at


    A little misbehavin “ain’t” too bad. lol :)

    The pup and I are being lured away by the smells that are creeping out of the kitchen. Both of us whine and whimper outside the kitchen door hoping for a taste of something. Sometimes I stick Fitz’s little head through the door hoping she will take pity on us (his eyes are sadder than mine). There’s homemade red potatoes, fresh green beans, chicken breasts, homemade biscuits, gravy, corn on the cob and a surprise for dessert. I’m ready to lose my mind with all the smells coming out of the kitchen.

    I’m getting light headed!! Help me Indy!!! :)

  38. By Mad
    On August 25, 2011 at

    Michael Vartan is the last boyfriend I remember she had before Ben. And for the record, I look fugly without make-up, too. Damn the torpedos!

  39. By Indy
    On August 25, 2011 at

    Walt: LOL. U R 2 2 much.

  40. By Denise
    On August 25, 2011 at

    She was actually engaged to Michael Vartan (her Alias co-star) and rumor had it she cheated on him with Ben.

  41. By Walt Cliff
    On August 25, 2011 at


    Is that you Jennifer Lopez trying to soil Jennifer Garner’s good name??? Shame on you!!! ….now, where’s that dam cow puppet??? LOL :)

  42. By Kitty
    On August 25, 2011 at

    Gag…I’ve always disliked him and never go to see his movies. He’s always looked like an arrogant ass to me. Since I never pay any attention to him, I never realized he wears a rug/rugs. That’s as gross as her having to shave his back. I’m beginning to wonder what ANYBODY sees in him!

  43. By R2D2
    On August 25, 2011 at

    Walt Cliff- you are a riot and on point on this one. great stuff!

  44. By forrest gump
    On August 25, 2011 at

    maybe as a cow, SHE LIKES TO GRAZE, folks!!

  45. By Al Kay Duh
    On August 25, 2011 at

    Walt cliff u clearly don’t know that Jen has the fricking papa on speed dial or why else would they be at parks, not a papa usual stomping grounds. They stalk Hollywood night spots, restaurants, clubs and Robertson, Jen calls them and asks the nanny to stay out of the pictures just like anjelina Jolie! Btw Jen stole my neighbors nanny and they no longer speak. Jen is known as a bitch in our neighborhood unless ur part of the movie industry, u know someone that can do something for her or that no talent cheater of hers!

  46. By Lee
    On August 26, 2011 at

    Walt, you are good!

  47. By Denise
    On August 26, 2011 at

    Not JLo, though I wish I had her wardrobe. Just passing on gossip. That is why we come here isn’t it :)

  48. By casonia sade logenberry..Hells kitchen hope that elisa gets the boot? Jennifer keep up the good work and who else is weak! Poor Tommy speak up sexy man or your butt is gone! Everything is coming to a head!
    On August 26, 2011 at

    She is a lovely lady and has a wonderful husband that makes her feel like a million bucks and a family that they are making together and that is fantastic.

  49. By casonia sade logenberry..Hells kitchen hope that elisa gets the boot? Jennifer keep up the good work and who else is weak! Poor Tommy speak up sexy man or your butt is gone! Everything is coming to a head!
    On August 26, 2011 at

    Jennifer and Ben people are always assuming the worst but I am looking at the joy on both your faces and it was meant to be that you two fail in love and..I am happy for both of you and…When you two made that movie Daredevil..THAT IS WHEN THE SEEDS OF LOVE WHERE PLANET and that is a true gift from God and if you went in another would not be where you are at today?

  50. By Tommy Stevens + Elise Wims = L O V E
    On August 26, 2011 at

    We just hope that everyone can be as happy as us. I think I just saw a beautiful rainbow.

  51. By Strom
    On August 26, 2011 at

    Music is playing and fireworks are exploding.

  52. By Hoffa
    On August 26, 2011 at

    Alkayduh, your name is funny. Lol. And totally agree with u about garner, she cheated on Scott foley to be with Michael vartan, then she cheated on vartan to be with afflack. I am so happy for vartan and and foley that they found a nicer woman than garner. All her years of cheating have caught up with her, Leo dicaprio rejected her and she got stuck with a cheater that everyone knows is cheating on her.

  53. By Indy
    On August 27, 2011 at

    My gram told me that “back in the day” that you would never see a star out and about looking wrinkled and w/out makeup. Even in the park, they would be dressed perfectly, hair and makeup perfect. And they always carried themselves like a star. She said she thinks it was even in their contract that they would always be seen looking as good as possible so that the general public would stay in awe of them.

  54. By Kitty
    On August 27, 2011 at

    It really doesn’t take that much effort to put makeup on before going out-I always do and I’m certainly not a celebrity.

  55. By Nicky
    On August 28, 2011 at

    kitty –It really doesn’t take that much effort to put makeup on before going out-”



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