Jennifer Lopez SAYS she regrets singing happy birthday to the Turkmenistan dictator Gerbanguly Berdymukhamedov, who is one of the most oppressive leaders in the world when it comes to human rights. Heaven help the citizen who complains because there’s no Twitter there because he or she will end up languishing in prison with everyone else who criticizes the government. All Jennifer needed to know before her performance was that her million dollar salary was already in the bank – not who sent it. Keep in mind, Beyonce, 50 Cent, and Mariah Carey sold THEIR souls for Moammar Khadafy. Why do these performers always say “I didn’t know” when what they MEAN is “I didn’t care – I wanted the money.”
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Posted by Janet on July 1, 2013

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  1. By eab
    On July 1, 2013 at

    she has the nerves to say “I’m sorry”?


  2. By Hello
    On July 1, 2013 at

    When Obama, Bush, Clinton kills men, women and children,overseas is that not human rights violations? Assassinating heads of states and stealing their resources is not a human rights violations? Propping up the dollar by using another nations resources then tax Americans to death is humane. I read today that California gas is now 4.60. The Mexicans might cross back to Mexico with those prices. Lying that 911 was an outside job but wasn’t that should be a human rights violations. Sending jobs overseas should be human right violations to american citizens. NDAA should be inhumane as well. America is living under a dictator in disguise.

  3. By Strom
    On July 2, 2013 at

    She is ghetto trash and was willing to provide unlimited backside to BLACK Puffy Combs for fame. The Lopez plan:

    1. Take the Gig
    2. Collect the Money
    3. Take an entourage
    4. Do the Show
    5. Say you didn’t know of any problem
    6. Say you are sorry and you will donate to charity.
    7. Give a small amount of the fee to your own charity which employs your family
    8. Keep the rest
    9. Repeat process as soon as possible

  4. By Strom
    On July 2, 2013 at

    Actually anyone who would hire someone who cant sing or act for a show at a high fee was really played!

    Her manager must be a great salesman!

  5. By xyz
    On July 2, 2013 at

    J HO shows how far can someone reach without having no talent whatsoever and of course, by capitalizing on its body solely. Any “fans” of this ghetto trash here calling us jealous, lol?

  6. By xyz
    On July 2, 2013 at

    Doing anything for money. Just like prostitutes. This is what she is. And they pretend they are artists…. Vomit….

  7. By Paula
    On July 2, 2013 at

    She’s disgusting!

  8. By Strom
    On July 2, 2013 at

    Never pay for her show or her products….it is an insult to poor Hispanic women whom she is ready to fleece at every turn….they are so uneducated.

  9. By Ralphie
    On July 2, 2013 at

    Paula Deen used the N-word!

  10. By Strom
    On July 2, 2013 at

    Wrong thread, bucko.

  11. By Ralphie
    On July 2, 2013 at

    It’s okay to profit off of the suffering of human kind but never,I mean never, use the “n” word at any time, in any context, or you will be justifiably pilloried,ridiculed,destroyed and if a black so chooses, beaten stabbed or shot with full legal justification and excuse.

  12. By Natalie
    On July 2, 2013 at

    Let’s face it. Americans don’t understand or care what is happening in the world so her apology pacifies the morons who pay to see her, listen to her, or buy her crap merchandise.

  13. By georgie
    On July 2, 2013 at

    She is truly insufferable, no talent of any kind, plastic looks and the biggest bitch on the planet. I don’t think I’ve ever sat thru one of her craptastic movies, and as for her “singing”, she’d have to pay me a million dollars. Truly can’t stand her. I’m not surprised she’s doing these creepy overseas junkets. I wonder if she gave the dictator her usual list of demands.

  14. By Strom
    On July 2, 2013 at

    Jlo is greedier than even a Kardashain and even more experienced in providing backside to BLACKS who can help her achieve fame. Her in a movie is a kiss of death for its success but she scrimps a check.

    Her manager is great at getting her work!

  15. By Christine India
    On July 2, 2013 at

    She is a vapid prima donna diva who has got the balls to demand s** on demand from her current young stud and demand unusual and expensive perks in her hotel suite wherever she goes to perform. I’ve read she has laid down rules that none of the crew is to look directly at her. Besides all that, her actions scream she is a bonafide nymphomaniac with no shame or morals whatsoever.

  16. By sandy
    On July 2, 2013 at

    JLo is sooooo rich – you’d think the money that was offered to her would be easy to turn down. She should get a list of people in this country who are truly hurting – due to being out of work – or losing their homes/belongings to hurricanes/floods/fires – and send them some money so they can recover from their misery. That’s what I would do.

  17. By right
    On July 2, 2013 at

    “sorry” my ass. She just bought the 10million dollar home in the Hamptons with this brutal dictators money. Saying “i had no idea”. It would have taken 15 seconds to google the assholes name, and that would tell the story. She is a piece of shit. What goes around, comes around.

  18. By 998o
    On July 2, 2013 at

    what would you know about Morals Christine ? fraud …

  19. By Strom
    On July 3, 2013 at

    What the IRS should investigate is not average citizens but celebrities who set up these fake foundations and then hire their relatives at high salaries to run them…all tax deductible.

  20. By missyco
    On July 4, 2013 at

    They are always sorry after they do these gigs. It’s do now then play stupid when caught. She is as sorry as her talent! Ha ha ha.

  21. By Strom
    On July 4, 2013 at

    She was not sorry to provide mucho backside to many BLACK men in return for gaining fame. She was not sorry to pimp out her kids in return for $$$ from magazines. She is not sorry to endorse overpriced junk aimed at poor Hispanic women.

    Jlo = trash


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