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Jessica Simpson walked out of a Mexican restaurant last night in this tight top and we realize our earlier comment about her looking “voluptuous” was on the money. She looks pretty but definitely bigger than she was before she hooked up with John Mayer on his tour. We imagine that during those weeks on the road she succumbed to backstage temptation and roadside gluttony. Sometimes love does that to you. Now that she’s back home, she’ll make up for it in the gym.


Posted by Janet on April 18, 2007

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  1. By Anonymous
    On April 18, 2007 at

    that is an outfit that definitely adds pound to it’s wearer.
    this girl can’t dress.

  2. By Anonymous
    On April 18, 2007 at


  3. By Sunseeds777
    On April 18, 2007 at

    Where in the world did she get that outfit from ? Goodwill?
    I mean, come on girl you should be wearing black spandx pants and a little bitty top and catch all the guys attention.
    Now you don’t want ole’John to be looking at other ladies do you?
    Hey, girly time to hit the treadmill and drink’in lottsa water.
    Look at her face, under her eyes, you can see the excess weight she’s toteing around, plus it makes her look tired or pregnant.

  4. By Sunseeds777
    On April 18, 2007 at

    Backstage temptation, try back of the BUS.
    You should of heard how lousy the band played at Murray State they couldn’t get any good sleepin in..
    It’s a wonder her head is still round from bangin into the head board.

  5. By Angelina collects orphans
    On April 18, 2007 at

    It would look better if she / he covered up that UGLY face !! and never tried to act or sing again !

  6. By epic610
    On April 18, 2007 at

    nice “mom” jeans!

  7. By Anonymous
    On April 18, 2007 at


  8. By Margo Channing
    On April 19, 2007 at

    You ain’t got no alibi.
    You ugly.
    You ugly.

  9. By Anonymous
    On April 19, 2007 at

    What do you wanna bet, this is GOD’s way of evening things out.
    I mean, she’s got quite a big rack, now she’s going to get an equally big ass.
    Look at Ivanka and how her’s has filled out, or rather is filling out as we speak!
    No doubt, your body compensates for excess body weights, except in the areas of say like your knees which will tend to give out in time with all that excessive weight.
    So, she’d best layoff the ding-dongs and ho-ho’s and get
    Mayer to go on some of those bicycle rides that Trek offers as well as a few other companies.

  10. By Anonymous
    On April 19, 2007 at

    This is a very common problem to voluptuous ladies.
    But have you ever wonder what might go wrong with Paris Hilton?
    I would imagine her eyesight might go first, so lets hope she doesn’t get a boob job any time soon, as ask this gal what’s going to happen naturally.
    However, if the lady is over 60, she might as well get one.
    As who likes those knee knockers? Might get yourself a younger man.. wink,wink 🙂

  11. By posh
    On April 19, 2007 at

    i am sorry but you look awful girl!! those pants have got to go and i mean right NOW!

  12. By HERRY
    On April 19, 2007 at


  13. By Anonymous
    On April 19, 2007 at

    Jessica is too short to wear trendy pants like that and she has a flat ass. Standing sideways she looks like the letter P.

  14. By Anonymous
    On April 19, 2007 at

    She’s a has been. She won’t produce anything more professionally but we will have to read about her tabloid life for years to come. Same goes for Britney, Paris, etc. Boring, do nothings.

  15. By Art Chic
    On April 19, 2007 at

    Her tragic mistake is hanging out with JM too much – men like a chick with a life of her own – he’ll grow tired of her brown hair and expanding ass.
    Watch, she’ll go back to blonde once JM starts opening cheating on her which of course he will!

  16. By Virgie
    On April 19, 2007 at

    All of you skin and bones obsessed people need to grow up. Jessica is a very slim girl by most standards and it’s so refreshing to see a pretty girl with a little meat on her and not wear those awful low rider jeans which NO ONE in their right mind can fit into.

  17. By Miss Oh Sure
    On April 19, 2007 at

    Voluptuous and healthy looking indeed, Virgie. I only wish I could be that thin!

  18. By Neely
    On April 19, 2007 at

    Jessica has finally found her calling. A big frump with a bad tan. Now if only she marries Mayer she can be a desperate housewife, too.

  19. By Bev
    On April 19, 2007 at

    You should see how fat and ugly Margo Channing is in real life. Tragically obese.

  20. By J.C. WebMaster
    On April 19, 2007 at

    Fake postings using others names will cause you to be banned from further postings,Please refrain from posting using other users names 2.50 pm DO NOT POST USING OTHERS NAMES

  21. By Lazy Susan
    On April 19, 2007 at

    How strange, I was just thinking the same thing about you, Bev.

  22. By Bev
    On April 19, 2007 at

    who is posting using my name??

  23. By Bev
    On April 19, 2007 at

    Good Lord,hanging out with lurch isnt doing this stupid woman any good.

  24. By Hedi Fume
    On April 19, 2007 at

    When did Miss Piggy dye her hair orangie brown?

  25. By mel
    On April 19, 2007 at

    Oh my god, I HATE her. There aren’t many people I actually hate except for my ex-husband & the idiot who works at Walmart in the electronics department here in my town. I think that’s it.Oh what the hell, why not throw Lindsay Lohan in there too.

  26. By lulu
    On April 19, 2007 at

    Jessica doesn’t look fat at all. her outfit is very unflattering..especially the pants with the too tight blouse.
    when everyone thinks that anorexic is the gold standard, maybe next to that this is fat?
    whatever dorks.
    im not even a huge fan of her’s just saying…

  27. By Anonymous
    On April 19, 2007 at

    Sunseeds777 = you are an idiot.

  28. By CAREN
    On April 20, 2007 at

    My grandma wears jeans made out of that material, but the only person I know that wears jeans that high are my Grandpa!

  29. By CAREN
    On April 20, 2007 at

    Shes not fat, sh just wears too tight tops and doesn’t know how to dress herself anymore and she needs singing lessons. I hope she and John work out. He makes good music and everyone deserves a break!

  30. By Madge
    On April 21, 2007 at

    shes a fat talentless cow dating an ugly man who looks like a wet turd

  31. By bev "s take her side buddy
    On April 21, 2007 at

    patrick is using your name bev. poor jessica is gaining a few pounds.

  32. By lgh
    On April 21, 2007 at

    i cannot believe how awful she looks it must be the angle? by the way sunseeds 777 it is spring time i guess it’s time to plant your seeds all 777 of them so then maybe you will become alot better person?


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