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Does anyone else think this photo looks like someone transplanted Jessica Simpson’s pretty head onto a librarian’s body? That was our first guess. From the neck down she looks like another person. It turns out this is not the result of photoshop- it’s actually a dress Jessica wore on TV this week. NOT terribly flattering.


Posted by Janet on March 12, 2010

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  1. By captain america
    On March 13, 2010 at

    psssssssssst: BUT THEY FORGOT THE BRAINS!!

  2. By Lisa
    On March 13, 2010 at

    Yes she wore that dress. But you are crazy if you can’t see where another head was put on.

    It’s a different size and at an unnatural angle.

    Tell me your kidding right?

  3. By Noblecascade
    On March 13, 2010 at

    Yeah, this has been put together.

  4. By Selena
    On March 13, 2010 at

    In ten years she will look exactly like Kirsty Alley.

  5. By right
    On March 13, 2010 at

    I think she looks hot. Lets see what YOU look like…..

  6. By kiss a frog
    On March 13, 2010 at

    Captain America, sweetie, you summed it up.

  7. By L'il Off Broadway
    On March 13, 2010 at

    She has no morals, acts goofy, and is dumb as a mud pie. I think she enjoyed John Mayer talking about their bedroom secrets. She has no clue as to how to get an upstanding man; in fact a high-moral man would not want her. The John Mayer types want her just on a temporary basis.

    PS: Without hair extensions and make-up, oh bow wow.

  8. By vswilson
    On March 13, 2010 at

    If that photo is Jessica Simpson,I am the new
    Marge Simpson!!

  9. By Reta
    On March 13, 2010 at

    It IS her, it is what she wore on David Letterman because I watched the show! Her arms look big too. I think she is getting to be back to the “mom pants” size again, and this is just what she looks like, but also, perhaps she is one of those people who has a smaller head overall. Some people have an oversized head (like Leno) and some actually have a too small head for their body, like this picture shows. It’s just the way it is. One good reason this woman should NOT go up in weight/size.

    PS…it would also explain a LOT about her DUNCENESS: there is just no room in there for brains after the parts that run her body have taken up space.

  10. By Bettye Bluejay
    On March 13, 2010 at

    She’s got more brains than most people; she’s raking in the dough with her clothing and perfume lines.

  11. By Belissa
    On March 14, 2010 at

    Hideosity — it’s a shame, since she really does seem like a sweet girl.

    It looks like someone stuffed and mounted a couch! If there’s a stylist to blame for this …

  12. By chi chi
    On March 14, 2010 at

    Reta, I saw it too, I couldnt believe she dressed like that, how did her gay allow it? Fat arms, even if they are on a thin body, are a sign of what’s to come. I always look at the arms and if they arent toned the person usually doesnt do anything but diet when they need to and they will eventually end up porky.She needs a better work out and trainer, they arent helping her.

  13. By Nina
    On March 14, 2010 at

    That picture is really messed up and fake lookinng, but that is Jessica wearing that dress, because I saw her on the Letterman show wearing it. When she sat down, she looked kinda pudgy, moreso than she probably should and be in Hollywierd. But some women will never be a small size no matter how hard they try, and they should not be put down because of it. I think her weirdo father has given her horrible career advice, and so now, she really doesn’t even HAVE a carer to speak of. I mean, what does she even DO?

  14. By biscuit
    On March 14, 2010 at

    Crimey, my Aunt Mary would think twice before wearing a matronly dress like that. I can remember when Jess was about 25 pounds lighter. I guess when you are without a man you turn to food, same as Kirstie Alley does.

  15. By Big Wheel
    On March 14, 2010 at

    If only she would change wardrobes with Britney Spears. Britney needs a matronly dress like that to cover her cooter.

  16. By Reta
    On March 14, 2010 at

    Yes, her stomach, hips and arms are ALL bigger now and her breasts are too, they were POURING out of a low cut dress recently. But, poor thing, she can’t do anything about her “Tiny Head Syndrome”…she just HAS it and the head doesn’t get bigger. Unless and until the rest of her REALLY REALLY gains a TON of meat and blubber will the head finally fill out more and become rounder. But it looks like on HER, it’ll be the last thing to “go wide”.

  17. By Patricia
    On March 14, 2010 at

    The people writing these comments—as they sit anonymously at their keyboards—-are probably overweight and only WISH they had a body like Jessica’s. But since they don’t, they get their thrills calling HER fat!

  18. By L'il Off Broadway
    On March 15, 2010 at

    I am 1 and 1/2 pounds overweight and working on losing it. I don’t have anywhere near her money. I wouldn’t be her for all the tea in China.

  19. By Neena
    On March 15, 2010 at

    Nina – i agree with you. BTW the dress just didn’t flatter her body at all. But she seems like a nice person. Can’t be easy being in your late 20’s with not much of a career to speak of.

  20. By guest
    On March 15, 2010 at

    saw her on letterman & honestly could not believe how kirstie alley she is.

  21. By L'il Off Broadway
    On March 15, 2010 at

    She was on THE VIEW this morning and I promise she looked even fatter than this pic. At least 20 pounds overweight.


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