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Why was Jessica Simpson so charley-horsed when she got back from her trip to Rome with John Mayer? After they had lunch in West Hollywood she found herself in need a physical tune-up right away and rushed off to the Hahm Rejuvenation Center on 3rd Street. It’s not a plastic surgery office – it’s a place where you can get acupuncture and shiatsu massage. Adrien Brody, Winona Ryder , Courtney Love, and Menu Suvari get their kinks taken out there. An hour later Jess walked OUT feeling better, but her euphoric mood turned sour when fifty photographers surrounded her like hounds around a fox. She actually yelled at them and accused them of being rude as she drove off.


Posted by Janet on March 16, 2007

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  1. By Anonymous
    On March 16, 2007 at

    Maybe she should move back to Texas and get a job as receptionist making 25K a year. She could date a regular guy with average income. She wouldn’t have to worry about paps following her or jet lag because for that matter, because she’d only be able to afford one vacation a year. Since she’d be working during the day…that would cut down on the trips to the rejuvenation clinic too.

  2. By Anonymous
    On March 16, 2007 at

    Imagine that…rude paps.

  3. By The citizens of America
    On March 16, 2007 at

    Amen to both comments above!!! We don’t feel sorry for you, Jessica! You could leave LA, stop working now so the paps would leave you alone, and still live like a queen for the rest of your life. Go cry in one of your big bags of money!!

  4. By Big Pimpin' Daddy Joe
    On March 16, 2007 at

    She can’t get a job as a receptionist unless she learned her alphabet so she could type. Besides, that would be such a waste of those big D cups!

  5. By Anonymous
    On March 16, 2007 at

    one more hollywood pretty girl turned ugly, her and pamela anderson were such beauties when they first hit hollywood, now they just look used and abused. but at least their pocket books are fat.
    what would you rather have beauty or money, but money without the ability to get cosmetic procedures?

  6. By joan rivers
    On March 16, 2007 at

    she looks pretty ordinary.
    oh well, next year’s crop of fresh meat will take center stage and jessica will be left to hawking her doll hair wigs, purses, shoes and makeup on QVC.

  7. By John Mayer (god i'm so hot)
    On March 16, 2007 at

    oh my god……she must have been so sore from all the hot nookie she got from john on his italy tour…….your body is a wonderland indeed……

  8. By Anonymous
    On March 16, 2007 at


  9. By Anonymous
    On March 17, 2007 at

    She’s pathetic. I’d love to see her have to work at a real job. She couldn’t even pick up the dirty towels (she dropped) off the floor at home when she was married to Nick.
    Who comes back from a vacation needing a mssage?

  10. By Anonymous
    On March 17, 2007 at

    She made her money from living her life in front of the camera, a little ironic to complain about it now? Sorry don’t feel a bit bad for her. Why do they follow her around anyway, she hasnt done anything since that reality show. I agree she is SO OVER!

  11. By star
    On March 17, 2007 at

    I think the press should leave her alone and see where that would get her!
    she’s lucky the press is still interested in her!!
    her movies suck and she hasn,t even came out with
    any albums
    Jessica be careful what you wish for!!!!

  12. By Anonymous
    On March 20, 2007 at

    She should be glad she’s getting any attention at all. She can’t sing, can’t act and has a man that has talent but looks like Lurch!


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