Jessica Simpson filmed the final episode of “Fashion Star” in which celebrities pair up with young designers to win a huge jackpot. The show won’t air until February and producers are understandably nervous about the name of the winner leaking out. So they threatened Jessica and the others that if the winner is leaked, the person responsible will NOT be paid their big salary for the show. Jessica is usually a blabbermouth but she’s no dummy when it comes to money, so she’s being VERY careful.


Posted by Janet on September 6, 2011

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  1. By Muffin
    On September 6, 2011 at

    Oh God, Jessica couldn’t be too worried about losing her salary. She has enough coin to pay all of the shows salaries, this I am certain of. Jess is lookin’ pretty hot in the photo above, I must admit. I wonder if it is true-to-form or if it’s all Photoshop?!? Anyway, I can’t wait for this show to start, it sounds really good!

  2. By yoyo
    On September 7, 2011 at


    Couldn’t agree with you more & talk about photoshop overload. You’re right, money is the last of her worries, having done well over the years, good for her.

  3. By Denise
    On September 7, 2011 at

    I actually haven’t heard much about this show. I did read that she was having breast reduction surgery. Wonder if it’s true.

    And I agree about the money. With her line of shoes and fashion, I doubt she’ll ever have to sing again (which some might think is a good thing).

  4. By Strom
    On September 7, 2011 at

    She must have better management than J Lo to get her on the right track…not much talent but she makes up well. She is said to be uber horny and with all the $$$$$$ someone will feed off her for ever.

    The succes of Jessica and J Lo show what good management can do with average to below talent.

  5. By Strom
    On September 7, 2011 at

    Contrast that to Whitney Houston who obviously had bad management but much talent and you see the trainwreck she is….reports are she is lesbo maniac again.

  6. By TxGal
    On September 7, 2011 at

    She might have tons of money but that doesn’t mean she will reject a pay check.

  7. By Casonia logenberry..Hells kitchen..I want elisa to get kicked off the show and the main reason for that is that! I want to be the first black woman to win on the show and yes she does a good job but her personality stinks and..I hate her? I hope she hangs
    On September 7, 2011 at

    I love the way she sings and she can put it down like no one…And this lady has massive soul to her voice and she is lovely on top of that and yes of course privacy is good and she has a right to keep her secrets. Good luck lovely positive and strong lady.

  8. By palermo
    On September 7, 2011 at

    Where did they dream up that picture? She is probably 50 lbs heavier than that in real life.

  9. By Indy
    On September 7, 2011 at

    They spent much time positioning her just exactly right so the extra 35-40 pounds wouldn’t be so obvious. The arms are for sure photoshopped.

  10. By nicky
    On September 7, 2011 at

    some of you are so jealous of a pretty woman

  11. By pippa martins-st. onge
    On September 7, 2011 at

    Janet, nobody is watching this rubbish.

  12. By Indy
    On September 7, 2011 at

    I am fricking not jealous of Jessica, can’t speak for anyone else. Her vast wealth is now working against her, as her fiance is unemployed and she never knows if anyone is romancing her for her $$ or for herself. Just count your money, Jess, and for once please take a break from always having to have a man. (not likely to happen).

  13. By nicky
    On September 7, 2011 at

    Indy———now, now my little sailor, it is okay. she is a beautiful & wealthy woman and some people feel threatened by her and are quick to find fault. the bottom line is that she isn’t stick thin like her sister but she is still built nice and she looks like a regular size person. she looks happy too.

    maybe the guy is bad for her….who knows/
    why not wish her well instead being giddy with happiness when things are not good for a person

  14. By forrest gump
    On September 7, 2011 at

    and her Brain-Cells are Dead, folks!!

  15. By right
    On September 7, 2011 at

    JS is a pig. No way her arms are that thin. Nice try

  16. By palermo
    On September 8, 2011 at

    I always have to laugh when we are all snarky about the celebs. If it’s a woman criticizing somebody she has to be called “jealous”. I’m an equal opportunity snarker, they are all fair game for putting themselves in the public eye. If they don’t want people discussing them then they should have become accountants or government workers.

  17. By Indy
    On September 8, 2011 at

    palermo: Amen and amen.

  18. By nicky
    On September 8, 2011 at

    yup sounds like hair pulling whiny jealousy to me


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