John Edwards finally admitted the National Enquirer was RIGHT when they exposed the former presidential contender’s double life: his affair with Rielle Hunter, his love child, and the elaborate cover-up. Rielle has been receiving $15000 a month in hush money from a Dallas friend of Edwards. Edwards’ former aide Andrew Young has been moved into a 5.6 million dollar mansion in Santa Barbara – HE claims to be the father of Rielle’s new baby. But the baby’s birth certificate lists no father. The Enquirer caught Edwards visiting mother and baby at the Beverly Hilton hotel and he panicked and hid in the mensroom until hotel security escorted him off hotel grounds. The deceitful situation looks even worse because John’s wife Elizabeth is battling a recurrence of breast cancer. Now we’re waiting for Rachael Ray to admit her husband paid hookers to spit on him – ANOTHER of the Enquirer’s great scoops.


Posted by hoodlum on August 8, 2008

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  1. By The Warden
    On August 8, 2008 at

    The problem with the national media is that they know this is true but will not report on it because he’s a Democrat. These are the same phuctards that praised John McCInsane not to long ago because he went against his own party but now that he’s the Republican nominee, they now try to trash him while they in turn give free passes to BaCrack.

  2. By Anonymous
    On August 8, 2008 at

    Ahhhh,The National Enquirer! For years I’ve defended their detective work. They really expose the dirt. No one flies under the radar with them. Dems, Rebublicans…they expose it ALL!

  3. By Yeah, baby!
    On August 8, 2008 at

    Heck I would have boinked him and never bothered him again for 15 grand a month salary!

  4. By wyltk?
    On August 8, 2008 at

    Back in the late 80’s, like ’87 she lived in Manhattan, wanted to be an actress and she went by the name Lisa Druck.

  5. By sure thing
    On August 8, 2008 at

    Rielle Hunter sounds like a hooker name. She should have kept Lisa Druck

  6. By Anonymous
    On August 8, 2008 at

    Janet are you on the enquirer payroll? You always go on and on about how great they are, but they get it wrong 99.99999% of the time. Please explains why you love them so much?

  7. By Anonymous
    On August 8, 2008 at

    I was done with Edwards when he announced he intended to continue his presidential campaign even though his wife Elizabeth’s cancer had recurred. It’s been widely reported that she’s terminal now.

  8. By fuggedaboudit
    On August 8, 2008 at

    2:17 PM: I have the total opposite outlook regarding the Enquirer. I have been (no joke) reading it for 25 years. In the ‘days of old’, they may have stretched the truth a little. However, today with computer and camera technology, etc., they don’t need to make anything up. The wild and crazy activities of celebs are mostly reported correctly.
    PS: I am not Janet and I don’t work for Enquirer

  9. By Anywhere, USA
    On August 8, 2008 at

    We would be shocked at how many other stories are out there similar to this. $$ hungry hos hoping to get knocked up by a well-known name, thereby commanding a large monthly salary so they will be set for life. Very little of that money no doubt is spend on the kid and most spent on themselves. I wish more scandals like this would come to light.
    Edwards always looked like a slimeball.

  10. By da middle finger
    On August 8, 2008 at

    Michelle Obama will not have this problem, as Barry Hussein Obama is obviously not nearly as strong, both physically and mentally. If she found out he cheated, he would soon be singing high soprano in the mosque, and that is after she beat the s*** out of him and rendered him man-less.

  11. By Anonymous
    On August 8, 2008 at

    What type of scumbag cheats on a dying spouse? He is the lowest of the low, and is there anybody who doesn’t believe that kid is his? So he just visits it in hotel rooms in the middle of the night cause he’s such a nice guy?

  12. By Anonymous
    On August 8, 2008 at

    THE TABLOIDS Have more credibility and than the mainstream media,
    hurray for the tabloids.

  13. By Anonymous
    On August 8, 2008 at

    Now go after barry hussein obama……..

  14. By Anonymous
    On August 8, 2008 at

    Now go after barry hussein obama……..
    Are you ^ kidding the NE exposed the racist preacher; the jealous Michelle wife over Oprah? But we can use more,especially now!

  15. By gerard Vandenberg
    On August 8, 2008 at

    (ask morgan freeman.)

  16. By Hollywood agent Mel Goldstein
    On August 8, 2008 at

    Janet, clearly you are on the Enquirer payroll. You often sing their praises and ‘borrow’ their scoops.
    No wonder they have not sued you, you work for them!
    This will surely be all over the news at KMOX 1120. (who incidentally do not mention you anywhere on their website)

  17. By hilary, who you used to work w/ at star
    On August 8, 2008 at

    Watched Larry King tonight and one of the NE reporters was a guest. OF COURSE EDWARDS IS THE BABY DADDY!!! My guest is that after Elizabeth found out about the affair in ’06, he asked for forgiveness, he got it, and then CONTINUED to bonk away. Probably thought it was a “safe” affair because he didn’t think the bottle blonde could get pregnant! HAHAHA! I’m waiting for that paternity test — and then a divorce.

  18. By Anonymous
    On August 8, 2008 at

    Elizabeth Edwards had some very harsh words for the national media during her husband’s primary run; she repeatedly made the victim-claim that Obama and Clinton were reaping tons of media attention, while her husband (being neither black nor a woman) got barely any.
    She probably wishes her husband weren’t quite so attractive to the media now.
    Also, IF it’s true that she knew of this affair back in ’06, then she was complicit in her husband’s dishonesty during ’07 and this year.
    Lastly, as others have pointed out, John Edwards has claimed that his religious beliefs — his moral standards — prevent him from supporting gay marriage. Obviously those same standards did not preclude his f*cking a hanger-on (probably fathering her child), and then continuing to lie about it.
    The Democrats dodged a bullet when they passed John Edwards over for the nomination.

  19. By Anonymous
    On August 8, 2008 at

    No offense, John, but your baby mama is uggggleeeee.

  20. By Reta
    On August 9, 2008 at

    No offense John, but the image of you climbing atop that old crone you picked to sneak around behind your beloved’s back with, makes my skin crawl!! Yikes!!
    Clearly you cannot see in the dark dear fellow. Next time when someone sidles up to you and whispers nasty nothings in your ear, before you go all sweaty and greedy, TURN ON THE FRIGGIN LIGHT WILL YA???
    MIGAWD I pity the poor kid this tainted love hath wrought!!! At least you can afford good plastic surgery for it!! make sure you get a referral and don’t go to Michael jackson’s Dr. just because he’s cheap…not good, not good….oh my…

  21. By Ventura
    On August 9, 2008 at

    I can’t say I approve of the Enquirer’s methods — I’m against paying for information. But they DO get the story more often than “mainstream” media, which has been rendered toothless by cannibalistic business practices, along with fears of “bias” labels by the Religious Right. Anyone who is seriously interested in the news and current events should read the Enquirer. As far as John Edwards — how truly disappointing. I really thought he was one of the better politicians out there and it turns out he’s just a complete slimebucket sleezeball scumbag

  22. By greg6363
    On August 9, 2008 at

    Remember who runs the Enquirer now. David Kendall, former Clinton counsel.

  23. By Anonymous
    On August 9, 2008 at

    “The problem with the national media is that they know this is true but will not report on it because he’s a Democrat”
    Too funny. Actually, the democrat loving liberal MSM avoided the Edwards story like the plague and dismissed the Enquirer altogether. All outlets would not touch this one. Who’s laughing now.
    The democrats and the nation are indeed lucky to have avoided baby daddy twiddle dee and twiddle deedum in the WH. But, you’ll want to bring Barry into the WH inspite of the big pink elephant sitting in the room where he’s concerned. Too bad Obama slaves are blind and can’t see shtttttttt!!!.

  24. By Anonymous
    On August 9, 2008 at

    Never mind all that, can someone tell me how I can get a job as a politicians aide? I want me a 5.6 million dollar mansion too!

  25. By Babs
    On August 9, 2008 at

    Does the old song…”Any port in a storm”….apply in JE’s case?

  26. By Scooby Dubious
    On August 9, 2008 at

    Predictions and Observations:
    John Edwards will discover it is simply impossible to find the time to submit to a DNA test. For any reporter who has the temerity to ask him about it, he’ll say his only focus now is on his wife’s health, his family, his faith, his blow-dryer, blah blah blah…
    Elizabeth Edwards’s cancer (which some believe was brought on by the aggressive fertility treatments she underwent in order to conceive her two youngest children), will cause her death in 2009. She’ll be remembered as a good woman who had lousy taste in men.
    John Edwards will eventually return to the lucratve career from whence he came: chasing ambulances and suing deep-pocketed defendants for hefty damages. His persuasiveness in front of juries, however, will be nothing like it was in the past.
    Failed actress Lisa Druck, also known as “Rielle Hunter,” will be delighted to discover that $15,000 checks continue to appear in her mailbox — as if by magic! — for years to come.
    And gullible citizens who invested their trust and energy in the integrity of John Edwards, and who also contributed money to his feckless campaign for the nomination, have at least the comfort in knowing that their hard-earned money allowed John Edwards to get laid, and his aging bimbo to get paid.

  27. By Anonymous
    On August 9, 2008 at

    What about John McCain’s first wife? She was a beautiful model-type. She was very badly injured in a car accident while he was held prisoner. She had many surgeries, was lucky to survive but looked very different. She stuck by him and when he came home he cheated on her left and right. He finally divorced her and two months later married his current wife. On their first date, they BOTH lied about their age – she said she was older, he said he was younger. Nice way to start a relationship, huh? Cheating on your wife and lying.

  28. By Anonymous
    On August 10, 2008 at

    What about Larry Craig in the bathroom?

  29. By Anonymous
    On August 10, 2008 at

    I dont understand why you think this is news. Nor should the NE be applauded. Edwards is not running for office…he’s a private citizen. His personal/sex life should be off limits. If the tabs want to go after Obama or McCain, that’s different. In fact, I bet there’s a whole closet full of skeletons waiting to be unleashed about BO.
    You want them to “leave Jennifer Aniston” alone, but not a 55 year old who’s minding his own business and is a champion against Poverty? Umm…where are your priorities? No wonder this country is in such pathetic shape.
    Go, McCain.

  30. By chewonthis
    On August 10, 2008 at

    How could Elizabeth refrain from de-balling him? Does she have ice water in her veins. How could she ever trust him again. She is crazy for staying with that slug and so are all the other women who are cheated on. They stay for the mansion and money and never having to work.

  31. By Anonymous
    On August 10, 2008 at

    Yes, Anonymous @6:10 AM, thanks to his affair, Rielle Hunter and (former aide) Andrew Young won’t have to worry about poverty ever again.
    Both have now been gifted with multi-million dollar homes in Santa Barbara and monthly payouts, courtesy of the FINANCE CHAIR of John Edwards’s Political Action Committee.
    Let me spell it out for you. Contributors who believed in “champion of Poverty” John Edwards have unwittingly helped to fund the pay-offs of his girlfriend and the married aide who has publicly taken the rap for being the father of said girlfriend’s baby.
    John Edwards can screw (consenting) goats for all I care. It’s his dishonesty (McCain’s is another matter entirely), that proves he is unfit for any public office, let alone the presidency.

  32. By Anonymous
    On August 10, 2008 at

    Yes 8:56 John Edwards could possibly be stealing from us, the tax payers. So yes this is OUR BUSINESS.

  33. By Anonymous
    On August 10, 2008 at

    Congratulations to the National Enquirer for a job well done!
    This situation demonstrates how the TRUTH can only be brought to light by a free press, no matter how hard others might wish to suppress it.
    Interesting that the so-called “Mainstream Media” did everything in their power to ignore the reality of this story. It quickly became a cliche to falsely deride the Enquirer for supposed stories about space aliens, etc.
    Looks like the Enquirer has the last laugh on this one, and they are just getting started.
    Fortuitously enough, John Edwards represents the perfect subject for this type of investigation: a preening, corrupt narcissist whose lies in defense of the obvious truth will only become more bizarre and pathetic as this story unfolds.
    I look to the Enquirer to investigate what appears to be the gross misuse of publicly-donated campaign funds by Edwards, a violation of federal campaign finance law.
    Could there be a federal prison cell with John Edwards’s name on it? Poetic justice, if so.
    If hypocrisy were a crime, he’d be doing life without parole.
    And as an aside, I haven’t heard too much that is positive about “Rielle Hunter,” but if she is playing at extortion against Edwards, then she is doing it MASTERFULLY.
    Remember: SHE contacted the press to deny an affair with Edwards BEFORE her name became publicly known, thus turning up the heat surrounding him, and thrusting the affair into public view.
    And, SOMEONE had to have taken the infamous and incriminating photo(s) of Edwards INSIDE the Hilton hotel room, and it’s doubtful that that someone was John and Rielle’s baby daughter.

  34. By Anonymous
    On August 10, 2008 at

    should read: “defense AGAINST the obvious truth…”

  35. By Anonymous
    On August 11, 2008 at

    Personally, I don”t think the John Edwards Outreach Program for Unwed Mothers (free health care, $15,000 per month and a mansion in a gated community), is all that practical.
    Although it does seem to demonstrate that he truly cares about the less-fortunate, I guess.
    “Two Americas”:
    The crooked, venal politicians who are lined up like pigs at the trough to grab their share of the corrupt “leadership” pie…
    And the poor suckers who send them money and believe their lies.

  36. By David Leach
    On August 11, 2008 at

    gosh! Whats wrong with you people? Who cares who slept with who? Here is one issue. He used Democratic funds to put his mistress and one of his campaign associatesin a home in California. It is suspected that he spent 3 to 8 billion of this money on extracaricular activities. That is a big NO NO if this money is not reported to IRS and these were truely funds that were gained through the democratic fund raising.
    Issue number two is that he is from one of the most corrupt political states. Just look at the current Attorney General. Remember Mike Nifong? The list goes on.

  37. By momof3
    On August 12, 2008 at

    dems cheat it is what they do….repubs marry up…easier, neater……what I dont get is WHY do the wifes stay????

  38. By Yup. I went there.
    On August 13, 2008 at

    All of this awfulness could have been avoided if Elizabeth Edwards had had the decency to die from cancer two years ago! “Stage 4” my a**!
    There’s nothing sorrier or more tacky than a first wife who refuses to get out of the way when her time is up.
    Team Riellle!


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