We have to hand it to RadarOnline for revisiting the death of Jett Travolta and pointing out an important overlooked fact. If you recall, Tarino Lightbourne was the ambulance driver in the Bahamas who picked up Jett Travolta’s body after he had a seizure. Lightbourne tried to extort 25 million dollars out of John Travolta so he wouldn’t release a “significant” document Travolta signed during the emergency drama. The extortion got all the publicity and drew attention away from the content of the document. Travolta signed an agreement that relieved the driver and his coworkers of liability if he flew his son off the island instead of to a hospital. In other words, Travolta tried to fly his son’s body off the island and home to Florida WITHOUT the needed government permits. (This was before Jett was officially declared dead.) John and other Scientologists could then control all information about what actually killed Jett. Jett’s death by seizures from autism did not fit into Scientology’s ideology. Travolta wasn’t able to sneak the body back to Florida and cover up. Another embarrassment for the cult. Let’s hope John’s next child doesn’t have any psychological or developmental disorders.


Posted by Janet on May 24, 2010

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  1. By Li'l Off Broadway
    On May 24, 2010 at

    Anyone connected to Scientology will have some kind of sadness or disaster come into their lives:

    Lisa Marie Presley almost died of an overdose of niacin and bulgar wheat conconction. (Only SCI doctors were allowed to treat her).

    Kirstie Alley has had a disastrous love life and a pitiful life of binge eating.

    Priscilla Presley’s lover of 12 years left her and she had bad surgery.

    Tom Cruise is, well, still very short (lol).

    There are many more.

    And now John Revolting.

  2. By Reta
    On May 24, 2010 at

    I’m not defending Scientology, for as anyone who reads here regularly knows, I don’t believe in or support ANY religion. But I must say, the list of things that go wrong with Scientologists could be attributed to any other religious sect or believe as well. Human beings are alive and have problem after problem, that’s what being alive winds up doing if you wait long enough. Life is not all sugar and roses people, you know we all have our blessings and our downfalls, if we didn’t we wouldn’t be human. Hopefully, we will learn from the bad things and dwell on the good things.

  3. By Bettye Bluejay
    On May 24, 2010 at

    In my opinion this isn’t big news. How about Brittney Murphey’s mother? Seems like she needs investigating, big time.

  4. By SebastianCanada
    On May 24, 2010 at

    I am puzzled and a little frightened by the scope of these crazy cults. Scientology, Kabalah, and…what was the other one…oh, yeah, Christianity.

  5. By Dragonfly
    On May 24, 2010 at

    The document was probably more than just him wanting to take Jett back to the US since that info leaked shortly after his death. I don’t care though. It is highly possible the new baby will have problems being that Kelly is so old to be having a child.

    Now on to the other news. I agree with Bettye that Brittany’s mom needs some serious investigating. I wouldn’t want to be her roommate!

  6. By Reta
    On May 24, 2010 at

    Right on SebastianCanada!!!!!! I’d love to come back in the distant future when this planet has FINALLY figured out that organised religions were the bane of our planet and finally grew out of our need to have crutches to cling to.

    I would hope waking up in that time and place would be very peaceful and loving, without war or racial strife, and equality for all. Well, one can dream. THAT would be my “heaven”.

  7. By Reta
    On May 24, 2010 at

    On the Britney Murphy hubby death:

    I have always been creeped out by that Monjack guy, and his always sweaty, clammy, greasy looking shifty-eyed appearance. I haven’t a clue how he managed to hypnotise that young lovely woman into connecting with him…it gives me nightmares to think about..
    AND… I always thought there was something peculiar about the mother living with what were literally newlyweds. I mean, THAT’S kinda wrongly creepy too. Who DOES that? So, truthfully, I, for one, am glad, (yes, glad) the creepy sweaty slimy guy bit the dust, and I feel like he somehow managed to get what was coming to him, but that’s only my opinion, I could be wrong, but I have a right to mine. I also think there was something not quite kosher going on between the mother and Mr. Creepy…and WHAT was she doing in his BEDROOM at 9:30 at night…HUUM?

  8. By Sally
    On May 24, 2010 at

    Shame on John and Kelly for denying their child any medical attention. Jett’s passing was a senseless death. It could have been averted had both his parents admitted that he was autistic. How sad that both parents are more concerned about their appearance in the eyes of their religion than actually worrying about their child’s well being. To me that’s abuse of the worst kind. RIP Jett.

  9. By Sally
    On May 24, 2010 at

    People need to stop comparing Scientology to Judiasm, Christianity, Buddhism, or Islam. At least those religions don’t condemn a person for being autistic or denying a person from seeking psychological treatment. Also they don’t blackmail or threaten their members when they choose to leave. I should know I’m a lapsed Catholic and my church didn’t hunt me or my family down. My husband is a lapsed Jew and his temple didn’t harrass him or his family. Know the facts first before making comparisons.

  10. By Reta
    On May 24, 2010 at

    Sally, WHO are you saying SAID that your church or your husbands “blackmail & threaten members when they leave, hunt you down or harrass you”. I don’t see ANY such thing in ANY of the posts above. Can you enlighten me please?

  11. By Persi
    On May 24, 2010 at

    It’s questionable whether Jett even had a pulse when he left the home. But had the boy been brought back to Florida, it would have become a coroner’s case whether the Travoltas liked it or not, and all autopsy info would have been available to the public. RadarOnline doesn’t understand much when it comes to death investigations.

  12. By captain america
    On May 25, 2010 at

    you will need a big rope to hang this scientology lunatic.

  13. By Lenny
    On May 25, 2010 at

    Cults and Christianity are two different things. I agree with Sally, if you’re a Catholic or Baptist, no one come to your house or have you followed. Islam is a cult because if you are muslim and you are in the middle east and try to become a Christian they’ll kill you.

  14. By Jasper's Goat
    On May 25, 2010 at

    Sally and Lenny, you are correct.

    At this very moment a lady is writing a book about how she was in Scientology and left it and was harrassed for a long time. Her name is Amy (cant remember last name) It was on the news. She said that they have so much dirt on the Big moneyed-stars that some are afraid to leave.

    Also, on the WEB, there are many many stories of ex-Scientologists who were threatened and some even killed because they left SCI and were telling what a cult it is.

    I agree that Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism have faults, but the fact is they do not harrass you and hunt you down if you leave or if you expose to threaten them like SCI does. The only exception is Islam, as Lenny said. Just Google SCI and see.

  15. By Sally
    On May 25, 2010 at

    Reta, from the many accounts I read about former Scientologists, they get harrassed and blackmailed and even end up dead once they decide to leave the church. They are shunned by family and friends.

    That’s not a “religion” that’s a cult. Many comments on previous posts always seem to mention other religions when talking about Scientology and it’s absurd. That’s why I made the point of being a lapsed Catholic. I was never threatened, my family didn’t shun me and I never had issues with anybody at my parish. Also they didn’t press me to donate thousands of dollars to their church. All religions, just like all governments, have their flaws and I’m not saying one is better than the other.

    Enlightened yet?

  16. By Jasper's Goat
    On May 25, 2010 at

    France, Germany, Italy, Greece, and Russia have already figured out that SCI is a cult and they are against it and even trying to get rid of the SCI centers that are there now. It was in USA Today.

    But stupid-a** Tinseltown SCI Center keeps raking in the moola from brain-dead idiots like Cruise, Travola, Alley, Jason Lee. Plus the big Center is in Clearwater, FLorida. I visited there and went in SCI building and believe me it was scary. There were zombies everywhere walking around looking half dead. I got the hell outa there.

  17. By Jasper's Goat
    On May 25, 2010 at

    PS: Forgot to mention the surgery contorted Priscilla Presley and the fat Lisa Marie Presley. Elvis I guarantee would never have fallen for this cult, never.

    Forgot to mention when I went into SCI center in Clearwater, Florida that there were cameras everywhere and all there looked spaced out and stared straight ahead. I saw no celebs there, but I was only in the lobby.

  18. By Dan the man
    On May 25, 2010 at

    Stop being such a know-it-all Reta and just STFU.

  19. By Georgie
    On May 25, 2010 at

    How do we know he wanted to fly his kid to USA so that scientologists could get their hands on him? He was more likely thinking the kid would have better care in the U.S. As mentioned upthread, if he flew his son’s dead body back, the coroner or medical examiner (don’t know what they call it in FL) would take over. When Jett was a baby, he was in the hospital for weeks. A family friend, who is a private pilot flew Kelly to the hospital where Jett was many times. I know scientology has weird rules and I’m totally against it, but these people did give their kid the best medical treatment money could buy when he was little. Anyway, my heart goes out to them, no one can imagine the pain of losing a child until it happens to you (we lost a son 3 yrs ago from auto accident); so judging the sitch without knowing all the facts is senseless. I wish them the best, and hope they can exit their weird cult without too much damage.

  20. By Reta
    On May 25, 2010 at

    Sally, I was questioning WHO you said had said that as you had said “Know the facts first before making comparisons.” NOBODY had said what you accused them of, is all, and I was asking you who SPECIFICALLY said that.

    And to “Dan the man” YOU shut the fuck up! I have every bit as much right to post my comments and observations on here as you do. At least I am not a racist, homophobe, or misogynistic assdhole like so many others who post regularly on here. Cap’n Crazy anyone? Thought so!

  21. By Jasper's Goat
    On May 25, 2010 at

    I can guarantee if Travolta and company try to exit SCIentology that they will be more or less camped out on his doorstep asking him WHY he is leaving and asking him over and over again. Then they may even blackmail him because during auditing/thetan sessions, they know more about him than the National Enquirer or even Kelly his wife. This goes for any other longtime members.

    I have many hours of study on SCI under my belt. I also (as stated above) went into the SCI center in Florida and saw weirdos staring. Forgot to mention earlier when I left SCI bldg. that about 20 of the SCI zombies were marching in step like brain-dead fools as they entered the massive front door, where cameras were everywhere. This cult plays for keeps.

  22. By Jasper's Goat
    On May 25, 2010 at

    Janet and all, my apology for making one more quick comment.

    I got interested in Scientology when Lisa Marie who was being treated by SCI doctors for the flu almost died of an overdose of niacin and weird concoctions they told her to drink. This is a fact, but did not get much media attention because SCI paid big bucks to keep it out of most of the press. I know this because at the time I lived 12 miles from Graceland and had an inside scoop from one of E’s bodyguards, Red West.

  23. By MamaSan
    On May 25, 2010 at

    Not that looks are everything, but to me Travolta is not the least bit handsome. And I still think he is on the down-low (gay).

  24. By Palermo
    On May 25, 2010 at

    None of these people will ever be truly happy until they quit leading these completely phony lives. He’s gay, Tom Cruise is gay, my God it’s 2010, isn’t it time to give up the pretenses? Both of these men have enough money to live the rest of their lives well even if they never earn another dime.

  25. By annabanana
    On May 29, 2010 at

    Who ever wrote this crappy speculative piece is a mickey mouse reporter! You don’t die from autism, his official cause of death was due to a seizure and the certificate said nothing else. Also, the kid was on Depakote which is a seizure med. Taking an educated guess, I would say that young Jett went to the bathroom alone and had his seizure and there was no one nearby to help with opening an airway, giving him oxygen which would then control his rapid heart. Do u really think that while Jett was in a coma Mr. Travolta was thinking about how to spin the story and his handlers said,”fly him out of the country pronto”! I believe Jett’s parents wanted the BEST medical care! So disrespectful, unethical and creepy Charlton!


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