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There’s an awful lot of Julia Roberts bashing going on, but we still like her. She and Danny are vacationing in Hawaii and in these photos, she kissed him before he went surfing on his own. Julia stayed on the beach and kept an eye on their three kids. There were no nannies in sight – we’re betting she’s a very involved mom.


Posted by Janet on May 4, 2009

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  1. By gerard Vandenberg
    On May 4, 2009 at

    but a dildo can be complicated indeed, folks!!

  2. By Dieter
    On May 5, 2009 at

    This Woman has the face of a horse or a mule. She is America’s ‘equine faced’ sweetheart. Hillary Swank also has a horse face. I equally despise them both with all of my being.

  3. By Anonymous
    On May 5, 2009 at

    Julia looks TERRIFIC — and is, apparently, one of the few women in Hollywood who hasn’t had 2 sacks of gel shoved in her chest.

  4. By Anonymous
    On May 5, 2009 at

    I’m not a fan of her work, but I admire her if she is indeed raising the kids and not leaving it to a nanny.

  5. By bonnie blizzard
    On May 5, 2009 at

    Over the years, Julia spread herself thin amongst many men (mostly well-known). Then she settled for a married man who is an unknown camera man. Then spent about a year convincing him to leave his wife, amidst the outrage of all his family. I’m not jealous of her money or her man, but I am jealous that she is in Hawaii and I’m not. LOL. Btw, with her huge $$$, the nannies are there…..somewhere.

  6. By Mother Hen
    On May 5, 2009 at

    Yes indeed, MISTER Roberts will certainly enjoy that surfboard and all the other goodies that this strange, bawdy, wide-mouth woman is buying him. He’s on the gravy train for sure.

  7. By Anonymous
    On May 5, 2009 at

    She’s a stuck-up mean-spirited, cheap airhead that had delusions of star grandeur but hooves of iron when she began to grow older and childless, worrying that life was passing her by. So, she got firm with herself, she had the kids and settled for the trained, used husband who will OBEY HER and look the other way on while she enjoys her little cheating tricks and amusements! I’m glad these pictures doesn’t come with sound. I be those kids can make a sailor blush with the vulgar language and naughty stories they heard from mom now.

  8. By Saucy Sara
    On May 5, 2009 at

    I’ll never forget 2 or 3 years ago at the Oscars that she ran up on the stage to Denzel Washington and flung herself on him and wrapped her legs around him. She is a shameless skag. What has this sharp-nosed horse-face got? I guess that super-wide mouth just lures them in. Vera Moder should be glad to get rid of Danny, the ultimate parasite.

  9. By Barbi
    On May 5, 2009 at

    Without full make-up and hair, she looks really really bad….more than most other stars caught without make-up.

  10. By Anonymous
    On May 5, 2009 at

    What a tacky tattoo on her buttcrack, her kids names, how low class looking. She has the widest mouth ever and a ski nose, so unattractive. No happy relationship is based on making somebody miserable, they are both cheaters and losers.

  11. By biscuit
    On May 5, 2009 at

    She has got balls, pure and simple. She just bulled her way to the top. Yep, balls and the casting couch was her road to fame. Danny is so thrilled to live high wide and handsome off her money that he practices the “don’t ask, don’t tell” theory. Stars are a breed unto themselves and who can understand them, since they really don’t understand themselves.

  12. By Neena
    On May 6, 2009 at

    I am sure that she is an involved mum…but i doubt that there are no nannies about.

  13. By Anonymous
    On May 6, 2009 at

    I can’t stand her and won’t see anything she’s in. She is so over. Why is she making all those movies that no one wants to see her in? When it’s over–just get out and don’t belabor the point. Some of these actors think the next movie will get them back in the limelight. Well dream on.

  14. By Miss Eva
    On May 6, 2009 at

    Dieter–you forgot the most equine face of all: Sarah Jessica Parker!!!

  15. By Anonymous
    On May 6, 2009 at

    When Julia famously flashed her hairy armpit years ago, she was putting the world on notice that she intended to do things HER WAY. And she has done exactly that.

  16. By Anonymous
    On May 6, 2009 at

    She remains in a class by herself, box office-wise. There have been a few also-rans, but no one has come even close to touching her status. Poor Reese has even attached herself to a gay man to try to keep up public interest in her dishwater charm, but to no avail. Julia is TOPS.

  17. By da middle finger
    On May 6, 2009 at

    She has a very potty mouth. Just saw her doing just that on TMZ or one of those shows. A lot of F words and MF words. Last time I checked, that is low-class, about on the par with Madonna.

  18. By Anonymous
    On May 6, 2009 at

    How awful that must have been for your delicate sensibilities, “da middle finger.” So glad that you were able to drag yourself from your sickbed to record your displeasure. As an MD myself, — I’d recommend earplugs next time.

  19. By Gwen
    On May 6, 2009 at

    Julia looks really great! My daughter lives in Smyrna and we live in the Vinings area. I wonder if Julia visits the Atlanta area often?

  20. By dmf
    On May 7, 2009 at

    5:46 PM.; I didn’t have to use earplugs…the *?^$#?(@ were blotted out.

  21. By shari
    On July 25, 2009 at

    I don’t like a lot about Hollywood “stars,” but there are many other actors/actresses/singers, who’s horrible behavior far excedes anything that Julia Roberts has said or done (in public). And no matter what she says, she (like we) has the right to say it! Just don’t listen if you find it so offensive. *Her children are cute.


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