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Here’s a character revealing story: The last time Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were at a Lakers game they were both looked good and were visibly affectionate. The Jumbotron at the game features the “Kiss-cam” – it zeroes in on celebrity couples and they’re expected to kiss on camera. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel were among the smooching couples, but Kanye and Kim were bypassed. Our source told us that at halftime, Kanye RAGED at the PR guy “Why didn’t you put US on the Kiss-cam? You put Justin Timberlake on – I’M BIGGER THAN HIM!!” The PR guy sputtered that HE wasn’t in charge of the Kiss-cam. Kanye scowled “Tell whoever IS in charge that we better be on the second half!” The Kiss-cam didn’t appear during the action packed second half of the game. At game’s end, Kanye was still fuming and obnoxious – as he was leaving he was heard loudly asking “Who’s in charge of the Jumbotron?” Kim just smiled by his side.

Posted by Janet on June 14, 2012

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  1. By Christine India
    On June 14, 2012 at

    KK and KW are self-important, vapid, immoral, ignorant, worthless frauds.

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”….Author believed to be Sir Walter Scott

  2. By Walt Cliff
    On June 14, 2012 at

    You know the great and mighty Professor Roy Hinkley quoted but thought it was Shakespeare (Of course, he was wrong.) LOL!!! :)

  3. By Strom
    On June 14, 2012 at

    Old news JC, are things so bad you have to run this drivel again? Can’t afford to compete with TMZ for new stories?

    Ask T/Tom/Tommy about KK…she has had more BLACK meat in her than any white woman…Nicole S. had quite a bit herself but look what it cost her!

    I saw another story about the kardashian Collection reviving Sears sales…more BS, just like a J Lo publicity machine.

  4. By Walt Cliff
    On June 14, 2012 at

    Why do you have to be so dang vulgar? You are obsessed with sex and homosexuals.

  5. By tom
    On June 14, 2012 at

    Remember when this shiteater gave the paps a big fat cameltoe outside of the DWTS practice? You could see it from space. What an animal.

  6. By tom
    On June 14, 2012 at

    “I’ll show you my pussy for $” Kimbo

  7. By CoCo
    On June 14, 2012 at

    Who’s bigger, let’s see two reasonably talented guys, each with unbearable egos. Who cares?

    And why do couples kiss at a sports event? Weird!

  8. By tom
    On June 14, 2012 at

    Her tits,ass,vadge,mouth,nostris,nose,eyes,armpits,soul,and dignity can be purchased for a price That makes her a whore. It makes Kaney a whoremonger. Truth!

  9. By Walt Cliff
    On June 14, 2012 at

    Strom and Tom are the same people and insist on nasty language. Vulgarness is not necessary.

    Janet just doesn’t care what is said on this website.

  10. By Walt Cliff
    On June 14, 2012 at


    characterized by ignorance of or lack of good breeding or taste: vulgar ostentation.

    indecent; obscene; lewd: a vulgar work; a vulgar gesture.

    crude; coarse; unrefined: a vulgar peasant.

    of, pertaining to, or constituting the ordinary people in a society: the vulgar masses.

    current; popular; common: a vulgar success; vulgar beliefs

  11. By Walt Cliff
    On June 14, 2012 at

    Ephesians 5:4 ESV

    Let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk nor crude joking, which are out of place, but instead let there be thanksgiving.

  12. By Walt Cliff
    On June 14, 2012 at



  13. By Walt Cliff
    On June 14, 2012 at

    Proverbs 4:24

    Put away from you crooked speech, and put devious talk far from you.

  14. By anonTWO
    On June 14, 2012 at

    dunno if this item is true but it is hilarious.

  15. By Muffie
    On June 14, 2012 at

    Omg, who is the tool, that’s lies awake at night making this shit up?! Sheesh

  16. By Muffie
    On June 14, 2012 at

    Judging by the above photo, they certainly seem to be enjoying themselves!

    This to despite Kanye’s “fuming and obnoxious” disposition regarding he kiss cam.

    PS. Before you comment on my comment, Tom/Tommy, STFU!

  17. By Zippy
    On June 14, 2012 at

    Why don’t you go shoot yourself Kanye? You are an ignorant spook that thinks it’s cool like all the other spooks to not tie your shoes and you are a complete oxygen thief.

  18. By Patrick
    On June 14, 2012 at

    Hey let’s play spot the douchebag…no, not the ones in the picture above.
    Just one of the commenters above.
    Any idea which one?
    That’s right.

  19. By chris
    On June 14, 2012 at

    This Future Power Couple are very similar and will go the distance, he seems to be finally maturing.

  20. By Walt Cliff
    On June 14, 2012 at

    Leave our Miss Muffie alone.

    It takes a big ole queeen to give such a spew on vulgarity when they themselves are the nasty ones.

    Can’t you convey what you wish to say without the profanity ? If not, then perhaps you should just keep your mean little thoughts to yourself.

  21. By tom... bitches!
    On June 14, 2012 at

    Patty…you dont make a ripple when you jump in the pool.

  22. By tom... bitches!
    On June 14, 2012 at

    fuck off you dumbass!

  23. By Muffie
    On June 14, 2012 at

    So , I guess the real question, “tom… bitches!” is, just what kind of “friends” we’re you and Ron? Personally, I don’t believe Ron Goldman would have ever associated with, let alone been friends with, someone as “vulgar” and nasty as you!

    Hmm, so maybe, you were stalking him with intentions of having some sort of sexual relationship? I say this because only a homosexual man who hates women would talk so nasty to, and about women. .

    Thanks Walt, for showing how a REAL Man should act!

  24. By Walt Cliff
    On June 14, 2012 at


    You say the sweetest things. Are you flirting with me? lol :)

    Be nice now. :) Blessings to you!

  25. By Walt Cliff
    On June 14, 2012 at

    Matthew 5:43-45

    You have heard that it was said “Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven.

    (That’s right. I’ve got Indy’s quote disorder. lol) :)

  26. By Walt Cliff
    On June 14, 2012 at

    John 1:9

    Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates his brother is still in the darkness.

  27. By tom... bitches!
    On June 14, 2012 at

    Muffie, you impress me as kind of a dope who didnt get much of an education. You feel insignificant- that is why your always putting in your two cents on this blog. I’d wager your overweight and ugly in the face but you grew up tough because you were the “ugly girl”. Walt,Any idiot can post on this site. You’re no exception.

  28. By Walt Cliff
    On June 14, 2012 at

    Fly away little Tommy. You have no powers here.

    In regard to Muffie, I suspect what you said about her is exactly what has been said about you throughout the years. Perhaps, it is that pain and humilation you felt from growing up on the road as a circus attraction that keeps you from forming friendships or romantic relationships with humans.

    Just like your first probation officer said to you, beastality is frowned upon. Just because an animal licks your face, it doesn’t mean it wants to get romantic with you. That’s why you are banned from the animal shelters.

    Run along now.

  29. By Patrick
    On June 14, 2012 at

    No one cares about you, Tom.

  30. By palermo
    On June 14, 2012 at

    This site is really going downhill

  31. By tom... bitches!
    On June 14, 2012 at

    The Kardashian/Jenners rode their car over the bones of my friend Ron and the lovely Nicole in order to enter the world of celebrity. Walt, You should bring your spiel to the Kardashian’s church. How about that for vulgarity…establishing your own church in order to dodge paying taxes. Ron and Jesus died in agony so these bitches can evade paying taxes.

  32. By Walt Cliff
    On June 14, 2012 at

    Perhaps they still do at the circus. :)

  33. By Walt Cliff
    On June 14, 2012 at

    This is getting old and I don’t want to play anymore. Tom is Strom. Strom is Tom.
    Plus, There are at least two more people he likes to play.

    All of Strom’s characters are filled with vile and hate and sex of some kind. It gets tiresome after awhile.

    Time for sweet dreams of Ann-Margret when she was still young and firm and so was I. lol :)

    Good night kids. Play nice now.

  34. By Muffie
    On June 14, 2012 at

    Wrong again, Tommy boy, in more ways than one!

  35. By tom... bitches!
    On June 14, 2012 at

    Intereting you would bring up bestiality. A shrink would have a field day with that. Patrick you’re a wuss.

  36. By tom... bitches!
    On June 14, 2012 at

    Who would market a porn video of their daughter licking her own mierda off of a dick thar was just up her fat ass. that great “businesswoman” Kris the slttern” Jenner. What a fuckin gem!

  37. By tom... bitches!
    On June 14, 2012 at

    Kim used to turn tricks with Brittney Gastineau before her whore mother got together with Ryan the ass sucker Semencrust and decided to capitalize on the sneak attack killing of my friend Ron and the innocent Nicole.

  38. By anonymouse
    On June 14, 2012 at

    ban Tom, please, but not for his dullard’s profanity, but for his grinding and permanent stupidity.

  39. By tom... bitches!
    On June 14, 2012 at

    Tom has a doctorate degree from one of the top universties in the country. I believe in the 1st ammendment fucktard.

  40. By tom... bitches!
    On June 14, 2012 at

    Go stick your fat heads in the sand but know this…the Kardashians are famous because uncle Oj murdered my buddy Ron and the lovely Nicole. That is their masterpiece.

  41. By anonymouse
    On June 14, 2012 at

    take your meds Tom, oh … there are little white frothy bubbles in the corners of mouth from all the lithium.

    A Phd, bullshit buddy, just like your fictional friendships … give it a rest, no one believes it, no one.

  42. By Muffie
    On June 14, 2012 at

    By anonymouse, why would Janet ban, freak boy?!

    I think she actually enjoys this guys comments.

  43. By anonymouse
    On June 14, 2012 at

    except your island partner Strom, sharing delusions, can you spell obvious ?

    Btw The first amendment protects free speech, not delusional or offensive speech dumbass. I think they were thinking of you and Strom, when they made the exception !

  44. By computer
    On June 14, 2012 at

    I respect tom’s comments. I understand Tom’s passion.

  45. By bunny Will
    On June 14, 2012 at

    Strom=Tom=Computer=Forrest Gump=Strom=Tom=Computer, you get the idea, even if they don’t

  46. By Patrick
    On June 14, 2012 at

    Poor, miserable, fucked up, Tommy.
    Nobody loves him. Sad.

  47. By F*uck Jesus
    On June 14, 2012 at

    Wish Walt would shove all his god damn stupid biblical quotes and pious BS up his Christian ass and learn to shut his mouth. I am sure I am not the only one sick and tired of his corny mid-west American aw shucks common-good old-fashion-sense routine and BORING down home stories that NO ONE CARES ABOUT or is here to read. There is nothing more vulgar than hypocrite christians who cram their ignorance down others throats. Go fuck yourself WALT or better yet take little bitch boy Patrick with you.

  48. By Patrick
    On June 14, 2012 at

    Troll some where else you pathetic psycho.
    We have some very nice, real, people here.
    Leave us alone.

  49. By forrest gump
    On June 15, 2012 at

    ……..at least he dresses himself like a man who is expected to look like one.

  50. By Strom
    On June 15, 2012 at

    Strom is not T/Tom/Tommy or anyone else….after all the above rants I wont ask his “thoughts” on anything either. Go back to the $$$$$Goldman estate.

    But sorry, it’s not about posters anyway!

  51. By Walt Cliff - God is Good!
    On June 15, 2012 at

    A Blessed Good morning to all. :)

  52. By Dragonfly
    On June 15, 2012 at

    Between the awful comments and the lack of proofreading on the stories posted, I think I may leave. “…they were both looked good” in the story above actually made it through to be posted on this site. I would be embarrassed if this were my site with my name that people working for me (I’m assuming it’s not Janet, could be wrong) can’t even speak basic English.

  53. By Msnbc
    On June 15, 2012 at

    Sometimes I can’t believe adults are on this web site because all the comments are beyond immature and juvenile.

  54. By tom
    On June 15, 2012 at

    I didnt claim a Phd. I claimed a “Doctorate” degree. The First Amendment protects all speech, you celebrity blogging pansy.Vulgarity thy name is Kardashian.

  55. By tom
    On June 15, 2012 at

    Patty is a girl!

  56. By bunny Will
    On June 15, 2012 at

    dear Tom/Strom

    anonymouse was right

    “The freedom is not absolute; the Supreme Court has recognized several categories of speech ( ie. offensive ) that are excluded from the freedom of speech, and it has recognized that governments may enact reasonable time, place, or manner restrictions on speech.”

    it’s not an absolute, nothing is, except in a fantasy.

    and a “Phd.” I assure you, is the common short term for a Doctorate, regardless of type. So, not only are you obviously delusional and rather frustrated, you are also clearly misinformed.

  57. By anonymouse
    On June 15, 2012 at

    A pansy !!!! better a flower than a drooler peering through the Goldman’s windows.

  58. By tom
    On June 15, 2012 at

    That’s right! My dentist always refers to himself as a “Phd”.So does my attorney. Freedom of Speech means just that, bobo. I have a right to call a thieving pack of whores a thieving pack of whores. I also have a right to call you a dipshit,dipshit.

  59. By rb
    On June 15, 2012 at

    Kanye knows they didn’t want to show an interacial kiss.

    He is always (wrong or right) fighting for racial justice, or what he perceives to be racial injustice.

    I don’t think it’s about ego, but I’m sure no one will agree with me.

  60. By Muffie
    On June 15, 2012 at

    By anonymouse

    A pansy !!!! better a flower than a drooler peering through the Goldman’s windows.

    Thats so very funny, and soooo very fitting in this case, I’m sure!!

  61. By Guess Who Tommy?
    On June 15, 2012 at

    I knew Tom in High school. He’s a cross dressing liar and a thief.

  62. By Tom/Tommy/T
    On June 15, 2012 at

    Bob Kardashian is best friends with sociopathic wife beater. Bob injects himself into ugly crime to get face time in front of cameras because his wife is doing infomercial ripping off gullible sheeple like muffintop ,patty ,and walt with the worthless thighmaster. Kris Jenner and Bob both knew of continueing abuse of the lovely Nicole yet did nothing to stop it. Yet after the murder they are front row center famewhores. Nicole predicts people in her circle will sell her out after her murder and have money thrown at them left and right long after. Kris Jenner tells reporters in 1995 it is her amition to have her own television show. E Channel has nonstop trial coverage which continues for a full decade after the murders. Ryan Seacrest makes a fortune playing the same Oj footage over and over. Oj goes to jail. With Oj out of the way Ryan and Kris put their plan to profit on their murder notoriety into effect. First, they have Kim their prostitute daughter perform in nasty porn movie, and sell it to Vivid Next they produce a reality show which initially relies heavily on the murder for buzz. Having found an audience of low brow and stupid sheeple they begin to fleece these fools with every scam possible from 40$ t-shirts to predatory debit cards. The whore media gets in on the action because it’s all about ratings baby. The whole pack of thieves are wealthy yet have produced no art, or cotributed to the betterment of society. Kanye gets in on the action. Kanye dont care about white people anyhow.

  63. By Denise
    On June 15, 2012 at


  64. By t
    On June 15, 2012 at

    Denise, Go buy some quik trim.

  65. By Everyone
    On June 15, 2012 at

    Nobody reads your drivel crack head.

  66. By Patrick
    On June 15, 2012 at

    I had an assgasm when Ray put it in Kim’s ass!

  67. By Muffie
    On June 15, 2012 at

    I’ll kill you you motherfucker cunt cocksucker!

  68. By Muffie
    On June 15, 2012 at

    Okay, who’s the freak that posted my name above?! Get a life loser! Anyone who reads posts here on a regular basis, knows I would ever say such a horrible thing.

    That you Tommy/Homo/freakboy?

  69. By Walt Cliff - God is Good!
    On June 15, 2012 at



  70. By muffie
    On June 15, 2012 at

    And furthermore,there is nothing wrong with two people pissing in each other’s mouth if they’re in love, freakboy!


  71. By anonymouse
    On June 15, 2012 at

    Tom you cease to be amusing, creepy and desperate yes, witty and informed not so much.

    You’re more tedious than Strom, which in itself is quite an achievement.

    Calm down, your crazy is showing…

  72. By Muffie
    On June 15, 2012 at

    Tommy BOY!

    I see you must be reading my regular posts and trying to copy my writing style.

    “And furthermore,there is nothing wrong with two people pissing in each other’s mouth if they’re in love, freakboy!

    One problem with your post. I have an I-Pad that self corrects. Freakboy is auto-corrected to freak boy. Nice try though, freak boy!

  73. By Muffie
    On June 15, 2012 at

    Now Tommy BOY, go out and find yourself some hot, juicy, tanned, blonde, stud muffin and leave us alone. Shoo now!

  74. By Patrick
    On June 16, 2012 at

    Ignore the sick troll.

  75. By Denise
    On June 16, 2012 at

    What Patrick said.

  76. By Strom
    On June 17, 2012 at

    whew,,,but you see why JC runs the Kardashian threads….lots of posts and views = $$$$ in her purse!

    Looks like the call center imposter is now targeting some others…not much fun is it. Send him off to Gay Island!

    Kayne and racial justice…please give us a break..his racial justice is finding a white to say …yes!

  77. By Strom
    On June 18, 2012 at

    Aazing 80 posts on this scuzzie

  78. By yoyo
    On June 18, 2012 at

    These Kartrashians are the same circus with different clowns. When will they learn no one really cares what they do & I’m still trying to figure out exactly that.

  79. By Walter Cliff
    On June 19, 2012 at

    I had asked Janet to please remove my name from the false postings and she hasn’t (at least not yet).

    I don’t appreciate my name being associated with such filth.


    I did NOT post the following three comments above.

    By Walt Cliff
    On June 15, 2012

    Kim K. Superstar was a raunchy porn movie. I touched myself. Im going to hell

    By Walt Cliff
    On June 15, 2012

    You read it pinhead

    By Walt Cliff
    On June 15, 2012

    Kim k.- “Im cumming Ray”


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