Kanye West has been educating and immersing himself in modern design, architecture, and fashion, thanks to friends in Europe and Wallpaper magazine. He shops at Barneys and isn’t afraid to wear skirts. Black, white, and cream are the only colors he wants to see in his world. He is now horrified by the tacky 11 million dollar mediterranean McMansion in Bel Air he bought with Kim, so he’s completely renovating the interior. (They’re living in a rental near her mom for now.) Kanye wants North to reflect his sleek understated style so the little girl is dressed only in black, white, or cream. No pink. The nursery will be done in navy, black and white.


Posted by Janet on September 4, 2013

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  1. By JimJam
    On September 4, 2013 at

    What a complete and utter dick this man is. Once a pillock always a pillock!

  2. By MissEva
    On September 4, 2013 at

    What an absolutely adorable baby!! I’m no fan of her parents, but I think the black is very chic!

  3. By CoCo
    On September 4, 2013 at

    Guess which baby will never get to have any fun?!

    Doesn’t Kanye know that the antithesis to cool is trying too hard?

    Kanye must be racist; he hates colour! 😉

  4. By Paula
    On September 4, 2013 at

    These idiot’s are f**king idiot’s! Baby is ugly .

  5. By palermo
    On September 4, 2013 at

    and yet he always looks like he shops at Walmart to me, including his weird necklaces; I thought they were living WITH Pimp Granny?

  6. By abe
    On September 4, 2013 at

    this is absolutely true.
    …………..HIS SPERM WAS INDEED “Black”.

  7. By mishmash
    On September 4, 2013 at

    He is so full of crap. They are made for each, talentless and delusional. That poor kid doesn’t stand a chance.

  8. By Paula is a dick
    On September 4, 2013 at

    Paula you prick. You’re ugly as hell. Jealous bitch! Lol

  9. By xyz
    On September 5, 2013 at


  10. By xyz
    On September 5, 2013 at

    @Paula is a dick – TRUTH HURTS, MORON?

  11. By Paula
    On September 5, 2013 at

    I don’t care! Just my opinion. I think the baby is ugly, just like them. They are ugly. I’m not jealous of them, there is nothing there to be jealous of. Souless , disgusting, ugly people, shoved in our faces. Now we have to look at the ugly kid too!

  12. By Paula
    On September 5, 2013 at

    @ Paula is a dick-Is that you kim? lol

  13. By Paula is a dick
    On September 5, 2013 at

    @xyz you’re another ugly bastard in need of a nose job lol.

  14. By Kris
    On September 5, 2013 at

    The baby is gorgeous. Some of you wish to have given birth to such a beautiful baby. She’s a real beauty.

  15. By Paula
    On September 5, 2013 at

    Yeah right!!

  16. By Bo
    On September 5, 2013 at

    The child is a bastard! She will be stigmatized for life. Her mother took a stream to the face, filmed it, and marketed it. CLASSY!

  17. By georgie
    On September 5, 2013 at

    That poor kid. What a creeptastic life it is in for. Colors affect your life and how your personality turns out. Imagine being raised in a black and white world? And dressing a baby girl in black? The parents are morons not to let their kid have a shot at a normal fun life.

    And while I think the baby is very cute, I don’t think its a naturally beautiful. Honestly I think it looks just like kw, has his unfortunate shape of face. I’m sure kk will be ready to hire the plastic surgeons to alter the poor kids face as soon as its older. I don’t think the parents will last together for very long. This was clearly an arrangement for publicity.

  18. By Paula is a dick
    On September 5, 2013 at

    You can bet your last million either Paula’s an old maid no man wanted to marry or some desperate guy impregnated her and she’s stuck looking at her ugly kids for life . Paula married a man who looks like a frog. She had three baby toads.

  19. By Patrick
    On September 5, 2013 at

    How can anyone call an innocent baby ugly?

  20. By JimJam
    On September 5, 2013 at

    No prob with the baby… he has no idea that his parents are scumbags…BUT scumbags they are!
    I cannot imagine growing up with the knowledge that Mummy has a vid out there of her taking it up the Kyber …. Yuk!
    Ugh! Vomit!

  21. By Lola Lisa
    On September 5, 2013 at

    There really should be law against name-calling babies. The FBI should be interested to track you down and lock you up. What did that baby do to you? You need a steady diet of rotten baloney sandwiches and water for 90 long days to think about why you feel the need to verbally attack an INFANT! I thought white men were racist. Ugly white women are even most racist. That’s why Janet Charlton comes up with pics to incite racist comments on her unpopular blog. Your comment against an innocent newborn really shows you are a sick adult and should be locked up in solitary confinement for three months. You should be forced to think about what got you there. If you feel a need to attack babies, you are criminal. I have a dream one day ugly white women will be locked up for hate crimes against babies!

  22. By Paula
    On September 6, 2013 at

    I really don’t care! It’s my opinion. Say all you want to say, the kid is ugly!

  23. By Noblecascade
    On September 6, 2013 at

    this guy is a freak.

  24. By Lola Lisa
    On September 6, 2013 at

    No Paula. You’re ugly. Not the baby. If only we could see your ugly face. It’s the truth and you know it.

  25. By Dawn
    On September 6, 2013 at

    Kanye West and Kim KrapTrashian are truly awful and vile people. Neither of them possesses any true talent. That poor little girl is going to be so messed up thanks to these two idiots, first by naming her North and yes North is only a direction and Kanye doesn’t get to change the meaning and then calling her seaweed for short as in Nori. In fact every time you type North, spell checker wants to lower case the N. And now Kanye has Kim filling her lips, dying her hair blond and trying to make her look like Beyoncé. I simply can’t wait for Eminem’s new CD to come out and in November and watch Kanye West go into a delusional rant when he out sells West’s last CD, I don’t believe he sold a million copies yet. And poor North has to now go on tour with her mentally and emotionally stunted parents. Yep, he’s doing his North American (not to be confused with North West) tour. Hope the dickweed goes broke. Both he Kimmode are jokes in the highest degree.

  26. By Denise
    On September 7, 2013 at

    The baby is adorable. And look, she’s already reaching out for someone to help her.

  27. By missyco
    On September 8, 2013 at

    The baby is reaching for a shave! Already has the five o clock going…
    Just kidding.

  28. By Paula
    On September 8, 2013 at

    Ugly kid!

  29. By Paula
    On September 10, 2013 at



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