Despite the success of his album Yeezus, Kanye West is increasingly irritated that his baby North is all anyone asks him about. The more he publicizes his album the more baby questions he has to endure. Of course, he’s crazy about his little girl, but she’s upstaging him in a big way. Kim and Kanye turned DOWN a 3 million dollar offer from an Australian magazine for exclusive baby photos. North could be worth more than Kanye’s music! Kris Jenner must be grinding her teeth at the THOUGHT of turning down that much money, and it indicated that the baby will probably NOT be debuting on her new talk show.


Posted by Janet on July 2, 2013

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  1. By Pippa Martin-St. Onge
    On July 2, 2013 at

    What complete and total rubbish, this story and the subjects within it.

  2. By sandy
    On July 2, 2013 at

    When u named ur baby “North” — u asked for it. There’s no reason to give u attention.

  3. By Tangledfan
    On July 2, 2013 at

    He is one totally hideous human being.

  4. By eab
    On July 2, 2013 at

    what is there to say?
    ……………BLACK FOOL?

  5. By Black Beauty
    On July 2, 2013 at

    @EAB, you are apparently a WHITE a s s hole. Keep your racist comments to yourself. While I will agree that Kanye West should win the ego maniac fool award, he is exactly what Kim Kartrashian deserves for the rest of her life. Her baby daddy is a devil worshipper. Since Kim could never find a cure for her obsession with the black male genitalia, she’ll pay the price for having an illegitimate child with the worst control freak in the world. Kanye West is a complete idiot. He sold his soul to Satan and looks just like him.

  6. By right
    On July 2, 2013 at

    Kayne has gotta be a flaming homo the way he acts. Additionally, i doubt they were offered 3 million and turned it down. This from a girl who was pee’d on, then went A to M in a video. She has no shame. The entire family is vile.

  7. By xyz
    On July 3, 2013 at

    @Black Beauty
    1. Blacks and Jews are the most racist ppl ever. No need to detail and explain.
    2. There is no god, nor satan

  8. By diva
    On July 3, 2013 at

    They said they turned down money for pics for NOW. They will sell out to a higher bidder later. Wow what saints

  9. By palermo
    On July 3, 2013 at

    Magazines have to be stupid to pay that much money, with the internet there is no way to keep photos private any longer, we can all see the little kid for free, why pay for the privilege. I have zero interest in seeing their kid, I can’t stand either one of them, only feel pity for this baby. She will be rich but lacking the unselfish love from caring parents. These two morons can’t stop talking/thinking only about themselves, always.

  10. By Paul
    On July 3, 2013 at

    Circus freaks!

  11. By Paul
    On July 3, 2013 at

    I’m not trying to be mean but that girl’s momma is a common whore.

  12. By Noblecascade
    On July 3, 2013 at

    this bunch is trash, plain and simple.

  13. By Dawn
    On July 3, 2013 at

    No one has offered these two twits 3 million dollars for their daughter’s pictures. Kimmode would have jumped on it like white on rice. Just more lies from the KrapTrashian family. And as for Kanye he keeps wanting his cake and to eat it too. You don’t get to be with the biggest famewhores in the U.S. and not expect to get asked questions about them and your new daughter. Grow up Kanye. Once you bring a child into the world it STOPS being about YOU and starts being ABOUT them. The cat is 36 years old and acts like a spoiled boy of 15. Damn he needs to grow up.

  14. By naturegirl
    On July 3, 2013 at


    LET’S NOT!!!!!

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