We can’t imagine why anybody wouldn’t like Taylor Swift. Sometimes it seems like this 22 year old can do no wrong. The six-time Grammy winner (Kanye tried to take her VMA award away) bent over backwards signing autographs and posing for fan photos outside the BBC Studios in London. Her new album “Red,” coming out October 22, is expected to be a huge hit. She’s missing her boyfriend Conor Kennedy, 18, who’s back home in the US finishing high school.

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Posted by Janet on October 7, 2012

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  1. By Pippa Martin-St. Onge
    On October 7, 2012 at

    If you like a Corporately created image and a MOR Country/Pop sound you’ll love Taylor. If you know and love real music, you’ll likely give her a pass.

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  3. By the beach club
    On October 7, 2012 at

    well, alot of white boy’s are dreaming about the black c*ck of kanye west!!

  4. By Dragonfly
    On October 8, 2012 at

    She is a year or so away from a full on Britney Spears meltdown. Crashing the wedding and buying a house to be near an 18 year old boy she knew for a week at the time is pretty disturbing. I would say she can do wrong.

  5. By Strom
    On October 8, 2012 at

    The BLACK man has no interest in a skinny girl like this with a correct vocabulary….he must have a wide ass, (preferably white), ghetto dress, body piercing and tatts, and screeching eubonics in song or conversation. Otherwise he can’t relate or understand.

    Obama wants to keep it exactly that way, too.

  6. By Christine India
    On October 8, 2012 at

    Poisonally, I can’t stand either one of them.

    Kanye is a swaggering, self-absorbed pig. He is a total gross-out, but he continues to think he is IT on a stick.

    Taylor is crazy for wanting to become a Kennedy and for seducing this barely 18-year old boy. She has had so many different men and is very experienced, it’s like she must be 30 years old now, instead of 22. If she lands the 18 year old boy, the Kennedy curse is awaiting her.

  7. By E
    On October 8, 2012 at

    I live in Nashville and have a few friends who know her personally. They say she’s a trouble maker and crazy. My best friends husband used to work at her label. Her dad came in every single day threatening them for not promoting her enough.

  8. By yoyo
    On October 8, 2012 at

    I can’t understand the appeal of them both. Dumb & Dumber 2.0 version.

  9. By Kitty
    On October 8, 2012 at

    I agree with just about everybody here. I hate Kanye West and I don’t understand her appeal either!

  10. By Shelby
    On October 8, 2012 at

    Of course Kanye can’t understand! It isn’t about him! Taylor can write circles around Kanye, as far as songs, and she has talent. He does not. Also, you can actually understand what Taylor is saying when she sings. I think he and that useless slut Kim Kardashian are a perfect match. Both belong in a dumpster somewhere.

  11. By Denise
    On October 8, 2012 at

    You understand her appeal if you’re a girl age 18 and under. She also interacts with her fans in a way that makes her approachable and she appears genuine.

    On the other hand, you have Kanye West…

  12. By palermo
    On October 8, 2012 at

    He is completely without talent. All of her songs sound exactly the same. I thought she was a sweet girl until I started reading more about her, just the fact that a grown woman is fooling with a high school kid, and a dumb one at that, why is he still a junior, shows her utter immaturity or conniving personality, probably both. He has a curfew, and lives on his Dad’s money, plus I’m sure their conversations are so stimulating, lots of burping and farting and talking about video games.

  13. By Paula
    On October 8, 2012 at

    I don’t either! I don’t see what he has either! YUK!

  14. By carrie
    On October 8, 2012 at

    Kanye is talented and Taylor looks kind with the fans but she’s a few creepy for me

  15. By susieserb
    On October 8, 2012 at

    I don’t like KW but he’s right about THIS opinion.

  16. By dandilion
    On October 8, 2012 at

    Self centered.. brain numb with out a moral clue people don’t understand polite, decent and kind.. what’s in it for them after all?

  17. By Strom
    On October 8, 2012 at

    “The BLACK man has no interest in a skinny girl like this with a correct vocabulary…. ”

    and apparently the WHITE man doesn’t quite grasp the whole syntax thingy ….

    Strom, your critique of another’s diction, is akin to a pig discussing sub-atomic particle theory, in a word, absurd.

  18. By Strom
    On October 8, 2012 at

    ya, I know, sometimes all of me’s are stupids.

  19. By Strom
    On October 9, 2012 at

    Poor little imposter, he did two little posts so really got his funnies.

  20. By walt cliff
    On October 9, 2012 at

    She has beautiful voice and she speaks to those in her generation (She is only 22.)The skirt and sweater is refreshingly pretty.

    She’s not buying a house near the Kennedy’s. That’s another rumor. Literally, most of the people she has been linked to she has never actually romanticly dated them. It is publicity only.

    I think her and the Kennedy guy are cute together. He’s just 18 so this is just a short lived fling. I don’t think SHE would be corrupting him. Do you think a good looking kid like that hadn’t ever had a date or girlfriend?

  21. By Sandy C.
    On October 9, 2012 at

    Taylor Swift is posing with fans because she is an attention whore, period. Her new “hit song” stinks. She can barely put two sentences together. And when moving in on the Schwarzenegger kid didn’t work, she attached herself to the son of a Kennedy who’s mother had been driven to commit suicide by hanging TWO MONTHS BEFORE! Taylor Swift is a stalker.

    Why are you promoting her?

  22. By dark sided
    On October 11, 2012 at

    I don’t like her.She is very weird and funny looking.

  23. By Strom
    On October 11, 2012 at

    Kim K?

    By dark sided
    On October 11, 2012 at

    I don’t like her.She is very weird and funny looking.


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