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Keanu Reeves just arrived at LAX on a flight from Canada looking immaculately groomed compared to his usual bearded, scruffy self. His presence caused a lot of excitement among other travelers. He’s got this look because he just finished filming a remake of the 50’s sci-fi movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still. Keanu plays the role of the alien originated by Michael Rennie. We wish we could see what magazines he’s carrying.


Posted by hoodlum on March 14, 2008

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  1. By Anonymous
    On March 14, 2008 at

    the one in the front is last week’s New Yorker.

  2. By Anonymous
    On March 14, 2008 at

    Yeah, but who’s the guy next to Keanu?

  3. By X
    On March 14, 2008 at

    i liked that movie! and is that other guy his boyfriend?

  4. By X
    On March 14, 2008 at

    i liked that movie! and is that other guy his boyfriend?

  5. By Prince Von Ahole
    On March 14, 2008 at

    Keanu is a well known homosexual in Canada.

  6. By Love Keanu
    On March 14, 2008 at

    Keanu’s lookin’ fine!

  7. By Margo Channing
    On March 15, 2008 at

    Bangin’ hot.

  8. By gerard Vandenberg
    On March 15, 2008 at


  9. By GORT
    On March 15, 2008 at

    Klaatu barada nikto.

  10. By Anonymous
    On March 15, 2008 at

    His boyfriend looks a lot like him.

  11. By Anonymous
    On March 15, 2008 at

    I hung out with him for a week on the set of Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey…he was a cool guy and a pussy hound. If he turned gay, more power to him and a tube of hemorrhoid cream on me, but he was straight when I knew him.

  12. By Anonymous
    On March 15, 2008 at

    2:04 – Er, how do you know he was a “pussy hound” when you knew him? Did he actually have sex with a girl in front of you , ’cause y’know standing around talking about hot girls ” Duh, I’d do her!” is a lot different from actually being straight. Just ask any of the millions of closeted or once closeted guys who have done that exact same thing, especially when the eyes of thw world are focused on them. ???

  13. By Anonymous
    On March 15, 2008 at

    Dear 4 fifty-theven,
    It was more like ” Duh, I did her!” (you know how dumb us straight guys are) I knew 2 girls who were seeing him in his trailer for more than acting lessons and he also asked the girl I was seeing for her number…If he came out of the closet since then, it’s news to me and I still wouldn’t care. He’s a great cat. I’m sure you know a “friend” who knows a “friend” who knows all about his gay life with David Geffen and the USC football team, so you have nothing to worry about.

  14. By Anonymous
    On March 16, 2008 at

    He’s not gay. Trust me.

  15. By delilah
    On March 16, 2008 at

    He does look hot, but a little skinny, no?! I’d like to feed him a nice meal !

  16. By Anonymous
    On March 16, 2008 at

    I’ve always thought he was hot. But I agree he would look good with a few extra pounds on his lean frame.

  17. By Anonymous
    On March 16, 2008 at

    oh please, SO not gay.

  18. By Anonymous
    On March 16, 2008 at

    Keanu was making a film here in Vancouver and while in a VIP room at a local steak and cocktail restaurant, two guys were shot to death outside the place and police had to rush Keanu outta there!

  19. By sparkle
    On March 16, 2008 at

    I always hated the expression..’so and so cleans up nicely’. It is just irritating.

  20. By Anonymous
    On March 16, 2008 at

    Keanu is a doll.
    That guy is a fan he met at the airport.
    He’s reading the New Yorker and Vanity Fair.

  21. By ruby big boobs
    On March 16, 2008 at

    Keanus not gay. You must be kidding! He is a known pussy hound. I dont know how all of these gay rumours got started,except for the fact that he is very tolerant, cool, and doesnt mind having friends of all types. You know, the way everyone should be? He does look really good, like beautiful good. Lots of guys are just jealous cause he is so goodlooking! He is a nice guy. The weird part is, on the tmz video, keanu is seen doing a double take at some hot blonde chick! Yet this gets to be the famous shot of him at the airport. Certain agenda, I would say so.

  22. By anony
    On March 16, 2008 at

    I always hear rumour that keanu has 2 women in his trailer, on sets, sometimes. Whats up with that? Well, if you’ve got it like that! More power to him.

  23. By Sassi
    On March 17, 2008 at

    I always admired Keanu for taking care of his sister Kim who has lukemia. He has paid her doctor bills and taken her on vacations. He should be careful with all his ‘romancing’…Sex diseases strike the rich, famous, poor, black, white. He needs to settle down with one who understands his love and dedication to Kim.

  24. By Cream on top
    On March 17, 2008 at

    He looks thin and kind of pale. This is not a great pic of him…maybe he got airsick and had to use the barf bag. Who is the guy looking lovingly at him? Gay, straight, gay, straight? Give it up, you cannot figure out a celeb. They cannot figure themselves out half the time, because they live in a fantasy-lala-land.

  25. By Corey
    On March 18, 2008 at

    Oh my good…Doesn’t this guy ever change his outfit..I sat across from him on a flight from LAX to NYC in October.He was traveling with his boyfriend, a very effeminate looking guy..they drank wine and seemed to enjoy each others company..He is very lean..he wore a sport jacket, and the same jeans and boots 5 months ago..time to get a new wardrobe..but he is a nice guy…

  26. By maroon
    On October 21, 2008 at

    Man!it’s not his boyfriend!i saw the video where he comes at LAX and a lot of people were coming and asking for photos and that one is also his fan, he was walking near with him and talking(perhaps about last films)))


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