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Kendra Wilkinson has been having a tough time since she gave birth to her son Hank Jr, last December. The former star of “The Girls Next Door” admits she had post-partum depression after the baby came, partly because she moved to Indianapolis where her husband Hank Baskett plays ball, and she felt isolated. (And BORED too, we’re guessing.) To cheer herself up, she high-tailed it back to Hollywood where she dressed up and attended a pre-Oscar party at Beso.


Posted by Janet on March 6, 2010

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  1. By Malario
    On March 6, 2010 at

    That’s funny because the dumb coont said in her reality tv show that she loved INDY. But then again, there is nothing REAL about reality tv. It’s as scripted as anything else on tv,

  2. By Palermo
    On March 6, 2010 at

    Boo hoo for her. She married a rich famous person and has a gorgeous home and new baby. Who wants to bet she will mess up the whole thing?

  3. By logic
    On March 6, 2010 at

    Is that a rosary she has around your skanky neck?

  4. By vswilson
    On March 6, 2010 at

    Some people will never be satisfied with what they are “blessed” to have.For years,
    Kendra lived with other women while pursuing the same(older)man.Along comes Hank,who she
    appeared to be oh so passionate in love(lust)
    with.They got the marriage at The Playboy mansion with Hugh Hefner’s blessing.In the next breath,Kendra and Hank are expecting,she
    is in every magazine imaginable talking how happy she is and can not wait to be a mommy.
    Along comes the bundle of joy,and the happy parents are promoting their happiness about being parents.Cutting to the chase:Kendra promoting losing weight in a few weeks,and now she is oh so bored with living in Indiana. She misses her glamorous life that she had in California,and now we learn that she had been fighting depression,and now that she is still a newly-wed and a new mother,she
    can not adapt to her new Unglamourous life.
    Kendra may have her own wealth which is good,and something for her to be proud of,but
    for Hank Baskett (provider and famed football
    player)and Kendra’s in-laws,I can easily believe to them she is no longer considered
    to be a “prize catch”.Now I am all for a night on the town, but with that outfit,
    Kendra is dressed to be looked at and hit on.
    I am in agreement with my co-writer,at the rate that Kendra is going, she is on her way to messing up a good thing.

  5. By hell0
    On March 6, 2010 at

    She looks like a disco ball with that dress on and I do mean ball. Wear a girdle Kendra.

  6. By Reta
    On March 6, 2010 at

    Yes, she still has the baby belly bloat showing under that way too short and revealing dress for a newlywed and new mother. She DOES look like a single woman out on the prowl, showing off the goods and advertising what she has to offer. Not very smart for a married Lady”, but I guess it’s not so bad for one of Hef’s throw-off’s!

  7. By strom
    On March 6, 2010 at

    Hubby is glad for her to go so he can prowl too. Won’t be any different than Tiger and others who were after a white girl for show and found one without too much for brains.

  8. By Dieter Shumacher-Berlin
    On March 7, 2010 at

    Janet, I’m not sure you are aware of this but America has lost interest in this filthy sperm receptacle. Once a prostitute gets knocked up the tricks are nowhere to be found.

  9. By Bettye Bluejay
    On March 7, 2010 at

    So creative with the Hefty Large Size Garbage Bag!

  10. By dandy lion
    On March 7, 2010 at

    Once a whore, pretty much always a whore, regardless of the extra blessings you have been given. It’s in her genes to be a whore. It’s doubtful an exorcism would help, because she wants to be a party-girl weewee-crazy whore. Hank should get rid of her. Unless of course it lets him off the hook to do the same. This union won’t last.

  11. By vswilson
    On March 7, 2010 at

    For all the millions that Kendra has assess
    to,I wouldn’t want to be close to being her
    right now with the in-laws.Living in The Colts City in Indianapolis evidently is not enough for this woman who needs attention and glamour to feel value.I am all for a night on the town with friends in high places
    but at the end of the day,the security that your husband can offer outweights being depressed in Indianapolis.Along with The Colts and their families, Hank and Kendra may have started off being the “toast” of the town,but thanks to Miss Wilkerson, she has become “The Talk of the Town”. PEACE!!

  12. By Noblecascade
    On March 7, 2010 at

    she is way too fat for that outfit.

  13. By Patricia
    On March 7, 2010 at

    Your celeb gossip sure brings out the “rage” and feigned indignation in your readers, Janet!

  14. By twix
    On March 7, 2010 at

    wow some pretty hateful comments. once a whore always a whore. wow.

    you guys and gals are a barrel of fun. NOT.

    i don’t like kendra’s dress, but it does not reek WHORE and looking to get hit on… give me a break.

  15. By Reta
    On March 7, 2010 at

    Hey, “Twix”…nobody SAID they “hated” her, they just commented on the OBVIOUS in that she is a MARRIED woman with a new baby who should be home with her HUSBAND & CHILD and instead is out with her skanky friends, while wearing a trolling outfit that is nearly short enough to showcase the goods and her fake boobs are hanging out all over the place on top. This is NOT the picture of a happy newlywed and new mother, this is the picture of a skank out on the town looking to impress the locals with her plastic boobs and fake blonde hair. She needs to wait a few more months however, until she gets the baby fast off her stomach and tightens up. I feel bad for Hank, because he’s a real nice guy and he seems to be head over heels for this brainless skank. Too bad they brought another life into the picture so soon before he found out if she was in it for the long haul. She doesn’t appeal to be.

  16. By Dragonfly
    On March 7, 2010 at

    Didn’t they have her on a magazine in a bikini recently about how she lost the baby weight? I know they always use photoshop on covers but that picture above is a long way from a bikini body which I’m glad because I’m sick of the Heidi Klums who give birth and hit the runway.

  17. By biscuit
    On March 7, 2010 at


  18. By L'il Off Broadway
    On March 7, 2010 at

    TWIX said: She does not look like she is there looking to get hit on.

    OK, you are right. She is there to get a malted milk shake and to enquire of one of these lustful party-goers if they know of a nearby church she might attend.

  19. By Jasper's Goat
    On March 7, 2010 at

    TWIX: Read her bio on wikipedia: She has appeared in nudie movies, but worst of all she hooked up for a long time with the reprobate of all times, Hugh Hefner. I wonder if Hank did not take the time to research her extremely raunchy past. On the other hand, I wonder if Kendra know or cares that big name athlete stars are constantly surrounded by groupies willing to do anything for and with them. So maybe the two have an agreement such as the one M’onique has: open marriage.

    Here is a very old proverb:

    Marry in haste….repent in leisure.

  20. By Jasper's Goat
    On March 7, 2010 at

    @ Reta: You must have a degree in writing, because what you wrote was 100% correct.

  21. By MamaSan
    On March 7, 2010 at

    Anyone who has ever “BEEN WITH” the lowest of life, Hugh Hefner, in any shape form or fashion, has forever been branded. She is a whore, for want of a better and more forceful word.

  22. By denise
    On March 7, 2010 at

    did anyone notice she doesnt have her wedding rings on????

  23. By PoopieStryker
    On March 7, 2010 at

    Is the baby with Hank in Indy while mom goes on the prowl in Cali. Perhaps Hank needs to start to build up a case to get custody of his boy. You all know what happened to Sandra Bullock’s husband. He had a kid with a porn start and has been battling her ever since for her safety and wellbeing.

    Kendra really has no talent to speak of other than showing her boobs in just another silly reality show. If she wants to resume her pseudo celebrity status she may be risking her marriage. Also, Hank won’t be in the NFL for too long and that money will most likely fizzle. Very few NFL’ers know how to invest including marrying well. Hank, you may have some issues soon.

  24. By PoopieStryker
    On March 7, 2010 at

    Also message to all black pro athletes:

    Quit marrying white women unless you are really in love. These relationships are not happening by chance. No one buys it. It’s pathetic. I used to laugh at you guys, now I feel a little embarrass for laughing. It’s like laughing at someone who is mentally disabled.

  25. By hell0
    On March 7, 2010 at

    PS you are laughing at them because you think they are mentally disabled yet they laughing at and cuming all over the white girls and loving it.

  26. By Mad
    On March 7, 2010 at

    For any woman whose self esteem and sense of worth is wrapped up in their appearance, it is natural that she would try desperately to show that she’s still “got it”. I can’t imagine that Kendra would be out looking to hook up, but rather to try to prove to herself and to the world (that does not matter a rat’s ass) that she’s still a beautiful and desirable creature – by flaunting her body – because that’s all she knows.

    Let us wish her well, and to encourage her to find value in her role as a wife, mother, and human being. She has nothing to prove to anyone – she IS a person of value (as we all are). I just hope she comes to this knowledge before it’s too late.

  27. By PoopieStryker
    On March 7, 2010 at

    Take your mind out of the gutter H. I just think many black men have serious issues with the black women in their lives. Whatever the reason, it’s no laughing matter as it is no laughing matter in making fun at the disabled.

    I asked a friend what is this phenomena. When a white woman is willing to be with you because you are wealthy or have a great career and are worthy to marrying, then it is obvious that these dudes have self esteem issues and little self respect. I,m not suggesting that a black woman would not want those characteristics in a partner. But when these men choose white women exclusively, it is a form of self racism based on hate and then some.

  28. By Nan
    On March 7, 2010 at

    Kendra’s next season was mostly filmed in Indy. Too bad that Hank didn’t play that well, he was just waived by the Colts so it’s probably good that they moved to L.A.

  29. By captain america
    On March 8, 2010 at

    as long as these sort of americans join the limelights…………..THE UNITED STATES ARE DOOMED!!

  30. By Agent Ego
    On March 8, 2010 at

    She is a known former sex-worker who popped out the spawn of a millioniare baller.

    Her hubby appears to be on the down-low otherwise why would he want such a known former sex-worker.

    She is beyond tacky tasteless very trailer park.

    She still appears to have her ‘tom-boy’ ways.

    Her Mother was right.

    She blew her chance now she will be forever known as the former you know what with a baby by a black baller not that it’s a bad thing just the facts of life.

  31. By Lenny
    On March 8, 2010 at

    Poopie, that could br yes or that could be no. Here a thought, Asian women go after white men alot and people never say a thing. White men now are dating and marrying more black women than ever before. The people you seldom see marry outside of their race are hispanics and even they are known to marry whites and blacks. I met Kendra and Hank in Las Vegas last month and they are nice folks.

  32. By vswilson
    On March 8, 2010 at

    For years,Kendra had been priviledged to a carefree life living at the Playboy Mansion,not having to hang a curtain, or wash a dish.For years she was able to party night and day,with men and women,and had absolutely no responsibilities,and was getting well paid to work exclusively for the benefits of the camera.To now have to live in a city without the lights,the cameras,the action,is more that this “poor girl”can stand.Without all the activities that she was used to in LaLa Land,is like being placed in a whole new world far,far, away.I will say it again,the in-laws can not be too proud of this “prize” that Hank has brought into the family. Peace and quiet might be a wonderful dream for me and my co-writers,but to Kendra, being a wife, mother and homemaker is not her style, to her it is more of a “depressing nightmare”. Hopefully,
    after her “night on the town” she will come back home, and be able to adapt to the real world that we face everyday,and still know how to be happy in it!!!

  33. By pathetic
    On March 8, 2010 at

    oh boo hoo for kendra~ she has $$$, married more $$$$, had a baby, had a tummy tuck, has a nanny on notice, family support & oh, she;s so depressed!! what BS!!!! try living in the real world… my husband works 7 days a week (thank goodness has a job!) i am home alone with a small child 24/7, no help, no family near… there are days i feel i’m ready to lose my mind…. but i don’t complain. i have a beautiful son, a dedicated husband and the basics of our needs met…. that’s allright, i suppose… even while living in a 4000 sq. ft home BTW~ so,she’s better off than she would have been knocked up back @ the trailer park! count your blessings bitch, seriously!!! this kind of stuff irks the crap out of me…. pathetic~

  34. By twix
    On March 8, 2010 at

    “She needs to wait a few more months however, until she gets the baby fast off her stomach and tightens up.”

    wait for what? her dress is not flattering, but she can go out if she pleases baby fat and all. smh.

  35. By vswilson
    On March 8, 2010 at

    Kendra needs to toss that glad bag/hefty bathing suit that she is wearing into the nearest trash bin.

  36. By chi chi
    On March 8, 2010 at

    Cant we read about real celebs? Instead we have whores who screwed ancient old men, were said to be lesbians and then married idiot atlhetes who like fake tits. She isnt even goodlooking.

  37. By Reta
    On March 8, 2010 at

    I wonder if Hank ever envisions Hef’s wrinkled old leather dick in Kendra’s mouth as he’s kissing her? She’s SUCH a classy and intelligent (NOT) young woman with so much talent to offer the world (SUCKING IN ALL SHE DOES).

  38. By Michelle
    On March 23, 2010 at

    I think you are all being a little hard on Kendra.

    Regardless of her past, any person getting married, getting pregnant, moving across the country, husband losing job during pregnancy, moving again, and having a baby all with no family and friends in town is a lot of changes within a very short period of time. Some of these decisions where her choices and others were not. I don’t think people pick and choose the “baby blues” Yes…I think Kendra lived a life that few of us can imagine – but she was pretty true to herself – she was much more real than some of the others on the show. There is never any guessing what is on Kendra’s mind and she never pretended she was something that she wasn’t. Honestly, Kendra has matured quite a bit in the last year!

    She and Hank seem to have a lot of chemistry and they make each other laugh. They are both very hands on parents and they enjoy each other’s company. She has really come a long way!! I sincerely hope it works for them.

    The difference between Hollywood and reality is that fame comes with a price. When the average person has marital trouble, gains weight, has an arguement, is mad, sad, happy, glad it is not played out for the world to see. All of those feelings are very real whether you make a lot of money or not.


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