Look closely at this picture and you’ll see the new and improved Kevin Federline. Clubhounds have been surprised to see that he’s discarded his falling-down hip hop jeans for designer denims and ditched the oversize T shirts for cool jackets. His braids are long gone and he sports a close buzzcut. He’s actually well-groomed! He’s got the slick sophisticated look of a guy on the cover of a men’s magazine. Could splitting with Britney have improved his looks? Or did he clean up his act for the upcoming courtroom appearances? Nowadays when he walks into a club the girls buzz around like flies. But so far he’s still playing hard to get.


Posted by Janet on December 20, 2006

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  1. By Anonymous
    On December 20, 2006 at

    I don’t like the buzz cut. He actually looks really, really cute when his hair is longer(But not in dread locks.) I feel sorry for the poor guy. I admire his strength, being able to stay afloat of all the shit everyone’s trying to drown him in. It’s so vicious. A weaker person would have already committed suicide. So p…. flasher is divorcing him, so what. Maybe she was a bitch. I don’t think he deserves all this hatred.

  2. By Anonymous
    On December 20, 2006 at

    I wonder how much Janet was paid to write this. hahah

  3. By Anonymous
    On December 20, 2006 at

    The sad thing is that this looser is looking a hole hell of alot better than the ole wife. WTF?????? How wil KF feel when he is granted custod of the little ones?

  4. By Hedda Bopper
    On December 21, 2006 at

    Wow who would have ever thought kevin would look better than the trailer park ex?.While ol flappy lips is out with paris, Kevin went and took a bath.Nice change Kevin.Now if only someone could clean up Twittney.Hey Britney,loose lips sink ships,and yours sunk what was left of your career…….OYE VEY

  5. By Anonymous
    On December 21, 2006 at

    He’s lookin’ tons better. Maybe his ex could take some notes…

  6. By Anonymous
    On December 21, 2006 at

    wonder if he’s fathered any more kids in the last few weeks………..

  7. By Julie from Memphis
    On December 21, 2006 at

    Kevin, you are a handsome young man and go for it!!! Just remember… your children are worth more than anything this earth can offer and are a blessing to you.

  8. By Anonymous
    On December 21, 2006 at

    He is such a piece of trash. I truly find him repulsive.

  9. By Patrick
    On December 21, 2006 at

    Loose Lips Hedda!!!
    You old slapper you!
    Too funny.

  10. By Paulette
    On December 21, 2006 at

    He is white trash. Even clean, he looks dirty. Go back to your trailer trash park, Kevin.

  11. By Anonymous
    On December 21, 2006 at

    Wow – 3:34 – a bit bitter, are you?
    Get a life.

  12. By Patrick
    On December 22, 2006 at

    Hey 2:10. Your making it too obvious. You haven’t got a brain.
    Stick to your guitar thingy.
    And your hot Karls with tombone. lol

  13. By Hedda Bopper
    On December 24, 2006 at

    Oh Patrick Thank You.And Brittney does have big floppy loose lips,I bet you could park a car in there…….Oye Vey

  14. By Patrick
    On December 24, 2006 at

    Right Hedda.
    If you can find the keys, I can drive us outta here.
    lship,(laughing so hard I’m puking}
    Thanks Janet!

  15. By Anonymous
    On March 28, 2007 at

    He’s a total Fox….period.


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