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Kim Kardashian simply cannot get enough of HERSELF! She was photographed leaving the Laser Away beauty salon in Santa Monica carrying her cell phone which was busily retrieving Google alerts about HER! Kim wants to know EVERYTHING that’s said about her on the internet! Doesn’t she have better things to do with her time?


Posted by Janet on January 25, 2012

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  1. By missyco
    On January 25, 2012 at

    Her much used Birkin is looking as ratty as those hair extensions.

  2. By Walt Cliff
    On January 25, 2012 at

    Dammit Janet. Please quit printing her photo. If you have to write about her, please show a picture of a horse’s ass. Seriously, I dare you.

    In fact, anytime you feel the need to publish a note about the Kardashians, just publish a photo of a ass. Any kind of big ass will do….animal or person. Makes no difference to me.

  3. By Muffie
    On January 25, 2012 at

    I bet she’s even read some of the nasty hateful comments on this site!

  4. By Kitty
    On January 25, 2012 at

    LOL Walt! I totally agree-any old big ass will do. Maybe I can upload my horse’s big ass and she can use that.

  5. By Pippa Martin-St. Onge
    On January 25, 2012 at

    Americans can thank themselves for making this horrific Woman a celebrity.

  6. By Patrick
    On January 25, 2012 at

    Easy Walt, we ALL get a chance to pee on her eventually. She likes it.

  7. By tommy
    On January 25, 2012 at

    Kim, Ron and Nicole were good people. You are a human toilet. Eat shit and die you pig!

  8. By forrest gump
    On January 25, 2012 at

    ……………we all do.

  9. By cal
    On January 25, 2012 at

    Lol @ patrick.

  10. By Mel Zipskin
    On January 25, 2012 at

    Balding sexworker aka WHORE. Google alert THIS. I haven’t watched you on TV in years! My family boycotts products that you endorse. I would rather have Paris Herpes Hilton sit on my lap naked than seeing your WHORE face on the internet. Kindly DROP DEAD or at the very least TAKE A YEAR OFF you fat ass whore!

    In other words you SUCK BOTH WAYS.

  11. By Strom
    On January 26, 2012 at

    JC is having a Kardashian inspired orgasm so often it seems. She sees more posts which bring her more $$$$.

    There should always be a picture of a BLACK man with his meat in her with every picture.

  12. By CoCo
    On January 26, 2012 at

    I don’t think it’s a good idea to expose yourself to negative comments about you on the net. Not emotionally healthy to participate in that…

  13. By Denise
    On January 26, 2012 at

    I don’t understand why anyone with extensions would wear their hair up like that. It only serves to display the wreckage being done.

    Love the big ass photo idea, Walt.

  14. By Strom
    On January 26, 2012 at

    The truth is that KK is no hungrier for fame than J Lo but it shows that J Lo’s managers are able to go after only $$$$ instead of stupidity like mom Kardashian.

  15. By Dragonfly
    On January 26, 2012 at

    Why would she read this stuff when it’s almost all negative? The only non negative are the sites that ass kiss and never say anything bad. Maybe those are the updates she gets? I could not live with what people were saying about me if I were her.

  16. By Dawn
    On January 26, 2012 at

    Yeah I bet that isn’t all she likes to do to herself. What a pig of a human being. And it isn’t just American’s that made this whore famous and that is the sad part of it. She represents us all wherever she goes and she is a pig whore. So if the world would stop it we could rid ourselves of these fleas that hopped on for a ride and became millionaires off of one simply disgusting sex tape. Her mother is a slut and a cheater and happily admits it so why wouldn’t she grow up to sell herself to the highest bidder. Her money can keep her warm when the 20 something are done with her big ass. Can’t make it up and she is ugly from inside out. Sooner or later she will be so used up that no one with an ounce of class will touch her.

  17. By Strom
    On January 26, 2012 at

    No one is as hungry for BLACK cock than KK.

  18. By Palermo
    On January 26, 2012 at

    I think when she and her sisters have their hair up that’s when the extensions are out, look at how thin that ponytail is. Doesn’t she have something better to do with her time? Like what? I don’t call anything she does a job? She has no husband, no kids, no girlfriends really. She uses everybody and they use her. One day she will be like Heather or Demi, shocked that she’s 50 and unable to cope in the world that doesn’t revolve around her looks.

  19. By Indy
    On January 26, 2012 at

    Wow, serious man hands. They are so big that she doesn’t need a nut cracker for:



    Various and sundry other nuts.

  20. By Strom
    On January 26, 2012 at

    Does anyone know if OJ did her too? Wonder if she ever did any animals…like a BLACK Lab…..a picture would be worth a fortune.

  21. By The Hammer
    On January 26, 2012 at

    Sad that the only thing you care about is your name being mention so you have an alert for it. No talent is her real downfall.

  22. By MaryClaire
    On January 26, 2012 at

    rom! ALWAYS the one note wonder. Get a new rant. You are so depressingly predictable.

  23. By MaryClaire
    On January 26, 2012 at

    Typo. Above comment was meant to read STROM

  24. By Bluejay
    On January 26, 2012 at

    I’m with Walt on this–put a photo of a horse’s patootie instead of Kim’s.

    Indy, the hands that can crack nuts also goes for Madonna.

  25. By mish mash
    On January 26, 2012 at

    Man, what mitts she has.I thought she just had a big ass! The entire Kartrashians need to go away. Like yesterday.

  26. By Strom
    On January 27, 2012 at

    How can she even have a converstation without breaking into Eubonics and low grade street lingo. Amazing how much BLACK meat she has had and from so many.

  27. By jj
    On January 27, 2012 at




    Move to Mars please.

    Thanks 😀

    Think she read that?

  28. By Bluejay
    On January 28, 2012 at

    Kim’s starting to get jowly. Time for a tune-up at the plastic surgeon’s.


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