It’s shocking how little time it took for Kirstie Alley to turn against her friend Leah Remini. The actresses have been friends for years and Kirstie guest starred on a very funny episode of Leah’s sitcom “King of Queens” (above) in 2006. Leah did not make a big fuss out of leaving Scientology nor was she openly critical – she quietly slipped away. Of course, none of her Scientology friends are ever allowed to speak to her again. She is now an enemy of the church and apparently an enemy of Kirstie, who tweeted this vitriolic comment:
“When faced w malicious gossip I take a moment to experience the loss of the person I thought was my friend… Then I say f–k em..:) #RISE” Alley tweeted on Wednesday.
What kind of “religion” does this? If Kirstie Alley’s daughter left the church she would never see her mother again! The insanity of Scientology is staggering. It will be interesting to see if Jennifer Lopez remains friendly with Leah.


Posted by Janet on July 15, 2013

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  1. By Bu
    On July 15, 2013 at

    Jennifer will cut Leah out too. Jen was her best friend. So sad that a religion has such control over a persons life.

  2. By Hawk
    On July 15, 2013 at

    JLo is a scientologist?

  3. By Kitty
    On July 15, 2013 at

    It’s just an evil cult. Kirstie never has had good sense anyway.

  4. By Tippi
    On July 15, 2013 at

    Just read coS is gearing up website to expose Leah’s “secrets;” I am assuming whatever Leah said during her audits or interrogation or whatever they are called. How vile and disgusting this cult is. Leah seems to have a fan following, and hopefully this will backfire.

    Boycott Kirstie’s new show coming out!

  5. By Kitty
    On July 15, 2013 at

    Tippi, I have been boycotting that scientology idiot Kirstie for many, many years!

  6. By mama
    On July 15, 2013 at

    I’m now a Leah Remini fan. I have always found KA to be a loudmouthed, attention-getting, whore.

    Her “revelation” that Patrick Swayze wanted to have sex with her and marry her was shameless. What a slap in the face to his widow, Lisa Niemi.

    First I don’t believe much of KA’s story, and second, KA has probably embellished the “details” of his alleged infatuation with her. Even IF it really happened as she claims it did, why does she need to broadcast it when it hurts her friend (I assume Lisa is no longer taking KA phone calls).

  7. By mama
    On July 15, 2013 at

    The COS sucks and I applaud everyone who leaves. We will not keep their dirty little secrets any longer.

  8. By Christine India
    On July 15, 2013 at

    The Kirstie/Leah saga is peanuts compared to the fallout when Katie divorced big time SCI guy, the tiny Tommy Hitler. Katie’s life may be in danger and no doubt she is observed at all times by SCI goons.

    Which all goes to prove that those who become a Scientologist are totally and completely brain-washed idiots. Actually they should be considered pitiful to be so stupid giving the cult million$ to basically spill their guts in auditing sessions, which can be used against them if they decide to quit the cult. Beyond belief.

  9. By Shelby
    On July 15, 2013 at

    Kirstie has been brainwashed by that stupid band of retards at the CoS, so she was never Leah’s real friend to begin with. Leah’s so much better off without a wack job like Kirstie anyway. I lost all respect for Kirstie after her “claim” of an affair with Patrick Swayze. Funny it wasn’t revealed while he was still alive. What a complete loser she is.

  10. By Becca
    On July 15, 2013 at

    Everyone, please remember that Remini still believes in Dianetics, auditing & all of the rest of Hubbard’s BS, she’s only left the organized church, not its insane & idiotic beliefs.
    She’s just pissed that CO$ dictator, David Miscavige’s wife Shelly has been missing since 2007.

  11. By Denise
    On July 15, 2013 at

    I read she actually questioned the whereabouts of Miscavige’s wife and was subjected to interrogations and other COS “doings” which caused her to leave.

  12. By Denise
    On July 15, 2013 at

    Oh, and these are the times when people really find out who their friends are, and aren’t. A rude, but necessary, awakening.

  13. By Hello
    On July 15, 2013 at

    Did Kristie Alley eat her husband? Whatever happened to him?

  14. By Noblecascade
    On July 15, 2013 at

    that is sad.

  15. By Dick
    On July 15, 2013 at

    Yes it is sad that Kirstie Alley ate her husband.

  16. By Dick
    On July 15, 2013 at

    She was dumb enough to get married like so many others.

  17. By namers
    On July 15, 2013 at

    So naive to think that although she’s ‘saved’ from a cocaine addiction through COS; she simply substituted food as her drug. How come they haven’t helped her with that??

  18. By eab
    On July 15, 2013 at

    damn, she could lick like no other………..

  19. By xyz
    On July 16, 2013 at

    In this pic Leah looks like Kathleen Turner

  20. By Paula
    On July 16, 2013 at

    Kirstie is fat & ugly! Can’t stand her! I thought she was gay!

  21. By Jerry
    On July 18, 2013 at

    This is just plain dumb. It is definitely not a Christian religion. I say Leah is better off w/o them.


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