Men have been telling us WHY they think Kobe Bryant has been cheating on his wife Vanessa. Sometimes we seek a male opinion. More than one Kobe fan thinks that Kobe fell in love with a beautiful 17 year old Laker Girl (top photo) and impulsively married her against everyone’s advice. (His own family was totally against the marriage.) Teenage Vanessa seemed sweet, but had barely developed a personality yet. It was only after they wed that she matured and had two children. She didn’t look or act the same and Kobe realized she simply WASN’T the obedient little girl he married. Instead of trying to make the best of his situation, Kobe distracted himself with infidelity. That’s what happens when a wealthy powerful guy marries a teenager…she GROWS UP!


Posted by Janet on December 19, 2011

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  1. By Strom
    On December 19, 2011 at

    Vanessa has always been known as arrogant and very racist and is one more EEOC BLACK who has benefited from a rich husband. Kobe, has from the beginning putting his meat into anything and everything (usually white) who would allow it and is no different from Tiger, Tony Parker, or the husbands of Vanessa Williams. She will cash in big time on this but will still have even more of an attitude.

  2. By Mel Zipskin
    On December 19, 2011 at

    Dumb racist queen Vanessa is MEXICAN.

  3. By Muffie!!
    On December 19, 2011 at

    Wa-Wa-wee-Wa, what a knockout in the top photo!! She’s very pretty in the bottom photo as well, but you can see why he was so attracted to her.

    What a DICK! He stole her youth and tried to tarnish her dignity. She’s better off without this prick anyway. She needs to take 1/2 of his money and move immediately to Hawaii. She soooo deserves it every cent!

  4. By Strom
    On December 19, 2011 at

    Not true but being partially hispanic explains much….the Kobe’ster dropped his long term BLACK g/f in order to get between Vanessa’s willing legs and it worked out about like BLACK Tony and hispanic Eva!

    She is known for being a very spoilt, arrogant and anti-white!

  5. By Strom
    On December 19, 2011 at

    Little children are always the victims of poor parents who marry for the worng reasons. The top picture was what she used to lure BLACK Kobe away from his long time g/f.

  6. By lainabelle
    On December 19, 2011 at

    Are you sure that’s not Adianna Lima in the top photo? Sure looks more like her than the lady in the other photo.

  7. By Maria
    On December 19, 2011 at

    Um…. That is NOT Vanessa in the top picture. She was not a Laker girl. She was an extra in a music video, that’s how they met. I went to high school with her in Orange County. Epic reporting fail Janet!

  8. By Christine India
    On December 19, 2011 at

    @ lainabelle…I agree; the top pic does not look like Vanessa, more like Ms. Lima.

    I don’t think Vanessa is too broken up about the split. She was probably cheating too and the Kobemeister could care less. Needless to say, she will live in uber-luxury the rest of her life. The only worry is the two girls.

    BTW, it appears most all jocks are cheaters/sex addicts, (except Tebow).

  9. By Jaye
    On December 19, 2011 at

    That’s Adrianna Lima. Vanessa was not a Laker Girl.

  10. By Kitty
    On December 19, 2011 at

    I don’t blame her for leaving the cheating rapist. I hope she gets all that a hole’s money, too.

  11. By chris
    On December 19, 2011 at

    He had it coming.
    She put up with a lot for over a decade.

  12. By Pippa Martins-St. Onge
    On December 19, 2011 at

    I hope she takes him to the cleaners

  13. By Bunny Will
    On December 19, 2011 at

    Strom do you ever think before you write ? Really, it’s utter drivel

  14. By forrest gump
    On December 19, 2011 at

    she isn’t a virgin any longer, folks.

  15. By Junior J
    On December 19, 2011 at

    @ Strom,

    I wonder if he was, lets say – Larry Bird, would you describe him as WHITE Larry Bird ?

    I didn’t think so, you racist hypocrite. If Kobe was on a bus with you, you’d shuffle up, bend over and say pretty please.

  16. By Reta
    On December 19, 2011 at

    Hey “forrest” (Gerard) asshole, just really, WHAT in the HELL is that comment meant to accomplish?

  17. By punky
    On December 20, 2011 at

    No way no how is that top picture Vanessa Bryant. Really, Janet. If you can’t see that that’s a completely different person, you need to get out more.

  18. By Denise
    On December 20, 2011 at

    I thought they were about the same age. It seems like he’s been around for so long because he was drafted right out of high school. This story makes it sound like he robbed the cradle. BTW, I have no respect for either of them. She should have shoved that $4 million dollar ring up his arse after the rape case.

    I’ve also read stories in the sports section where it says she sits outside the locker room at home games with the 2 little girls waiting on him (more like to keep an eye on him). Who wants to live like that?

  19. By Nina
    On December 20, 2011 at

    That is the biggest crock of shit I have ever heard. If Kobe can’t stand to be married to a woman who (oh my GAWD!) might have an opinion that differs from his, he isn’t worth her time of day. What, because she won’t ask how high when he says jump, she deserves to be cheated on with God knows how many women? Oh. Yeah. That makes perfect sense. Whomever gave that opinion of why Kobe cheated is showing Kobe for the immature jerk he obviously is. Take him to the cleaners, Vanessa girl!

  20. By Strom
    On December 20, 2011 at

    It is known that V is an arrogant witch who has a chip on her shoulder concerning white people. Maybe because it is her hubby never screws around with other blacks and his preference is blondes!

    JC should be criticized for mixing up the babe in upper picture with large mouthed Vanessa in the lower one.

  21. By hello
    On December 20, 2011 at

    vanessa was a teenager in highschool when kobie got with her. her parents were going to call it rape so he married her.

  22. By Strom
    On December 20, 2011 at


  23. By truthfully
    On December 20, 2011 at

    THAT picture is NOT Vanessa, that is Adrian Lima


    GET it TOGETHER!!!

  24. By Bu
    On December 21, 2011 at

    The top photo is Not Vanessa!

  25. By Hello
    On December 21, 2011 at

    No sources because that news is over 10 years old.

  26. By Strom
    On December 21, 2011 at

    No sources = no story

    Kobe had an engagement with a long time BLACK g/f and then ran off as soon as Vanessa opened her legs. He didnt have the balls to fess up to the Philly g/f either. Look it up.

    BLACK women just dont seem to be able to hold their men…not long term anyway.

    Vanessa is known as a total bitch but maybe it is the $$$ in her eyes and Kobe’s lies!

  27. By Strom
    On December 21, 2011 at

    JC deserves much critism for posting the wrong picture.

  28. By dark sided
    On December 21, 2011 at

    C’mon,Janet!That’s not Vanessa in top pic,but A.Lima.

  29. By Ally
    On December 21, 2011 at

    That’s Adriana Lima!!!

  30. By fly on the wall
    On December 21, 2011 at

    Wow! If this is the same woman in the two photos, it is a perfect example of what the stress of living with a constant cheater/liar does to a woman’s appearance. Happiness shows from the inside out. I see a lot of sadness in the second picture.

  31. By Nadiadamit
    On December 24, 2011 at

    Adriana Lima in first pic~ She’s a supermodel… prob known more than Vanessa. She earned her own fame and money.☺

  32. By Alex
    On December 25, 2011 at

    Umm. .. Thats actually Adriana Lima u stupid haggard cunt. And Vanessa was never a laker girl she was a video model from Norwalk. U should know what your talking about Janet. Your already like days behind more popular sites atlrast when u FINALLY get the dirt have it be accurate lol your like sooooooo out of touch u irrelevant clit

  33. By vanessa
    On January 26, 2012 at

    Isn’t the top pic a Victoria secret model


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