The first week of Kris Jenner’s talk show pulled in enough viewers to keep producers happy, but don’t jump to conclusions. The curiosity factor drew a hefty audience but it’s actually the next few weeks that tell the tale. Ratings can drop off enormously if people watching didn’t have a favorable first impression. (We weren’t bowled over, were YOU?) We expect Kris to become more desperate as the weeks go by. Oh, and if you heard the rumor that Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are getting their OWN show, (heaven help us!) sources at E! say is isn’t true. Yet.

Posted by Janet on July 20, 2013

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  1. By Annie
    On July 20, 2013 at

    So when do I get my own talk show? They’re giving them to everybody else you can think of.

  2. By Black Beauty
    On July 20, 2013 at

    **ding dong**(doorbell) Who is it? Me. Who? Strom. Puddy cat? Just a minute! (opens door) Hello Strom. Need some excitement in my your life? I knew you couldn’t resist me. Come in. Do you like my sheer negligee? I’ll turn around. (slightly bends over) See? Do you like my thong? I have a firm, round, small, ass, don’t I? No gargantuan rear here. Do you like my luminous honey brown skin? Not a mark in sight. See? Relax, honey. I know you’re nervous the first time. This BLACK kitty got your tongue? Do you want to come and taste my sweet luscious lips?

  3. By palermo
    On July 20, 2013 at

    Thanking God that her show wasn’t available in my area … May it be ever thus

  4. By Gemma St. Cloud
    On July 20, 2013 at

    Who watches this rubbish?

  5. By Becca
    On July 20, 2013 at

    TMZ’s boss, Harvey Levin is scheduled to be a co-host in the next month.
    If Kanye is arrested & charged for his latest beating of a pap, I’ll be she cancels Harvey as co-host.
    He’ll ask far too many embarrassing questions.

  6. By right
    On July 20, 2013 at

    Garbage like this appeals to the lowest common denominator. I would never watch 1 second of this trash.

  7. By Strom
    On July 21, 2013 at

    Since Kris was happy to take OJ’s meat, and may have borne his child, why not have BLACK OJ as a guest?

  8. By Christine India
    On July 21, 2013 at

    Strom, if she could swing OJ as guest, this would be the one and only time I would watch it, as would many.

    Basically, Kris is not a pretty woman. All that plastic surgery made her look like a constipated feral cat.

  9. By Mingling
    On July 21, 2013 at

    She is just not a likeable person.

    Fire the executives who thought this was a good idea.

    There’s nothing worse than an old attention whore, that is long past their expiration date.

  10. By Lola Lisa
    On July 21, 2013 at

    This is a good indicator the show will not be airing long. Hooray! Once the show is cancelled, that’ll certainly deflate the huge ego of Kris Jenner. If that show is cancelled, it could negatively impact ratings for other Kuntrashian shows.

    Kanye will be facing criminal charges. Nobody touched him. He can’t aggressively touch anyone by law. Kris was foolish to invite a sharp lawyer to be a guest on the show anyway. She’s mistaken to think brown nosing would work with Harvey Levin. Kris is attempting to schmooze with Levin because she wants him to lay off targeting her family, which now includes the most hot-headed rapper of all time, lol.

    Koonye will be a nightmare for all those soul sellers to the devil for fame and fortune. This guy is a self-professed Satan worshipper who is tormented by the sacrifice of his deceased mother. I predict a tragedy.

  11. By Strom
    On July 21, 2013 at

    Like JLo, Kris has managed to convince sponsors she can make them money….television viewers should prove she cant…..simply don’t watch.

  12. By Lola Lisa
    On July 21, 2013 at

    Puddy cat, you love riding my tail, don’t you? When are you coming to see me? I am a master of disguise and seduction, lol.

  13. By Erin from
    On July 21, 2013 at

    eab, all your posts refer to some bodily function, really creepy. time to see your caseworker, oh and take your meds.

  14. By diva
    On July 22, 2013 at

    It will be off the air any minute. I know it would suck as soon as I saw the little heart over her name. Gag me.

  15. By Noblecascade
    On July 26, 2013 at

    E! channel should be renamed the K! channel. Those Kardashian’s are on all the damn time.


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    Is this openly gay TV personality who already suffered a painful loss, headed for another stay at heartbreak Hotel? He has a new YOUNG boyfriend and he’s doing everything he can to promote the lad’s career. But, BEHIND HIS BACK, the conniving cutie is having a fling with the personal trainer they both share! Our unsuspecting TV guy doesn’t have a clue because the hunky trainer has a green-card marriage and plays it straight.

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