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This is how lady Gaga dresses to do a RADIO show! Most radio guests show up in sweats without makeup, but Gaga gives DJ’s their money’s worth and then some at KIIS FM in this leopard frock. She stopped to wave to fans in the street as she made her way into the Burbank studio.


Posted by Janet on July 26, 2011

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  1. By Reta
    On July 26, 2011 at

    WHAT an ASS! I could have sewn something better than this in my 7th grade sewing class! Bet she got an “F” on this hideous bunch of strips of ugly fabic that looks like beach towel material. And those “Dallas” shoulderpads should be saved for her period!

    And, oh girl, we can see your nasty underwear again! I KNOW that was your intention, but we’re all sick of looking at them and besides panties are NOT a fashion statement. Stop trying so hard to knock Angelyne off her pink billboard honey, you’ll NEVER reach her level of saggy titted classiness!

  2. By pippa martins-st. onge
    On July 26, 2011 at

    This ‘artist’ is designed to appeal to 13 yr old suburban girls which hang out at the “mall”. That said, her music is complete and pure rubbish. Very ‘binworthy’ as in the Walmart $1.99 music and dvd bin.

  3. By Ivy
    On July 26, 2011 at

    Remember Janet, this IS LADY GAGA.. The bigger story would have been, a casually dressed down MISS LADY GAGA . Trust me no one wants to see a dressed down, boring, everyday average looking GAGA. So, YES this is how she must dress. After all this is LADY GAGA

  4. By Muffin
    On July 26, 2011 at

    This seems to be one of her tamer outfits, i must say. She is working for every cent she is earning. She also knows her fame is somewhat fading so she’s giving it all she’s got.

    Way to work it Gaga!!

  5. By the captain
    On July 26, 2011 at

    it are only californians who take her PATHETIC life serious?

  6. By Colin
    On July 27, 2011 at

    One word: Angelyne. That’s where she’s headed.

  7. By yoyo
    On July 27, 2011 at

    If she really believes she’s talented then she should stop hiding behind the curtains she seems to wear. Put some pants on gaga no one cares to see your unmentionables.

  8. By Seriously?
    On July 27, 2011 at

    What a bore.

  9. By Denise
    On July 27, 2011 at

    Love the shoes. I agree with Ivy. She stays in character 24/7.

  10. By Casonia Sade Logenberry
    On July 27, 2011 at

    This lovely lady loves attention..And she is getting what she wants and she often dress like no other person in this world and she is a great singer and wonderful dancer and she is like no other person on the planet.!!I really like her alot..Because she is down for anything and she will do anything once!

  11. By HollywoodWhoreClub
    On July 28, 2011 at

    Here’s another irritating whore that I hope goes the way of Amy Crackhouse. The media needs to start doing to her what they did to Paris Hilton and STOP giving her attention.

  12. By Casonia Sade Logenberry
    On July 28, 2011 at

    Lovely lady Ga Ga is all about attention and she seems happy and cheerful and has massive amounts of nice cloths and she never looks the same or dresses the same and she always has a smile and something nice to say and She seems mature above her years..I Like lady Ga Ga and she makes me want to go Yah Yah for Ga Ga Because to other people who struggle to come out and be themselves and create something you don’t see every day!

  13. By Reta
    On July 28, 2011 at

    Casonia, are you for real? I admit, 99.99% of the time I skip your rambling wierdnesses completely like I have learned to do with “the captain” as he has gone back to calling himself now. Either way, he’s pathetic, and not worth my time, so I see his name only and pass on by.

    Your name too does that to me but I read your bottom one here for some reason and I just have to ask if you are either five years old, or mentally challenged, or trying to put someone on with your rambling strangenesses? What a colossal waste of time writing all that nonsense is, altho, as I said, your last post made some sense, so congratulations on that one and try to keep that going if you keep posting and really want someone to READ your efforts!

  14. By Patrick
    On July 28, 2011 at

    Well done REta.
    You’re relating to a psycho.

  15. By Halfwayfool
    On July 30, 2011 at

    So I just came across this article after googling Lady Gaga, and I must say, you all sound like terribly unpleasant people. Oh and I’m pretty sure Lady Gaga didn’t sew this outfit herself.

  16. By Halfwayfool
    On July 31, 2011 at

    I must correct myself, it’s not that you all sound unpleasant, just one of the people posting a couple very offensive and rude comments. That’s very unbecoming to read, and I’m glad I have not had chance to know you in person.


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