If Lady Gaga looks like she’s getting skinnier – it’s because she definitely IS, and it’s no accident. She’s lost over ten pounds in the last few months and appears to be a size zero. Gaga recently hired a personal trainer to fine-tune her body into perfect shape. She’s in the habit of hiding her few figure flaws behind elaborate costumes and now she wants to tone down her personal style a bit and dress sexier. That’s why she’s been working out and watching her diet. Maybe that’s also why she collapses in exhaustion every once in awhile.


Posted by Janet on April 22, 2010

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  1. By Namers
    On April 23, 2010 at

    Stefanie, you slay me.

  2. By Li'l Off Broadway
    On April 23, 2010 at

    She evolved from a tadpole, so please go backwards.

  3. By Sally
    On April 23, 2010 at

    It’s not the diet that made her pass out. There’s is something so off about this woman. I can’t really put my finger on it. I’m tired of hearing about her supposed talent. What talent?

    She rips off David Bowie, Elton John, Madonna, and Klaus Nomi. There is nothing original about this woman. Some of her songs may be catchy, but it’s been done before. Also she is no way 23 years old. WTF???

  4. By clementine
    On April 23, 2010 at

    Janet, who paid you to write this? LOL. she’s doing what most in the entertainment industry are doing to lose weight. drugs!

  5. By Kait
    On April 23, 2010 at

    Such a vision of beauty and elegance.

  6. By Noblecascade
    On April 23, 2010 at

    something weird about her face…her eyebrows? I don’t know what it is but it is odd looking.

  7. By Jeff Gerard
    On April 23, 2010 at

    It’s too bad Gaga doesn’t have more faith in her music and talent. Those goofy costumes and look-at-me tactics make her a less serious musician. It’s distracting, silly, and boring.

  8. By captain america
    On April 23, 2010 at

    …………..believe me.

  9. By Reta
    On April 23, 2010 at

    Jeff, you are brilliant!!! My thoughts exactly and what I have been saying since this farce first appeared on the scene. To me, a REAL star relies on their TALENT and doesn’t need garish costumes or sideshow props to garner attention. These are just a means to get attention and buss because her “talent” is so actually low in comparison to her ability to act like a first class idiot clown.

    I’d like to see her stand up in a beautiful long gown, amazingly designed to showcase her body, not EXPOSE it, and sing a lovely song with only her VOIVE to get her thru a-la the beauties of old such as a Billie Holiday or one of the other fabulous torch singers who lit up the stange and the outer atmosphere with their enormous TALENT and beauty alone.

    GaGa is a colossal JOKE of the utmost degree. The sideshow is a calculated effort to pull off the old magician’s trick of sleight of hand and distraction, but I’ve been on to her from the beginning and she doesn’t fool me one little bit.

    And I also agree with the poster who questioned her young age. She looks MUCH older to me as well…well into her 30’s from the looks of her. All used up and no where to go but down.

  10. By Palermo
    On April 23, 2010 at

    Many of today’s singers can’t sing, and must rely on tons of “background” activity; be it dancers etc. If you stand Britney or Janet Jackson there alone with a mic, they stink. And that’s the truth.

  11. By Bettye Bluejay
    On April 23, 2010 at

    Her costumes are amazing and delightful to behold. Don’t know anything about her voice or talent, but there’s something definitely creative and original there.

  12. By Mad
    On April 23, 2010 at

    I think she’s fun, entertaining, and has a good voice. The costumes/props/songs are a package deal. Everyone doesn’t have to be Tracey Chapman. She reminds me of Elton John of the 70s. So, if you DON’T like her, listen to someone else! Whatev!

  13. By SebastianCanada
    On April 23, 2010 at

    Gaga knows her pop music history.

    In 1983 both Madonna and Cyndi Lauper broke onto the music scene, and Lauper was tapped to be the one with real talent and staying power. Within five years, Madonna was a superstar and Lauper was a footnote. Being the weirdo initially attracts attention, but after a while it starts to grate on the public.

    Gaga knows she must move on ASAP

  14. By Reta
    On April 23, 2010 at

    I”ll take Lauper over Madonna any day! Lauper actually CAN sing and still can, even a capella, which I have never heard Madonna do! I have actually BOUGHT Lauper’s music, but don’t have anything by Madonna who I consider just manufactured crap! GO CYNDI!

  15. By sunseeds777
    On April 23, 2010 at

    Gaga is just glitz. You guys are right about her and her fasion sense. pee u!

    What it is – is she got a whole lotta money and is thinking she ought to look like her act in her private life. Which if she had any brains she’d dress conservatively and not sexy. Hence, letting her girlfriends stand out in a crowd – if their pretty. She just be wise to look like an average gal from mid-america.

    Say – didn’t she work in a warehouse, once ?

  16. By Lenny
    On April 24, 2010 at

    The real problem with this chick is she very insecure with her looks and overall presents. I don’t listen to her music and don’t have a clue what she sounds like. I just know she dresses like a freak and that’s not good.

  17. By Malario
    On April 24, 2010 at

    THis fake coont put out an album prior to her signing up to be a circus clown. That album flopped. She and her management team are brilliant in the fact they decided to make her look like a fool to get attention. And guess what? It worked. It says a lot about her audience…that they are fools too. She’s going to the bank because she is attracting idiots who like pretty shiny things. Hodonna did it and Lady Gagme is following suit. While “we” do not like her, “we” realize America is full of morons.

  18. By Sally
    On April 24, 2010 at


    Her fan base is mostly gay guys who get hard ons for tranny looking messes. Gaga defines a hot tranny mess. She looks like the Simpson’s Mr. Burns in drag. Madonna has always been appealing; never weird just had her funky style. Gaga on the other hand is taking this from outer space crap too damn seriously.

    She’s a manufactured drug addict. It’s apparent in her mannerisms and the way she conducts herself in interviews. Those gay boys and outcasts like her so much because they can identify with her supposed self-created “weirdness.”

  19. By Reta
    On April 24, 2010 at

    Being a freak or “wierd” is nothing individual or unique contrary to what Gagme apparently believes. Copycats are a dime a dozen in entertainment biz and in reg life…just take a look at the baggy pants-ass hanging out look for instance. And they all claim “individuality”!!! Give me a break! When looking just like every other creep out there is considered showing how unique you are, I have had more than enough and am ready to go live in a cave to get away from all the nasty bare asses I’m subjected to on a daily basis, and this horrible creature who thinks she is something different, but is nothing but Cyndi Lauper/David Bowie/Madonna/Elton John etc’s used up old looks. It’s tired and past rediculous. Time for ACTUAL artists to rise to the top on REAL talent and SING and PERFORM LIVE and wow us with beautiful voices.
    Pink was BRILLIANT on the Grammy’s by the way. And Annie Lennox, k.d. lang, Leonard Cohen are a few of the actual SINGERS who have beautiful voices who don’t need gimmicks to blow you mind away! Talent will carry a real star forever, well after their death. Gimmick is only a flash in the pan and long after they are dead and gone no one will be talking about them, let alone listening to their “music”.

  20. By Walt
    On April 24, 2010 at

    I love her and her music. She’s pounding out one fabulous hit after another. She lives and breathes her music and her fans.

  21. By Malario
    On April 24, 2010 at

    If we want peace with the terrorists, we should all stone Lady Gagme to death! It’s the only way to stop the violence

  22. By Agent Ego
    On April 24, 2010 at

    Gag-A talks too much about being a former tweeker…what you think, you are.

    Was amusing and talented at first now she’s an annoying fame whore her pace is much too fast and her in-your-face outfits have become passe.

    Celebrity hyporcrite, she spoke of not becoming a video bimbo and claimed to want to influence girls and women to become “empowered” and love themselves-today she is an emanciated bleached blond vapid speaking “woman” who appears to be publicly “nodding” under the influence of drugs!


  23. By The laughing place
    On April 25, 2010 at

    “Collapses in exhaustion every once in awhile”. Perfectly normal……for an anorexic/or/druggie.

  24. By Judi Baugham
    On May 12, 2010 at

    I truly adore Lady Gaga with her unusual dresses although she really let herself down this time going out in see through undergarments.


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