Prison Break’s Lane Garrison just got sort of a break in prison. He acquired a job. Due to his exemplary behavior, Lane has been promoted to food helper. He spends his days preparing meals and he also helps the guards hand out breakfast, lunch, and dinner to the inmates. For this he gets paid 9 cents an hour – and it goes straight to his savings account. Not much for a TV star, but he’s happy.


Posted by hoodlum on February 11, 2008

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  1. By Anonymous
    On February 12, 2008 at

    This man is a murderer. May he meet his fate in prison

  2. By Anonymous
    On February 12, 2008 at

    He’d better be saving his money; he’s going to find it impossible to restart a Hollywood career saddled with a prolapsed rectum.
    Not even Barry Diller will want a piece of Wayne after he’s been passed around the cellblock.
    Sad but true 🙁

  3. By Anonymous
    On February 12, 2008 at

    That’s four cents more than he will make in hell huh?

  4. By Kandie
    On February 12, 2008 at

    In hell, he will be shoveling coal in the devil’s furnace for free. He needs 15 to 20 years, with no chance of parole.

  5. By Anonymous
    On February 12, 2008 at

    He better be good or else.

  6. By Anonymous
    On February 12, 2008 at

    Well, the GOOD NEWS is that upon his release, Shane will have an asshole big enough to park a car in — 2 if he uses valet.

  7. By Anonymous
    On February 12, 2008 at

    That’s not all he’s feeding ,his butt is awfully sore i heard!!!!

  8. By ART CHIC
    On February 12, 2008 at


  9. By Anonymous
    On February 12, 2008 at

    Unlike most of Hollywood’s tragic young guns, this guy made a contrite apology and is serving his time like a man. Kids like Barron Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Mischa Barton should pay close attention to his story.

  10. By pink
    On February 12, 2008 at

    Please keep your jail sex fantasies to yourself…
    The number of rapes in prisons is very low..only the people who watch gay porn believe otherwise..
    Let the guy do his time in peace.

  11. By Anonymous
    On February 12, 2008 at

    screw all you haters.
    typing nasty words about someone you don’t know hiding behind a computer is a fine example of passive agressive behavior.
    How many people have driven buzzed or drunk???
    He made a mistake.
    You really think he meant to kill someone?
    Hell no. He feels terrible, and will live the rest of his life knowing that he took someone’s life unexpectedly.
    Lane is a good guy, and life in jail is tough, rough, and no joke.
    The whole prison rape jokes?
    Not funny.

  12. By SCIFI
    On February 12, 2008 at

    Okay Art Chic 2:13pm feb12, we got YOUR MESSAGE,!

  13. By K.C.
    On February 12, 2008 at

    Hey, he killed a 17 year old girl. He was drinking and on his way to get more booze when he killed her and wounded two. He also had traces of cocaine in him. Nice guy. WOULD YOU FEEL THE SAME WAY ABOUT HIM IF THE BUM HAD KILLED OR HURT ONE OF YOUR FRIENDS OR RELATIVES? He will get out of jail in one year and maybe before then. When will the 17 year old get out of the grave?

  14. By Anonymous
    On February 13, 2008 at

    He should be jailed, for his mistake.

  15. By Tea Bag
    On February 13, 2008 at

    Make sure he is not digging a tunnel behind the toilet!!

  16. By Rusty Updegraff
    On February 13, 2008 at

    This is tragic all the way around but let’s not forget that the boy that died…well, he wasn’t kidnapped. He willingly got into that car knowing the driver had been drinking. Do we even know if the boy had been drinking or doing drugs himself? People do drugs and drink at parties people including yourselfs, not just celebrities.
    Let’s all accept responsibility for our actions. This guy is remorseful and doing his time. It was an accident that could happen to any one of us. It’s time to heal and forgive and I hope he does get his career back on track when he’s out. Why ruin two lives, it wasn’t premeditated murder people.
    Oh, and fyi, most gays don’t fantasize about being raped. You guys that are talking about prison and booty banging seem to know a lot about it…sounds like maybe a little fantasy of yours?!

  17. By twirler
    On February 13, 2008 at

    this is the guy who was raised by joe simpson, oh lordy. hope they all havent forgotten him.

  18. By Anonymous
    On February 14, 2008 at

    Sleep tight, Blaine!

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    Love him or hate him, this guy is a loudmouth who doesn’t hesitate to tell it like he sees it- but there’s one thing he NEVER talks about: his prostate problem. Long story short: he LEAKS! He likes to project an image of macho virility, but under his custom made suits are custom made “diapers.” He’s VERY self-conscious and has absorbent but undetectable “panty liners” sewn into all his underwear, to avoid wet spots. Thanks to his arrogant behavior, he has more than a few enemies and he’s terrified his secret will be exposed and he’ll be forever ridiculed!


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