Leave it to the Enquirer to dig up some dirt on Liberace’s boyfriend Scott Thorson right before the HBO movie “Behind the Candelabra” is scheduled to air in May. Thorson was Liberace’s boyfriend and wrote the book about Liberace on which the movie is based. He might be in jail when the movie airs – but not for drugs this time. Thorson (who now uses the name Jess Marlowe) was arrested in Reno after he “found” a wallet containing credit cards and promptly used them to run up bills all around town. Thorson, who is suffering from anal cancer, says the “Candelabra” cast and crew ignored him when he visited the set. (Above, Scott Thorson’s mug shot)


Posted by Janet on April 17, 2013

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  1. By JanJan
    On April 17, 2013 at

    I found it odd they would use the term anal cancer instead of rectal cancer, anal seems like they are trying to shame gays. Scott was gay for pay, he claims he only got with Liberace for the creature comforts.

  2. By sherry lynee
    On April 17, 2013 at

    Karma for his filthy lifestyle.

  3. By abe
    On April 17, 2013 at

    and believe me when I say: IT’S LONELY OUT THERE!!

  4. By Hilary
    On April 17, 2013 at

    I agree w/ JanJan. I mean, Farrah Fawcett had the same type of cancer, and no one called it “anal cancer.” Please. What was Thorson’s childhood like, I wonder, to become a “gay for pay?” Just so sad all around.

  5. By Alex P.
    On April 17, 2013 at

    and what’s the Karmic payback for Racism and Bigotry @Sherrylynee ?

    oh, never mind, it’s obviously mental ugliness and self hate

  6. By yeahright
    On April 18, 2013 at

    He was what’s known as “rough trade.” That’s straight guys who sleep with rich gay men for money. Don Johnson used to do that too when he first came to Hollyweird.

  7. By JanJan
    On April 18, 2013 at

    Scott’s mother suffered from mental illness and his father abandoned the family, consequently he and his siblings were in countless foster homes, he got with Liberace when he was only 16 1/2, ppl don’t realize that a lonely child is the first kid a child molester will prey on. They know what kids are lonely and not looked after properly.

    The more you know

  8. By JanJan
    On April 18, 2013 at

    Also, ppl who engage in anal sex do have a higher chance of getting rectal cancer, but the other side effect is that often times they end up with a leaky hole from loosening their sphincter muscles. In a lot of cases when they get older they need adult diapers.

  9. By Shelby
    On April 18, 2013 at

    I agree; sad that he chose this lifestyle.

  10. By Strom
    On April 18, 2013 at

    Yep…the fags not only spread AIDS but also end up w/ anal cancer!

    Farrah did not get this fatal disease from too many diet cokes.

  11. By missyco
    On April 19, 2013 at

    Didn’t he get any money from Liberace? I can’t remember,guess I better tune in Sunday!

  12. By SamNy
    On April 24, 2013 at

    Scott Thornson never visited the set. So there was no occasion for him to have been ‘snubbed’

    He was paid for the rights to his book to make the film several years ago and he’s already made a very lucrative deal to republish his book and it’s coming out in a few weeks to coincide with the film airing on HBO.

    Him representing anything else regarding the film, the way he was treated or his compensation is not true.

  13. By LORRI
    On April 26, 2013 at

    Brooke Anderson is annoying and has a stick up her A**. Brilliant she asked Scott to “take some responsibility”…he’s in JAIL, doing his time. What a b*tch.
    He needed that interview though – the film maker {his bio} and the stars ought to be ashamed of themselves for not consulting him and for making him feel deserted and left out.
    He’s been used most of his life – sad. SHAME ON YOU MICHAEL DOUGLAS, YOU KNOW WHAT HAVING CANCER IS LIKE — !!!!!!!!!

  14. By Dave
    On May 17, 2013 at

    Looks like the A-HOLE got it stuck to him twice. He for the SUPREME LIBACHACHEE.

  15. By Cojo
    On May 17, 2013 at

    It’s awfully easy to judge when all you know is what you’ve read or heard second, third or fourth hand. You goody two shoes SOBs will be judged one day and I doubt you’ll come out as squeaky clean as you portray yourselves now.

  16. By erika K
    On May 17, 2013 at


    it’s sad to see that you bring the same level of awareness and expertise to immunology and cancer treatment, that your do to race relations.

    Time to go back to school @strom, this time try to concentrate.

  17. By larry donaldson
    On May 17, 2013 at

    i am a gay male and myself and my partner. have great. sex, straight people talk about gay people well let me say one thing. get the hell over yourself, if the straight people would do right. the gay people are awesome , grow up world

  18. By Anthony Catanese
    On May 19, 2013 at

    I am a 40 year old man, And probably wont live much longer. There is no need for Hate to this man. I say figure out what disturbs you about this…Or just die a hatefull group. Love in any form is Love

  19. By Sandra
    On May 26, 2013 at

    I used to work with a gay boss one time he pooped on himself it smelled and it was on the floor, I know some ppl say they are born this way but if God intended the rectum to be used for sex there would be no vaginas rectal cancer and loose anal holes is gross!!

  20. By Peter
    On May 28, 2013 at

    You are a bunch of nefarious people who cannot accept anything that does not fall in “your” norm. Yet, you sit on your pontifical dias and preach about the disease that will end his life. God help you all. You belong in some middle eastern counrty that still beheads people. Remember: Let those who are without sin cast the first stone!

  21. By BY Princess
    On May 30, 2013 at

    People are so quick to judge. We all should look at are own lives ands see if it is perfect. God is the only one who can judge and pass down rightful punishment.

  22. By Strom
    On May 30, 2013 at

    Ha poor Erika K…always ready for the rainbow!

    Sandra seems to have hit it squarely and see what anal sex did for Farrah F? The gays want to play the victim card when their problems are all brought by choice!

  23. By Connie
    On May 30, 2013 at

    Some people must always prove their ignorance. This man has cancer, does not matter what type or where it is……it’s cancer. Secondly, being a. Gay woman myself i can tell you I was born gay..I did not pick a lifestyle where I am insulted , belittled, told I chose to be gay, beaten up……I could go on and on. Liberace ruined this man’s life so he does not need to hear any more negativity, he paid his dues a hundred fold

  24. By Erik
    On May 31, 2013 at

    Love how u holy rollers criticize
    Gays it’s not by choice u dumb idiots. Ur not
    To judge it’s Gods job.
    Yet he who have no sin cast the first stone. If he’s a Christian he should know not to judge as he’s a sinner. It does say its an abomination but only God can judge you, no one else.


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