Lindsay Lohan was assaulted by a gust of wind at the MTV Movie Awards and her girlfriend Samantha Ronson was NOT on hand to hold her skirt down. Lindsay’s had a lot on her mind since OK magazine offered her a million dollars to come out on their cover as a lesbian and talk about her relationship. That’s a LOT of money, but Lindsay’s reticent. Here’s a solution Lindsay: Offer to come out as a PART TIME LESBIAN (like so many of our friends) and collect $500,000!


Posted by hoodlum on June 2, 2008

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  1. By enough of this no talent fame whore
    On June 2, 2008 at

    I think everyone should stop covering her til she gets arrested again. I think she should go back to Island and work in a WalMart.

  2. By Anonymous
    On June 2, 2008 at

    What guy would actually want to bang her… I can’t think of anybody that hard up.

  3. By Generation X
    On June 2, 2008 at

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, there she is all over the tabloids and news kissing and nuzzling Samantha Ronson. Starvation, misery, and suffering everywhere and OK magazine will pay that skank $1M to talk about her and Samantha. They should donate that $1M to the poor. I am so tired of Lindsay and her sick life.

  4. By Anonymous
    On June 2, 2008 at

    Gee, freckles everywhere, everywhere, everywhere.

  5. By kait
    On June 2, 2008 at

    Lindsay’s loaded, and $1M from a mag is no big deal for her. I think she’s playing with the media and is not a lesbian at all. My brother is in love with her. She is gorgeous, and a budding actress. Give her a break!
    So what if she had/has a few substance-abuse problems–you don’t? Lindsay is doing just fine, esp. considering that weird family of hers.

  6. By Anonymous
    On June 2, 2008 at

    For the record..Lindsay is not a budding actresses.. shes been in movies for years..since she was a young child. she is an actress. Poor lindsay though. This is the last thing her reputation needed. The wind blew, its nature, its not like she pulled up her dress but thank the Gods she was wearing panties..

  7. By Anonymous
    On June 2, 2008 at

    Love lindsay. Dont love this dress.

  8. By Art Chic
    On June 2, 2008 at

    LiLo has spend more than a milllion on drugs and stupid clothes she needs to STDF/
    Excellent legs, by the way.

  9. By Anonymous
    On June 2, 2008 at

    Maybe she should start working out. Her legs are HUGE and unshapely. If she wants to make money in the film industry, she better lose those tree trunks.
    Not being mean – just tellin’ the truth.

  10. By Anonymous
    On June 2, 2008 at

    Blowhan is no ‘lipstick lesbian’. Just another attempt by her management to keep the pappies chasing her. Samantha Ronson however is a known drug/abuser and Drug Dealer of choice for the Hollywood club set. You need Oxycontin, some Peruvian blow? Maybe some Crystal meth? Just contact saMANtha at her website. Same day Delivery is guaranteed!

  11. By Anonymous
    On June 2, 2008 at

    HA HA, good one- JC.

  12. By Anonymous
    On June 2, 2008 at

    5:33 she’s not fat!!!!!!! She’s out of shape but her thighs look fine. She looks healthy.

  13. By Anonymous
    On June 2, 2008 at

    6:05 How do you know so much about Samantha? Do tell

  14. By Anonymous
    On June 3, 2008 at

    I am just glad she is wearing panties!

  15. By gerard Vandenberg
    On June 3, 2008 at

    I’m just glad when she dies!!

  16. By Anonymous
    On June 3, 2008 at

    LOL 6:05 must be Sam’s regular customer!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. By Neena
    On June 3, 2008 at

    I don’t believe she was offered half the money to come out as a ‘part time’ lesbian. Even if she is gay. There’s no way she will ruin her career by coming out of the closet.

  18. By Anonymous
    On June 3, 2008 at

    You’d be a hell of a bad mother giving Linds such bad career and personal advice Janet. Why not steer her into some good roles and big sister her into nicer groups of people with your many celebrity contacts dear!?

  19. By Bu
    On June 3, 2008 at

    She actually is a great little actress. Too bad her Family messed with her head and her emotions. I hope that she will rise above all of the hell that plagues her. She is just 21-22 years old. If Samantha makes her happy for now good for her. She needs a safe place to heal.
    Life is short!

  20. By Badder than bad
    On June 3, 2008 at

    Well, I guess cocaine, meth, Oxycontin, and a variety of other substances do give her a safe place to heal (in her woozy state of mind that is). Who is the user of each other, Sam uses Lindsay, or the other way around. Very confusing. I believe she is bored with men and testing out becoming a switch hitter. Whatever the case, she wants the paps to keep lusting for pics of her.

  21. By rula123
    On June 3, 2008 at

    What a beauty, this is class. It hurts to look at her. She


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