After a hard night of partying, Lindsay Lohan left Chateau Marmont behind the wheel of her Porsche while puffing on the ever- present cigarette. We can’t help but comment on how heavy-handed she’s getting with her makeup application. She looks like a much older woman. Could be she’s influenced by the movie she’s now filming, “The Canyons.” Her hard-boiled character has nude scenes with porn star James Deen and the movie is described as a “an independent low budget noir thriller.”

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


Posted by Janet on July 22, 2012

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  1. By Denise
    On July 22, 2012 at

    “an independent low budget noir thriller” a/k/a straight to DVD.

    She looks like she’s been playing with mommmy’s makeup.

  2. By Walt Cliff
    On July 22, 2012 at

    It’s Baby Jane!!!!

  3. By yoyo
    On July 22, 2012 at

    Low budget, nude scenes, thrasher? Sounds like a stash from her personal collection. I dunno, this poor kid will either end up in jail or dead if she don’t wise up.

  4. By Walt Cliff
    On July 22, 2012 at

    I would love to see her break out of the party crowd and concentrate on being a better actress. Of course, she has so few decent role models around her.

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  6. By Shela LaBoeuf
    On July 22, 2012 at

    Who keeps hiring this loser? Does she blow the Director or something?

  7. By Dawn Davenport
    On July 22, 2012 at

    She is starting to look a bit like LaToya Jackson.

    Love the ciggie. Adds so much to “the look”.

    Keep it classy Linds.

  8. By Bluejay
    On July 22, 2012 at

    Yeah, and the dangle thing on the rearview mirror still has its price tag from the head shop.

  9. By Patrick
    On July 22, 2012 at

    Who’s going to play Lindsay in the Lindsay Lohan story? It’s not going be long now.
    What a sad story she is.

  10. By Janet
    On July 22, 2012 at

    Good one, Walt!

  11. By Nance
    On July 22, 2012 at

    Why is she driving? That scares me more than her face.

  12. By mish mash
    On July 22, 2012 at

    Total Baby Jane. Or lady Tasmanian Devil. Plus, why is she driving? Does she have a valid license and insurance? Can’t image any company lending or leasing a car to that train wreck.

  13. By Strom
    On July 23, 2012 at

    Sam Ronson will be back munching on her any night now.

  14. By Rebecca Williams
    On July 23, 2012 at

    maybe shes the joker?

  15. By Strom
    On July 23, 2012 at

    Jokerette…..who is in the seat beside her?

  16. By Diva
    On July 23, 2012 at

    Walt you are spot on. This picture is hilarious! She looks like a cartoon.

  17. By Beachy
    On July 23, 2012 at

    I almost feel sorry for laughing at her anymore. She must just be pathetic.

    Perhaps she and the Kardashians could all go get on a slow boat to NOWHERE and leave us alone.

  18. By forrest gump
    On July 23, 2012 at

    pst: the “Muppets”?
    nope: LILO AS USUALL!!

  19. By Sadie
    On July 23, 2012 at

    OMG can you say “Rode Hard and put away Wet?

  20. By Kitty
    On July 23, 2012 at

    Wow…she looks like she’s 50 years old in that picture.

  21. By missyco
    On July 23, 2012 at

    She has the puffy drunk face and has ruined whatever looks she had by doping and boozing way too much. When she was about 17 VanityFair did an article and pictures on her and I remember thinking she would have a great career..WRONG was I. To think SHE chose to do that to herself.

  22. By Go away Lindsay
    On July 23, 2012 at

    I don’t feel one ounce of sympathy for her. There is nothing likable about this person.

  23. By Christine India
    On July 24, 2012 at

    When I think of that ungrateful bitch I get sick to my stomach. Some folks work out in the heat all day long, some have to work 2 jobs, some have to go to Food Banks, and she has had all the opportunities in the world and she is still major f***ed up. I feel no sympathy for her whatsoever. She needs to be committed to a mental hospital for a long time. Even a very wise shrink would find it hard to psychoanalyze her. If she gets enphysema from smoking, who is she going to blame than on??

  24. By Strom
    On August 29, 2012 at

    So skanky….first lesbian Sam Ronson and now she is giving it up to ghetto BLACKS:


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