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Well groomed Jon Hamm is busy filming “Mad Men” all around Los Angeles and he ended up driving a red convertible Imperial being filmed while he had a conversation. It’s interesting to see how the scene is shot without a camera operator in sight – the camera is intricately mounted on the driver’s side of the car.


Posted by Janet on May 5, 2010

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  1. By Reta
    On May 5, 2010 at

    Cool car. Too bad today’s manufacturers don’t have more imagination. All the cars being turned out today look just alike to me, I can’t tell them apart. Give me a groovy grill and some fancy fins any day!

  2. By sunseeds777
    On May 5, 2010 at

    Grills are easy to do, but fins are more likely to be seen on the wing tips of a fancy jet. In terms of a STOL kit.

    (for short take off and landing)

    Which female celebrities own a private jet ?

  3. By sunseeds777
    On May 5, 2010 at

    Hey, you know about me rambling.

    “It’s like someday your the windshield and someday your the bug”.

  4. By captain america
    On May 5, 2010 at

    they did this already in the sixtees.

  5. By clementine
    On May 5, 2010 at

    awesome car. awesome dude. I thought they put the car on a flatbed and drove it around while filming. nice to see the behind the scenes.

  6. By Lenny
    On May 6, 2010 at

    Now that’s a real car.

  7. By JoJo
    On May 6, 2010 at

    He’s the hottest guy ever. That is all.

  8. By Teresa
    On May 6, 2010 at

    Jon Hamm is deeelicious! Can’t wait for the next season of Mad Men. Hunky guy in a gorgeous car!

  9. By sunseeds777
    On May 9, 2010 at

    You know filming and using a flat bed is cheating and people can tell the difference, visually as the ladies all to typically are like back seat driving and you can see it in their eyes.

    It’s like “look out for the car 1/2 mile down the road”. It’s like damn lady take look out the side window and enjoy the ride cause one of these days I’m going to be riding in that seat all stretched out in relax mode and ur gonna be over there wondering why I’m so silent and what do you wanna bet – she’ll start wondering – did she do something bad to upset me… Course, I’m going to prevent her from ever thinking that as I’ll have my ear buds from ipod”.

  10. By sunseeds777
    On May 9, 2010 at

    I’ll have my ear buds in my ears or some noise canceling headphones if we’re riding in her convertible.

    You know what I need is a tandem bicycle and I’ll put her on front to steer and pedal and we’ll go where ever she wants to go and I might pedal some.

    That’s sort of like macho guys and their Harley’s who have their gf on back – ironically it’s most unusual for them to be texting but some do.

    Say – to bad Janet doesn’t produce a condensed version of this so folks can post while in the passenger seat or on the back of a Harley.

  11. By sunseeds777
    On May 9, 2010 at

    Wonder if this car came from Jay Leno and if he has a bicycle collection as I heard a good while ago. That some of those british rockers still like to travel by bicycle.

    Clearly a health thing and nobody needs insurance to ride one of those or a license.

    I wonder with all those Hollywood health nuts and DUI winners how many celebrities ride a bicycle.. As I know all those female pro-tennis ladies are into that big time.

    Now, I just wonder if they’ll ever make it to the “Tour De Corn” (100% flat land bike ride).

  12. By sunseeds777
    On May 9, 2010 at

    Gee, I wonder if Leno is taking serious his weight ?

    Just tell him to go buy a cheap ten speed like bike at Wal-Mart, probably cost $200 and one for his wife.

    What’s the chance of him going by Hef place and see’ing about getting a few bunnies to create their own special bike ride a “Tour-De-Hef”.

    Wouldn’t that be a hoot, but I would suspect one would have to put that ride like in the middle of no where as you could darn well expect a ton of guys showing up for that – ALL IN SHAPE OR THERE ABOUTS.

    WONDER WHERE… SOUTHERN ILLINOIS. STARTING OUT IN CAIRO AND UP HWY 3 out of town and in Future City thur to go towards MOUNDS CITY and head out on the road which is closest to the Ohio River with the destination being Metropolis, IL.

    Look at the map and do a dry run in a car. That’s pretty flat land right next to the river and you know those ladies will be checking out all those river barge companies and those guys who work on the river, as I hear they hire bunnies as cooks on those boats.

  13. By sunseeds777
    On May 9, 2010 at

    Look at the map of that route. It’s like around the BEND… Here’s a tip while cycling, let your lady friend lead – so you can take in the scenery from the rear.

    I’ll bet that ride would be a helluva ride.

    Ya know, Hef easily get his people down to Cairo as Amtrak pulls thru and they’ll stop and let people on a cordinated effort.

    There’s a motel close by… It’s all very do able.

    Imagine a slow bike ride thru the streets of Cairo and by that blues club. Too bad Clapton doesn’t like read this as that be dandy spot for a Rehab.

    You know that guy is a big comic book reader dating back to his youth. He might look at a Playboy now and then. Probably more Vogue and Glamour magazines as well as in the future with all those ladies he’s got.

    The “Tour De Hef”. Wonder i


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