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Madonna has laid out the ground rules of her divorce and they include all the friends that she and Guy Ritchie share. Or DID share. According to the NY Post, Madonna has announced to all their shared friends that they must CHOOSE sides. They cannot continue to be friends with both parties. Among those caught in the middle of the split are Sting and his wife Trudie Styler – who introduced the Ritchies. Also, Sacha Baron Cohen and his wife Isla will have to pick a side. Madonna made this rule because she doesn’t want to share custody, or some other kind of information with a friend, and have it get back to Guy. It’ll be interesting to see who walks away with which friends.


Posted by hoodlum on October 20, 2008

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  1. By MISSY
    On October 20, 2008 at


  2. By Rosalita
    On October 20, 2008 at

    I choose Guy.

  3. By rick w.
    On October 20, 2008 at

    I can’t believe her. Take sides? Who the heck does she think she is? Demented for sure. Time for her to ride off into the sunset and get out of the biz. Her new concert is just a rehash of every other one performed in the past 15 years.
    Too bad. I bought her first EP and many many other CDs. No more.
    Even though the homophobe rumors swirl around Guy, right now I have to pick him!

  4. By Miss Eva
    On October 20, 2008 at

    Oh, who even cares about this tired old skank and her no-talent husband? She’s SO over!!!

  5. By Sharon
    On October 20, 2008 at

    I think she is playing a dangerous game, she just find herself sitting on the bench alone.
    She is not one of my favorite people and I think she needs a good look in the mirror.. She isn’t that grand.

  6. By Sharon
    On October 20, 2008 at

    I think she is playing a dangerous game, she just find herself sitting on the bench alone.
    She is not one of my favorite people and I think she needs a good look in the mirror.. She isn’t that grand.

  7. By gay tallywacker
    On October 20, 2008 at

    She’s a twat. I choose Guy too.

  8. By I am smart
    On October 20, 2008 at

    Hey, I don’t think either one had any REAL friends to start with……everything about them is fake and phony. So my advice to their so-called friends is to remain NEUTRAL and say to both of them the following…..”If you ever want to talk, you know my number”. Never would I let looney-tunes Vadge order me to chose, never, no never.
    I know everyone reading this will agree that I AM INDEED SMART. (problem solved). 🙂

  9. By MAdge is done
    On October 20, 2008 at

    Um…is she gonna make them sign confidentiality agreements or something? It’s not like it all won’t get onto the internet, DUH MADGE

  10. By Anonymous
    On October 20, 2008 at


  11. By Annie
    On October 20, 2008 at

    I can’t even believe that worthless skank even HAS friends. Her kids should be taken away from her. She’s totally immature and deserves to have everyone side with Guy.

  12. By Balthazar Rothschild
    On October 20, 2008 at

    Janet, If Vadge’s so called friends choose her side they also have elected to burn in hell for all of eternity.
    Vadge made a deal with Satan, just for the money.
    Her agreed upon task: To flood the planet Earth with her filth and degradation. This woman clearly is the much prophetized Antichrist. You can see the veins in her arms slowly change before you eyes to rivers of fire. The horns and tail are also sprouting if you look carefully.
    Repent, the beast is near!

  13. By Anonymous
    On October 20, 2008 at

    Choosing sides is very unfair. It affects the children who may have grown up with the parent’s friends and now they arenot allowed to see them.
    Vadge is a selfish woman indeed.

  14. By Anonymous
    On October 20, 2008 at

    You know this divorce is all her fault. She dated Dennis Rodman for gods sakes. She’s a nutcase. She should let Guy raise Rocco, otherwise, with her guidance he’ll grow up to be as gay as a merry- go-round. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  15. By Kittee Kattee
    On October 20, 2008 at

    I would choose Guy.
    But this is my experience with “choosing sides.” My best friend left her husband for a woman. My friend’s lover and her husband fought over who got to “keep” my friend. I told my friend I wasn’t choosing sides. I would be her friend no matter whether she chose to stay with her lover or her husband.
    My friend ran off to be with her lover.
    Now she’s back with her husband.
    And I was cut off from her the minute she left town.
    So you might as well choose sides, I figger.

  16. By Anonymous
    On October 20, 2008 at

    I would rather be friends with Guy. He seems more sincere and real and less evil for sure.

  17. By Anonymous
    On October 21, 2008 at

    IF it was me, I’d first slap HoDonna then spit in her face and tell her I’ll keep friends with a guy that actually has talent. It’s just too bad that that horse didn’t sit that skank and kill her. Hodonna is responsible for a moral decline in this country by the filth she’s put out and her hypocrisy when it comes to what she peddles to other’s daughters but won’t peddle to her own.

  18. By Anonymous
    On October 21, 2008 at


  19. By gerard Vandenberg
    On October 21, 2008 at

    that’s an easy one:
    ………………..NONE, folks!!

  20. By anon
    On October 21, 2008 at

    They both repulse me …

  21. By lacycatherine
    On October 21, 2008 at

    Sacha Baron Cohen has not married Isla Fisher yet.

  22. By Anonymous
    On October 21, 2008 at

    Obviously Madonna’s only concern is herself; not her children. I hope Guy takes her for at least half her wealth. I don’t care if he’s a gold-digger. He should be well-compensated for putting up with that nasty skank for as long as he did. TEAM GUY!

  23. By Meg
    On October 21, 2008 at

    Guy… of course. She is on her 3rd marriage, already talking A-Rod. She is plain ugly in and out. No class, no morals, religious hypocrite.

  24. By Generation X
    On October 21, 2008 at

    For the 7th time: Kelly Ripa the 97 pound air-head has said on her “LIVE with Regis” show that she adores and worships Madonna. Ripa has no brains, pulls in $12 million per year for 2 hours work per day. And she worships Madonna. She works out 4 hours a day, pilates and running, just like her idol She has paid to see her concerts 15 times.
    So goes America, friends and neighbors, so goes America. Stand fast and don’t worship a mortal human, especially Vadge, the filthiest skank of all. Kelly, you are clueless. You are in for a big fall, for stating this on nat’l TV.

  25. By Meg
    On October 21, 2008 at

    Gen X,
    It’s the love of money they worship. M has no style, she calls it ‘reinventing herself’… no voice no talent, she made herself famous by whoring herself to millions. Those are her fans, clueless bobble-heads obsessed with almighty dollar. Like Kelly R.
    Ironic thing is… none of them are happy in their artificial life.

  26. By Anonymous
    On October 21, 2008 at

    Trudie Styler should be begging Guy to forgive her for fixing him up with Madonna in the first place. She may as well have thrown a bag of scorpions on Guy’s head. He would probably have been better off with the scorpions than the misery of marriage to Madonna.

  27. By imgeorgewill3
    On October 25, 2008 at

    Come on people, Madonna is where she is because of hard work and wanting to be the best at what she does. She has made plenty of mistakes but I think she really loved this man and tried to make it work. The only problem was she is MADONNA. She is use to getting her way, running her company and her household and wanted him to be a certain way but he obviously has his own mind and didn’t like being what SHE wanted him to be. Beauty, fame and wealth does not make a happy marriage – just look at Elizabeth Taylor and her 9 marriages.


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