Mariah Carey enjoys Pizza for lunch with her kids.

You don’t see Mariah Carey in pizza restaurants very often, but she took her kids Monroe and Moroccan out for lunch today in New York. Maybe she’s trying to lead a more “normal” life. She avoided questions about the status of her marriage. Nick Cannon is more talkative on the subject- he was first to acknowledge that they‘ve been living apart since May. Apparently all the divorce details are being worked out very quietly and in a civil manner.

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Posted by Janet on August 26, 2014

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  1. By Martha
    On August 26, 2014 at

    We’re going to find out more about Nick being a creep. Yes Mariah has issues, but he is known for being downright cruel to her; watch him try to grab all of her money. The truth shall be revealed.

    ON a side note, Mariah sure is big here. Hopefully she will use this time to get healthier and take care of herself.

  2. By mister baja
    On August 26, 2014 at

    those things won’t cost much.

  3. By Leo
    On August 26, 2014 at

    Dare I say it!!
    I absolutely adore the wrap dress, but it is very unflattering on Mariah. She reminds me of the “late” Christina Onassis, a wealthy woman who always seemed to wear clothes that did Not compliment her figure. Just saying!!

  4. By anonTWO
    On August 26, 2014 at

    have you noticed how these celebs manage to have twins ( a boy AND a girl)?

  5. By kelly
    On August 27, 2014 at

    From the size of her legs, this is not her first pizza (in a while). Wonder if she had a slice or a pie.

  6. By ah-yuck
    On August 27, 2014 at

    She should concentrate on her kids, they’ll always be there & truly love her.

  7. By Strom
    On August 27, 2014 at

    Not unusual for a race mingler but she is such a fake and is overdressed to go for pizza. She just looks cheap and knarly in everything she wears.

  8. By Palermo
    On August 27, 2014 at

    Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors. There will be her story, his story, and the truth somewhere in the middle.

  9. By Leo
    On August 27, 2014 at

    Holy Matrimony!!
    Heidi Klum and his royal Seal(ness) had the reputation of renewing their vows every year. Mariah and Nick renewed their wedding vows every year. Heidi and Seal are Now divorced, and Now it appears that renewing their vows every year No longer worked for Nick and his lady love.
    No matter how rich and famous a couple can be,
    marriage remains a very serious give and take
    understanding of the marriage itself instead of the public display of fake marital bliss.
    For the sake of their young children, it is Not too late to seek marital counseling and try to repair what these two already know about each other instead of ending up bringing other (new) romances into their young children’s lives. Can this marriage be saved!!

  10. By mister baja
    On August 27, 2014 at

    jeeeeeeeeeeeesus, those are indeed FAT legs, good god!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. By Natalie
    On August 27, 2014 at

    It’s always the kids who are the most hurt and damaged from a divorce. I hope they take these little ones into consideration during their settlement talks.

  12. By Leo
    On August 27, 2014 at

    Mariah has long been accepted as a singing powerhouse. With the success that she so long ago achieved through her voice and her songwriting she is an immensely wealthy woman way beyond most people’s understanding. How hard can it be for her and Nick who is Not on a bus to being homeless himself to spend some time apart and re-evaluate what they can still stand about each other, and continue to be a partnership in marriage and parenting for the sake of these beautiful young children.
    In everyday life aka the real world, financial struggles is the primary reason that pull couples apart. Without that particular struggle, M and N are already in the clear for straightening out whatever their “spoiled” reasoning is for splitting up their family. In other words, “love the one that you’re with.”

  13. By Bluejay
    On August 27, 2014 at

    Mariah sure looks uncomfortable doing the “normal,” i.e., she doesn’t have a clue as to how to dress for a pizza joint.
    As for love the one you’re with, maybe Stephen Stills had another interpretation. Sometimes you just get sick of the same old, same old, and know it’s never going to change, or get better, even one iota.

  14. By frank
    On August 27, 2014 at

    @Martha- A mediocre talent he may be, but Nick Cannon DOES NOT need MC’s money…

  15. By Byte Me
    On August 27, 2014 at

    Mariah’s champagne diet has finally caught up with her.

  16. By Martha
    On August 27, 2014 at

    Of course he doesn’t “need” her money, he wants it and will do everything he can to get as much of it possible.

  17. By mishmash
    On August 27, 2014 at

    Doesn’t she ever just wear jeans and kick back? She always is overdressed in unflattering clothes. It’s almost manic the way she drags those poor kids around. Cute kids, by the way.

  18. By xyz
    On August 28, 2014 at

    This woman has totally lost it unfortunately. Long ago.

  19. By daggers
    On August 28, 2014 at

    She is in the middle of yet another nervous breakdown, she just doesn’t know it.

  20. By naturegirl
    On August 28, 2014 at


  21. By Strom
    On September 2, 2014 at

    BLACK Nick is pounding biracial Jasmine…..what was always a certainty was he would not be going after a full on BLACK woman!


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