Massage Received

This guy is way up there on Hollywood’s A-list. Not only is he gorgeous but he’s the cleancut type who tries to do the right thing. Most of the time. His sweet and model-slim girlfriend enhances his wholesome image. But this actor has a secret double life. He likes to read sex newspapers and call up the ads for private entertainment. He was captivated by an ad for a massage parlor featuring a photo of a gigantically endowed triple D sexy massuese. He visited the seedy Hollywood massage parlor and charmed all the girls but insisted on a session with the voluptuous one in the ad. Wouldn’t his weight conscious girlfriend be surprised to learn that now her guy sneaks away for visits to this well-upholstered massuese whenever he can!


Posted by Janet on June 21, 2006

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  1. By Lilly
    On June 23, 2006 at

    I’d say Orlando Bloom… although he looks far from “gorgeous” to me!

  2. By Makaka
    On June 23, 2006 at

    Kevin Costner has a wife NOT a girlfriend…and she is NOT THAT skinny…It has to be ORLANDO BLOOM….he is A list, nothing negative is ever written about him, therefor he is “clean cut” and he has a SUPER skinny Sweet GF. ORLANDO BLOOM!!!!

  3. By Anonymous
    On June 23, 2006 at

    Cant be Johnny Depp isnt he living in France now

  4. By MichelleK
    On June 23, 2006 at

    Another vote for Orlando Bloom, the British tabloids have documented his skeezy partying ways and pickups on women everywhere.

  5. By Anonymous
    On June 24, 2006 at

    Definitely Orlando Bloom. He’s the wholesome boy-next-door/hero type and his gf is a bonebag that really works the “sweet” image to the hilt. At least I hope it’s him, because that would mean he has finally gone and done something interesting.

  6. By Anonymous
    On June 25, 2006 at

    Is this blind item to sort of ‘ungay’ Orlando Bloom by any chance?

  7. By Anonymous
    On June 25, 2006 at

    Toby McGuire? slim gf not celeb def clean cut..on his way up

  8. By Anonymous
    On June 26, 2006 at

    Has to be Tom Cruise

  9. By Anonymous
    On June 26, 2006 at

    Nick Lachey

  10. By Anonymous
    On June 26, 2006 at

    It would have to be Leo.

  11. By Mia
    On June 26, 2006 at

    Harrison Ford

  12. By Anonymous
    On June 26, 2006 at

    Duh! Leonardo Dicaprio. “tries to do the right thing” – Leo is involved with so many charities and he’s a total modelizer..he only dates skinny models.

  13. By Anonymous
    On June 26, 2006 at

    Isn’t Leo Single?

  14. By Anonymous
    On June 26, 2006 at

    The 1st person that came to my mind was Jamie Foxx! I say this because he has been accused of this before. Check out the internet if you don’t believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. By Dani
    On June 26, 2006 at

    george Clooney

  16. By Anonymous
    On June 27, 2006 at

    definitely orlando, he has not gotten in trouble for anything and his gf is totally wholesome and model thing. tsk tsk

  17. By Anonymous
    On June 27, 2006 at


  18. By Anonymous
    On June 28, 2006 at

    This item is from Star from 8 yrs ago.
    Go to AGC Blind items and check it out. Recycled rubbish. Boo!

  19. By Anonymous
    On June 29, 2006 at

    Can’t be Harrison Ford; he isn’t likely to charm everyone. Isn’t he notoriously grumpy when he’s out in public?
    Bloom? Best guess, but I wouldn’t call him A-list.

  20. By Bemused Blind Item Fan
    On June 29, 2006 at

    If you are going to post your own recycled items, Janet, at least give us a heads up as to time frame so we aren’t guessing someone who was in diapers when you first wrote the blind item! That kind of sucks the fun out of it.

  21. By Anonymous
    On October 9, 2006 at

    jude law!

  22. By Anonymous
    On October 9, 2006 at

    jude law of course

  23. By Anonymous
    On October 22, 2006 at

    I agree with the majority of you: Orlando Bloom was the first person who popped into my mind when I read this item. Just about every detail — from the clean-cut image and good heart to the sweet, stick-insect who was still his girlfriend in July — fits. Guys, Orlando’s *image* is clean-cut, as the item indicates. (BTW, I’d also make the point that Bloom’s appearance itself is clean-cut: you don’t have to have a crewcut to be ‘clean-cut’, people!) His skinny girlfriend is sweet, and her own acting career might not be mentioned here because she is famous mostly through her association with Bloom (i.e. most people had never even heard of her before she started dating Bloom, as _Blue Crush_ and _Beyond the Sea_ did not give her a big-name profile, and she was just a kid when she did _Horse Whisperer_). Most importantly, Bloom has a quiet but growing rep on both sides of the Atlantic for being “wholesome” and sweet *publicly*, but for being a *behind the scenes* flirt (with random women), a dog (with girlfriends), and pseudo-skank (with all and sundry): e.g. his public humping of Claire Danes last spring was not an aberration; he has a thing for trashy-looking bottle blondes (including ex-girlfriend Sienna Miller, whom he boinked during his acting school days); and, in a ‘what was he thinking?’ moment, he nailed his majorly tacky, bleached-blonde, _Calcium Kid_ co-star, who told a British tabloid that after production wrapped, Bloom mailed her a poscard thanking her for being “one of his girls” on the set. (She also claimed that Bloom was a selfish, quick-draw lover, but that’s another post!) As Bloom himself put it in an interview around the time that POTC2 came out, he has “broken a lot of hearts” since leaving home at 16 to study acting. Not that any of this is shady, dwarf-spanking, sheep-screwing territory: he’s just being a typical (if secret) bad boy in many ways, and he comes off in interviews as a genuinely sweet person. But the tension between his ‘aw, shucks’ public image and his baser instincts is palpable, and getting more so. With this in mind, I have no problem believing that, with a typically British need for suppressed freakery (Hugh Grant, anyone?), Bloom would be capable of giving his girlfriend a peck on the cheek and then running across town to get his swerve on with a “well-upholstered” masseuse/hooker. Hell, perhaps this sort of thing is why he and Kate finally went their separate ways (again).

  24. By jrex
    On November 8, 2006 at

    O.k. It didn’t say the girlfriend is a model-just model slim. It’s not Tom Hanks b/c he is married not single. And it ain’t Harrison Ford b/c he is no longer gorgeous- alas.

  25. By abc
    On March 18, 2007 at

    not leo. has to be orlando.

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