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Melanie Griffith is wearing a very tight dress as she arrives for a doctor’s appointment in Beverly Hills. We haven’t seen her onscreen for awhile, but she has a new movie coming out called “Yellow,” written and directed by Nick Cassavetes. It’s a dramedy about a woman with a drug problem and her extended involved family. The cast is large and varied- including Ben Foster, Riley Keough, and Sienna Miller.


Posted by Janet on May 4, 2011

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  1. By Selene
    On May 4, 2011 at

    She looks okay but whats going on inside….she’s been a heavy smoker for years and years and has abused drugs as well… love how all these hollweirds are soo healthy yet they all chain smoke.

  2. By Something Nice
    On May 4, 2011 at

    She’s battled some demons, eh? Good for her, for hanging in there.

    But that “Antonio” tat on her right upper arm always looks like it’s sprouting copious black hair—unless you’re right up close to it!

  3. By Indy
    On May 4, 2011 at

    Thin hair, plumped up lips. But I have heard Antonio declare that she has a heart of gold, whatever that means…..and he said this while visiting her in rehab. Go figure. But you can’t really figure GollyWoodites, can you.

  4. By Muffin Top!!
    On May 4, 2011 at

    I was wondering where she has been hiding out. She looks really good. Whatever she has been doing, she should definitely keep it up!!

  5. By Reta
    On May 4, 2011 at

    Very cute dress.If her glasses were large enough to clover her whole plastic surgery-ruined face sge’d be perfect, except for that thin hair as Indy noticed too. I guess women just have quit wearing stockings,tho, huh?

  6. By Mrs. Honoria Pilkinghorne
    On May 4, 2011 at

    Is she going in for the “Lisa Renna” and having her lips fixed?

  7. By The American
    On May 4, 2011 at


  8. By palermo
    On May 4, 2011 at

    Her skin looks very old, have another cigarette and bottle of booze. That tattoo looks trashy as hell.

  9. By Mel Zipskin
    On May 4, 2011 at

    She was a crackhead and may very well still be on the stuff. Antonio won’t divorce till Stella, their child, is of age. Smart man. I would stay with her for that reason as well. Unfit druggy moms damage their children.

  10. By Denise
    On May 5, 2011 at

    At least with the thin hair, we know it’s her own. I can’t tell anymore which part of anyone is real, fake, enhanced, etc.

  11. By Indy
    On May 5, 2011 at

    Denise, that’s so true. And you really can’t tell about her lips from this pic, but the top one is really plumped.

  12. By diva
    On May 5, 2011 at

    Nice figure, jacked up face

  13. By lippp
    On May 5, 2011 at

    An acquaintance of my mine lived in a condo here in Portland, Oregon. She said a relative of Melanie’s, cousin perhaps, has a young son (at the time I heard this about 5 years old) who is named ca$h!! And yes the name is spelled with a dollar sign!! She also said the child was held back a year so he could better compete with his fellow classmates. They felt he would have matured physically and mentally more than the others so would be able to excel!! Now this person actually met ca$h and his parents so can only believe this is true.

  14. By British Teeth
    On May 5, 2011 at

    The more she screws with her face, the fewer jobs she’ll be getting.

    Too bad. She was exceptional in “Working Girl.”

  15. By Bluejay
    On May 5, 2011 at

    “Heart of Gold” means the person is fun to be around at the beginning of cocktail hour. The middle and end of cocktail hour, when the self-pity and crying starts, that’s when the person is said to have a heart of gold.

  16. By Barkley
    On May 6, 2011 at

    She looks good, remember this is an unretouched, natural light photo, if you saw J-Ho photographed like this, she wouldn’t look so great either. I think Melanie’s a superb actress (check her out in Larry Clark’s “Another Day in Paradise”) and I will go see this Cassavetes “Yellow” film. My friend worked with her on Bway in CHICAGO and said she was a sweetheart and she also garnered excellent notices from the NYC critics.

  17. By Christy
    On May 6, 2011 at

    She looks great!

  18. By spinner
    On May 6, 2011 at

    She looks like Florence Henderson here.

  19. By Casonia logenberry
    On June 28, 2011 at

    Too Bad she did not have more children and that is frustrating to just have one child but some woman don’t want to gain the weight or go throw pain and labor and hurt of having another child but know you can pay some one to have the baby and you won’t have to lose your shape and it is too bad you don’t do it and have more children form your sweet heart.. Yes you look fantastic and Beautiful and lovely and your body is like a 20 year old but you can let some one else carry more children for your husband.

  20. By Casonia Sade Logenberry...Is Elisa on Hells kitchen getting Buttered up to be next on the chopping block and...I don't like her and something gives me the creeps about her and her personality really stinks but she is great on making food that she enjoys..
    On August 11, 2011 at

    Melanie Griffith is taking some time to spend with her family and friends and love ones, This woman has worked her ass of in Holly-wood and really needs a break and spend time with her wonderful daughters and just be a mother and just relax and enjoy some time! She is a wonderful actress and I love the movie working girl and wish that Harrison Ford and her get back together and do a working girl Two?


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