This is the Michael Jackson letter that Lisa Marie Presley pulled OFF the auction block at Julien’s Auctions this week and we can imagine why. The note was written to Lisa Marie somewhere between 1993 and 1996 when Michael was around 36 years old and it is a sad illustration of the results of home schooling. Michael wrote at the level of a ten year old boy. The abysmal grammar, punctuation, spelling, and most of all – the HANDWRITING – are shocking and embarrassing for a grown man. His lack of education was tragic and Lisa Marie’s probably isn’t much better. Fortunately, Michael’s own children are not following in his footsteps.

Posted by Janet on May 31, 2012

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  1. By Pippa Martin-St. Onge
    On May 31, 2012 at

    Let him rest. He was the most exploited man in History, (second only to Jesus maybe).

  2. By forrest gump
    On May 31, 2012 at

    he was already aware of his outstanding talents to entertain people around the globe.


  3. By georgie
    On May 31, 2012 at

    First of all, MJ, however weird, was a musical genius and an innovator. He set standards that many have tried to copy, but none have come close. Its true his note to LMP is poorly written, but when compared to the songs he wrote, who cares?

    Secondly Janet, you are woefully, woefully, behind the times on homeschooling. The “homeschoolers are hippie kids or religious kids” is long in the past. Homeschoolers come from every walk of life now. In our very large and secular (non religious) homeschool group, 100% of all the kids have moved on to college after graduating 12th grade. Many of them are brilliant, most have won scholarships, and they are now attending wonderful schools like Julliard (2 kids from our group there); UC Berkeley; USC; Pepperdine: UCSD; USSB; Harvard…I could go on and on. We also have former homeschoolers from our group studying in China, Italy & France. My own son is graduating next Monday (he homeschooled through a private school & socialized through our group) and has accomplishments as long as your arm (music, writing & art awards, is published; and a talented stage actor & performer) and has had several college offers and apprenticeship offers. Homeschool groups offer great association, field trips every week (amazing ones I might add) & enrichment classes. My kid has his Graduation & Prom next week, and Grad Nite at Disneyland the week after. He has a beautiful class ring, and a high grade point average. He has made friends for life and been able to thrive in the homeschool community without drugs or violence. Please tell me, what has he missed out on?

    There are several families in our homeschool group who are in the entertainment industry btw, actors, a rock star and others. The benefits my kid has enjoyed through this type of education are amazing. I wish all kids could have the education my kid was lucky enough to have. I know thats not possible, so I would like to see public schools be as nice as possible. But to condemn all homeschooling becuz one genius-to-the-point-of-being-nutty rock star wrote a weird note is uninformed.

  4. By chris
    On May 31, 2012 at

    Why the swipe at home schooled people?

    The Union controlled failed school system just lines their political deep pockets while children are stuck with failed tenured and or pedo teachers.

  5. By Susan of Maine
    On June 1, 2012 at

    Home schooling can be effective, occasionally, but only as long as the parents are not intimately involved.

    The usual outcome however, is sadly to further inculcate the intellectual weaknesses, pedagogical vanities and social prejudices of the parent.

    One of the essential aspects of an education is to encourage students to “step away” from typically dominant familial perspectives, and to develop an independent world view, a mind of their own, as it were.

    This demonstrably cannot be achieved whilst a parent hovers. A critical aspect of a comprehensive education is in fact the process of and support towards encouraging the child’s independence which can be accomplished only as the child steps beyond the home, into the larger world.

    Parents rarely see this in themselves as it’s implicitly and deeply critical, and have developed a plethora of strategies to deflect/avoid the simple truth that virtually all (there are few exceptions ) home schooling parents are not intelligent, schooled or egalitarian enough to home school.

    Homeschooling is usually just a synonym for “my version of things” and is a tragic example of inbreeding by proxy.

    Imagine Strom homeschooling ??, there’s not yet constitutional protection for the intellectual development for children, but there should be. Protection from the criminally destructive effects of parental certainty,

  6. By Susan of Maine
    On June 1, 2012 at

    ps. I have 4 kids, 2 away at uni, one doing a gap year, then reading for the bar, the last is just finishing a fantastically complex, challenging high school program with 400 diverse, strange students daily.

    I suppose I could have sat around the kitchen nook and helped them conjugate latin verbs or improve their calculus, but I needed a life alive and SO DID THEY !

  7. By caroline
    On June 1, 2012 at

    Good lord, I have a degree from an Ivy League school and could show you many more educated people with a lower level of literacy.

    All he wanted was some peace.

    Every star can’t be “multitalented” (idiot) James Franco.

    A heartfelt bedside note to his wife, nothing more.

  8. By Hello
    On June 1, 2012 at

    Janet you are so fucking brilliant, write 1 one song to be on the charts. Your education taught you to write yellow journalism. I see prizes and awards on your mantel.

    As far as the harvards and yales, I just see graduates stealing from the masses for their masters. None of them know how to make money but steal money. Making laws to restrict others from making money while stealing money for themselves.

  9. By Walt Cliff
    On June 1, 2012 at

    Wonder what he wanted her to smell? The paper (maybe it had an inky or processed smell?)……Maybe there wasn’t anything to there to smell and it was a joke??? ….or perhaps, he rubbed something on it for her to smell. Regardless, it is childish and funny at the same time.

  10. By XYZ
    On June 1, 2012 at

    “Let him rest. He was the most exploited man in History, (second only to Jesus maybe).”

    The difference is Jacko existed, Jizz Us is just ur imaginary friend…

  11. By Strom
    On June 1, 2012 at

    Mike the Pervert wasnt the only uneducated star in history but there should be no thought of him being a mental genius, either.

    MJ should have been hung by his little bleached balls outside of Neverland for his perversions….he changed the word Culkin from a noun to a verb.

  12. By KarenJ
    On June 1, 2012 at

    I’m glad to see you taking on home schooling, the best way I know of to create wimpy, messed up adults who don’t fit in this world. You may not like everyone in your classes at school, but you develop the strength to deal with them. Oh, and you might just pick up an idea or two other than those your parents force down your throat.

  13. By Diva
    On June 1, 2012 at

    The only people at fault here are his money grubbing parents. Michael was a musical genius.

  14. By Laylow
    On June 1, 2012 at

    Let’s see how you write after not sleeping for 4 days. Not really a story here.

  15. By Dragonfly
    On June 1, 2012 at

    Homeschooling is not the problem. I think it is a good program for those who do it right. I think the problem is that he was a star and I think if you look at any star, they were not educated up to the standard they should have been. Especially when the parents are looking at the child as a cash cow. I’m sure education was not the most important thing on their list. It was probably more like “Michael needs to practice hitting his notes and dancing, math and science can wait.”.

  16. By Walt Cliff
    On June 1, 2012 at

    That bleached skin, altered nose, fake chin and tatooed makeup were just too much.

    Yes, he was talented but there were some definite mental issues that needed to be addressed.


    I’d probably write just as bad if I hadn’t slept in three or four days.

  17. By chris
    On June 1, 2012 at

    Gay pedophilia is a dirty little secret rampant in showbiz but blogs will never expose them…Children are under attack from EvIL.

  18. By GET REAL
    On June 1, 2012 at

    RE: Yes, he was talented but there were some definite mental issues that needed to be addressed.

    DUDE EVERY FREAKING ONE HAS “MENTAL ISSUES” THAT NEED TO BE ADDRESSED and most likey never are or rarely are……
    GET REAL…… and most of them are NOT VISIBLE so don’t give us that yeah but….plastic surgery BS either…… come on……..

  19. By Renee
    On June 1, 2012 at

    YOU SUCK JANET CHARLTON…hanger on peice o’ crap LEAVE MICHAEL ALONE…he’s dead so what now you have to pick at his decaying bones too. SHAME ON YOU.

  20. By Arshes76
    On June 1, 2012 at

    If you were all on the drugs he was on, you’d probably wouldnt sleep for four days too. And if he eas mixing it with the Jesus Juice…………

    I love how everyone overlooks his problems cause he was a musical “genuis”.

    Maybe if people werent always coddling him and would be honest his issues wouldnt have been so bad???????? Oh wait, Micheal did whatever he wanted whenever he wanted because he was rich and spoiled.

  21. By Denise
    On June 1, 2012 at

    Interesting comments on the pros and cons of homeschooling. However people missed the most important part of this note; he signed it “Love Turd”. Turd? Seriously?

  22. By Cynthia Twist
    On June 1, 2012 at

    I don’t think anyone could learn what he could do in any school.

  23. By Christine India
    On June 1, 2012 at

    I could give a fat rat’s ass, but here is my observation on home schooling:

    How could a parent home school a kid, when sometimes the parent is dumb as a brick? Teachers have to have a college degree, right? I think kids should go to school and learn about the hard knocks of life, take the good and the bad and learn how to live in the real world.

    Regarding Michael: I def think he did stuff with minors, but in his own mind, he saw nothing wrong with it. His childhood was virtual hell, and that made him weird. His talent, though, was unmatched. Love the moon walk.

    And these are my correct and unbiased opinions. LOL

  24. By georgie
    On June 1, 2012 at

    Susan of Maine, your comments on homeschooling are more ignorant than Janet’s. Homeschooling is growing by leaps and bounds in this country btw, and pretty much all college/university barriers have been broken. It used to be difficult for a homeschooler to get into the UC’s for example, now they are welcomed with open arms.

    Regarding the teachers vs parents issue, many teachers are morons, and not a small percentage are pervs. Most homeschool teachers are former P.S. teachers that left the wretched public schools. Homeschool kids are taught by three different methods: either by the parents; through the public school system; or through a private school.

    Plus, most homeschool teens go to Community Colleges at an early age and start racking up there college credits. My own sons did this, and we’ve had many teens graduate and get their Assoc Degrees at the same time as their HS diploma.

    On top of that, you have your homeschool groups which provide a huge variety of weekly classes (arts, Shakespeare, fencing with Russian Masters, science taught by real scientists, math, writing, music, & on & on); at least one field trip per week, and events like dances, proms, history fairs, science fairs, art fairs, etc. Then there are the teen groups, which go even farther. We were members of one of the best homeschool groups in the country, it has literally hundred of kids, and my kid is also part of two other teen groups. He couldn’t have more socialization or a better education if we tried. And all without the hoodlum element, the pervasive drugs, and psycho teachers. I grew up in an upper middle class neighborhood, went to the local public schools, where drugs were everywhere, dozens of molester teachers, and the miserable b.s. textbooks full of fallacies and fairy tales. I also know several kids who were beaten, knifed, and one shot at school. Who would think that was better? If you want that for your kids, go for it. We chose to make sacrifices (money-wise) and do the best for our kids that could. It has so worth it. More than we could have imagined.

  25. By georgie
    On June 1, 2012 at

    Throughout most of my kids homeschool years, they had classes on Mon, Wed, Thur & Fri, and then Tuesdays are “parkdays” for social activities. I can’t believe how little is known about homeschooling. There are thousands of homeschooled kids in our area of So Cal.

    btw, I am a certified teacher in the State of California

  26. By Walt Cliff
    On June 1, 2012 at


    Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. Don’t get YOUR panties in a wad over someone that admitted to sleeping with young boys and thought it was a beautiful thing!!!!!

  27. By Patrick
    On June 1, 2012 at

    I guess A B C, WASN’T as easy as 1 2 3.

  28. By Walt Cliff
    On June 1, 2012 at

    Patrick, LOL!!! True!!!

  29. By Erika K
    On June 1, 2012 at

    Georgie, I think you actually have illustrated what Suzanne of Maine’s point was, exactly. You also seem to have an agenda ?

    We are a family of postgrads, and a motley troop of kids, and where we live ( Carpinteria ) there are a number of home school initiatives which we checked out throughly when we moved there originally.

    Honestly, we were horrified- as It seemed largely to be a collection of self serving, under equipped ideologues, political nutters mixed in with a few religious zealots. Not at all the kind of candidates I’d want teaching my lot.

  30. By Erika K
    On June 1, 2012 at

    oh, and I must ask …. dear Strom, … is there any other kind of genius, other than a mental one ?

    Aren’t all geniuses, mental ones ? is there some other kind ? As you would say “a mental genius” by definition, is a genius ? you mental genius you !

    Remember that the word genius, actually means something, a quantifiable entity. Comedic genius for example, is merely a value judgement ( even if it’s right ), but genius is an actual value, like temperature.

    All crows are black, therefore …. you get the point :-}

  31. By Johnny1960
    On June 1, 2012 at

    Georgie, i guess English wasn’t your subject eh ?

  32. By Patrick
    On June 1, 2012 at

    The home schooling program out of my kids high school is very popular. Especially with the kids who are a little more countrified. But really, public education seems to rapidly be moving into the realm of IPAD at warp speed in our districts…so, in effect at your school desk or in your home is going to be one in the same.
    The social aspect is a decision the kids can make on their own. The kids will tell you which way they want to go. Respect that.

  33. By Johnny1960
    On June 1, 2012 at

    I agree with Patrick that the kids should make the social choices on their own.

    My worst fear, beyond the damage of a homeschooling fascist, would be things like biology, genetics or political theory – being taught with a political or religious bias or agenda which would completely mitigate their value as subjects.

    I shudder to think of an Ipad education. We wore robes at uni, and had tea with our tutors …. I’m feeling very very old.

  34. By Erika K
    On June 1, 2012 at

    I concur with both Patrick and Johnny.

    School really should be about the student, and not the philosophical pretentions of the parent.

    I adored my teachers, and found them to be far far more erudite, sophisticated, complex, skilled and generous than either of my parents pretended to be.

    In fact, in a way, they saved me from becoming just like them.

    To paraphrase the great Steven J. Gould, ” Phylogeny recapitulates Ontogeny ” ! unless you get a real education !

  35. By Patrick
    On June 1, 2012 at

    Where did all of these large brains come from all of a sudden?
    Big words, smart think stuff.

  36. By georgie
    On June 2, 2012 at

    Ericka, there are certainly any number of annoying religious homeschool groups. I made it very clear that I was talking about secular (as in secular=non-religious) homeschool groups/programs. Also, my husband & I are both politically independent and are not pushing any agenda, unless you consider educating others about their misconceptions an “agenda”. The only agenda in the homeschool groups I know is to educate our kids in a friendly, safe environment and to let them reach their own potential, something that is sadly lacking in the public school system. Homeschooling is certainly not for everyone, which is a good thing. The homeschool world I know is nothing like what you and Johnny have described, just the opposite, in fact. Populated by friendly, creative people, mostly in the entertainment industries or teaching fields. However, enjoy your bigotry all you want. We’ll be enjoying watching our new HS Grad playing on stage with a world famous rock band this weekend, my hubbie is starting on a new movie he was hoping to get assigned to, and now that I’m done homeschooling, I’m off to Paris next week for a short fun assignment back in my former profession. So, sorry, but the comically pretentious insults here (my grammar…on a gossip blog…really?) aren’t going to get me down.

  37. By Karen
    On June 2, 2012 at

    Looks as bad as my doctors handwriting. OMG I hope that doesn’t mean my doctor wasn’t educated!

  38. By Strom
    On June 2, 2012 at

    I agree with many comments on home schooling and am skeptical on how many have used it…same is true for many private schools, too.

    Poor Erika…so busy flying your post grad flags, Bill Gates didnt bother with one, that you couldnt understand a person could be a physical genius which many pro and olympic athletes that cant complete a sentence are….or maybe a musical genius, which applies to Mozart but not pervert MJ.

  39. By Patrick
    On June 2, 2012 at

    Georgie girl! Who’s the boy playing with?
    We just had The Wall here in the stadium. It was by a long shot the largest production we have ever seen and it is not likely to ever be surpassed for sheer epic scale and sonic clarity. Ninety five semi loads of gear Roger is lumping around for the stadium shows. See it if you can. Take lots of kleenex, it’s emotionally draining. Very powerfull stuff that Bring The Boys Back Home, you know.
    Like I said, the home schooling program here is very popular. We have a lot of future hockey and{working} drama stars who use it as well as highly intelligent well adjusted kids who haven’t the interest in the high school social scene. More power to em.
    The kids who attend the school are all great too! Choice is good.

  40. By Patrick
    On June 2, 2012 at

    Strom, I’m not a fan of M.J. as a person. Way too fucked in the head as clearly pointed out by Walt.
    But he was a musical genius. As far as modern pop music is concerned.

  41. By Strom
    On June 2, 2012 at

    Sorry,He was the organ grinder;s monkey who sang and danced on cue. More important to call the organ grinder the genius.

    Could JC at least change the picture of Halle Berry in the left column? She is so monkey like in it that all the evolution advocates may decide to use this as a model.

  42. By georgie
    On June 2, 2012 at

    Patrick, I think we blew our chance to see it! We are kicking ourselves over that now. Waters actually hired two of our old friends to perform with him on stage and they are loving it! They’ve sent us some great emails with pix from the road. It does look freaking amazing.

    Yes, agree with you completely…viva la choice! I’m all for choice! I have 3 relatives who work for LAUSD & I am all for making public schools as nice as possible. Our kids have many friends in public school. One of my best friends in the h/s comm. was h/s her 3 kids; when one of them said they wanted to go to public H.S., she enrolled her immediately & she is happy there and on some sports team. I don’t know anyone that forces their kid to homeschool.

  43. By Nef
    On June 7, 2012 at

    Janet Charlston,
    I am a Michael Jackson fan and I am proud of it! What about his handwriting? English Grammar? What are you talking about!! He wrote the most beautiful songs, had all notes and lyrics in his brain, danced like no other, entertained millions of people across this world. Help sick children to survive..What did you do? You have a gossip newsletter here. Who are you? How long are you going to last? Who is going to remember you someday! Get a life will you!! Michael was a genius and genius don’t have to bow to small people like you!

  44. By Nef
    On June 7, 2012 at

    Janet Charlston,
    I am a Michael Jackson fan and I am proud of it! What about his handwriting? English Grammar? What are you talking about!! He wrote the most beautiful songs, had all notes and lyrics in his brain, danced like no other, entertained millions of people across this world. Help sick children to survive..What did you do? You have a gossip newsletter here. Who are you? How long are you going to last? Who is going to remember you someday! Get a life will you!! Michael was a genius and genius don’t have to bow to small people like you! And you have a lack of heart!

  45. By Veronica
    On June 7, 2012 at

    Here it is important to clarify several things:

    1. You go into ‘gossip’ of celebrities for over 30 years to entertain people. You really are a sad example of what contemporary alienation.

    2. You are the living example of ‘yellow journalism’ that makes the society sick.

    3. What a shame! Besides you earn money with this ‘gossip’ about the lives of celebrities. Never thought you could be more useful to society thinking beyond your nose?

    4. You know? The sadest thing is there are people who read and follow the abysmal banalities which you deal, instead of educating your audience make their mind full of rubbish!

    5. I very much regret your abysmal banalities have touched the name of Michael Jackson, who you do not know or understand, but YES you take care of his handwriting and grammar!

    6. People with mosquito brain do not understand geniuses, much less if they are generous and humble heart.

    7. What is really sad, I repeat, is that there are people that you mosquito brain, impact with your banalities!

    8. If you gossip about Michael Jackson why don’t you deal about his music? his art? Or his sublime spirit and message? What about his work and donations for charity all around the world for more than 30 years? Why don’t you gossip that he won more awards than any other artist in history? Why don’t you gossip about the immense amount of money of his charities, that were over three hundred million dollars? But calligraphy and letter of a personal note (which should never have come out to light) are more important to you? Wow! Wow! You deserve the award MOSQUITO BRAIN OF THE YEAR!

  46. By Not a Fan, Not a Hater
    On June 22, 2012 at

    I think if the man literally hadn’t slept in four days, perhaps his grammar, spelling and handwriting are indicative of that. Hell even several hours past tired is enough to make most people dopey and clumsy in all things. Perpetually exhausted and not sleeping for days on end is no doubt a contributor to such a mess. That’s not to say his normal handwriting, grammar, spelling and manner of writing would be phenomenal – I have no idea – but I would cut him a little slack on that with the obvious distress he was in physically.

  47. By Strom
    On June 22, 2012 at

    Cut him slack = BS. MJ’s little bleached balls should be hanging from the gates of Neverland right now for his perversions with CHILDREN. He hated his race and was enabled just like Whitney Houston by the record company and ended up the same.

    MJ was the organ grinders MONKEY who danced on cue…that was it.

  48. [...] teach you relevant to your enlargement. Your jest would be stupid if it was totally unexpected. http://www.janetcharlton.com/michael-jacksons-startling-lack-of-education/ This will be expensive experimentation. It is hard to justify resources to do using that [...]

  49. By Strom
    On October 8, 2012 at

    MJ’s little bleached balls should be hanging from the gates of Neverland right now for his perversions with CHILDREN. He turned the word Culkin into a verb.

    The Jackson family hates their race and was enabled just like Whitney Houston by the record company and ended up the same. However, it was no ones fault but their own. Call them out.

    MJ was the organ grinders MONKEY who danced on cue…that was it.

  50. By Larry
    On November 12, 2012 at

    Ten year old, looks more like a 7 year old!

  51. By Strom
    On December 6, 2012 at

    2 words
    -Trust Issues

  52. By strom
    On December 7, 2012 at

    The little imposter returned,,,,hoping to score some cred, but couldn’t pull it off.

    My comments stand:

    MJ’s little bleached balls should be hanging from the gates of Neverland right now for his perversions with CHILDREN. He turned the word Culkin into a verb.

    The Jackson family hates their race and was enabled just like Whitney Houston by the record company and ended up the same. However, it was no ones fault but their own. Call them out.

    MJ was the organ grinders MONKEY who danced on cue…that was it.

  53. By MIMMY
    On September 8, 2014 at



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