Few people in show business have evolved looks-wise as radically as Mickey Rourke. Mickey seems to take advantage of every surgical and non-surgical anti-aging method that becomes available. He’s not the same guy we all fell for in “Diner,” but he remains a fascinating actor. The above photo was taken in September – you should see what he looks like now. Click HERE for a shock.


Posted by Janet on January 15, 2014

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  1. By Denise
    On January 15, 2014 at

    I could at least recognize him a couple of years ago but now…….I think he is unrecognizable……He was such a good looking young man in his hey day.

  2. By Trudy
    On January 16, 2014 at

    An interesting actor, but, so what? Carre Otis documented what an abusive creep he was and I’ve never heard him have the guts to address it. So, like Polanski, Allen, Jackson and all the other wealthy scum he got away with it and continues to make millions. They should all be in jail and blacklisted.

  3. By mister baja
    On January 16, 2014 at

    so hhe finaly accapts wheelchairs & homes for the elderly?

  4. By Palermo
    On January 16, 2014 at

    Completely unrecognizable and still awful looking.

  5. By Amy
    On January 16, 2014 at

    He seems extremely obsessed with the way he looks that he wants to erase his former self. Should spend his money on a good psychologist/psychiatrist to figure out why he hates himself so much and why he has been abusive to some of the women in his life.

  6. By Georgie
    On January 16, 2014 at

    Vomitous. What a creep.

  7. By Andrea, Seattle
    On January 16, 2014 at

    I’m not taking up for the Mick one way or another. However, I did read in the (I think) Enquirer where he said he had a very abusive childhood, was sometimes locked in a closet and spent years feeling lonely (this was his words). A shrink would probably deduce that his obsession with mangling his face has something to do with his sad past.

  8. By Bluejay
    On January 16, 2014 at

    Those jeans don’t do Mickey any favors–he looks like his legs are backwards. Unfortunate.

  9. By Bluejay
    On January 16, 2014 at

    I just tried rubbing the lint off my screen, but it appears to be Mickey’s lip ring. And, the guy’s got white nail polish. Yeesh!

  10. By Dee Cee
    On January 16, 2014 at

    Steroids are not his friend

  11. By Paula
    On January 17, 2014 at

    I like his acting!

  12. By bigED
    On January 21, 2014 at

    He has a hot pair of legs! Tan and smooooth


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