Mischa is miserable since she left the O.C. She feels like her life is over and everything is going downhill.” revealed an insider. “She feels lost since she left the show and started pestering her boyfriend Cisco Adler for a commitment. She threatened to leave if he didn’t give her a ring. He wasn’t ready to get engaged so he stalled by buying her a “promise” ring. That satisfied her for a few weeks, but she started acting crazy and hyper-emotional. “She acts like she has nothing to live for.” Cisco couldn’t take the drama and told her “We’re better off apart.” He told friends “She’s too crazy for me.” That really set her off – she threatened to commit suicide and even threatened to kill their dog! She was seen sobbing in her car with wrist bandages. Whether she actually cut herself isn’t known. “Cisco feels bad so he’s pretending to work things out with her so he can let her down easy. He’s hoping she’ll come to her senses and won’t do anything violent or vindictive. But he wants out.


Posted by Janet on November 21, 2006

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  1. By Anonymous
    On November 21, 2006 at

    this story is wrong. Cisco wants to marry Mischa. He can’t do better. She was the one who left him before.

  2. By Anonymous
    On November 22, 2006 at

    This is an old picture from the tabloids few weeks back; claimed she had hit her already injured wrist on the car door and that was why she was crying.

  3. By Anonymous
    On November 22, 2006 at

    A few weeks before that picture was taken, there were photos of her with her OTHER hand and wrist bandaged. I believe it was claimed she cut herself cooking.

  4. By Anonymous
    On November 22, 2006 at

    Sorry – how do you injure your wrists that many times?
    I feel sorry for these young girls who have it all – but happiness.

  5. By Anonymous
    On November 22, 2006 at

    I find it odd that yet another star who is styled by Rachel Zoe is as emotionally unstable and accident proned as Lindsay Lohan (i.e. multiple wrist injuries). Get off that Rachel Zoe juice fast!

  6. By Brooklyn
    On November 22, 2006 at

    She’s way too young to be committed to anyone.
    Enjoy your youth girlie.
    But this is an old pic.

  7. By Jules
    On November 22, 2006 at

    She pulled out of OC too soon. Another David Caruso?

  8. By Anonymous
    On November 22, 2006 at

    OMG, who cares about her?!?

  9. By Anonymous
    On November 22, 2006 at

    It is an old picture. From about 2 weeks ago.

  10. By Pat
    On November 22, 2006 at

    I heard she just tore her flesh apart with her fingers.
    It was horrible.

  11. By Anonymous
    On November 22, 2006 at

    I think Mischa should come back to the OC as a long lost cousin of Marissa..Why not? The show could use her presence.

  12. By Anonymous
    On November 23, 2006 at

    Yes, her career is going down hill – she does take a pretty picture but her acting is horrible.
    And the show is so much better without her presence.

  13. By Anonymous
    On November 23, 2006 at

    I never watched THE OC but her pictures have been shoved down my throat and she does look interesting at times but these pics make her look positively FUGLY UGLY!!!!!

  14. By Atia
    On November 23, 2006 at

    I will never understand why successful TV stars leave very popular TV shows with nothing in the bag except hopes that they will become film stars.
    She only has herself to blame.
    P.S. I keep hearing she left but another site claims they got rid of her for richer storylines. Which is true?

  15. By Anonymous
    On November 24, 2006 at

    Oh well…

  16. By Anonymous
    On November 24, 2006 at

    Sheesh – why kick a girl when she’s down? I can’t get over how people revel in other people’s misery.

  17. By Anonymous
    On November 25, 2006 at

    What a load of rubbish from a couple of pics of her crying that could be her crying about anything other than the reasons given.

  18. By Anonymous
    On November 25, 2006 at

    She’s ugly. She’s untalented. She dresses like crap. NEXT!

  19. By Hedda Bopper
    On November 27, 2006 at

    I used to see this bobble head in Malibu,what a mess.The only thing missing from the picture is the swarm of flies normally seen buzzing around her.And why on earth would any human cry over the unwashed Cisco? Cisco Adler makes Kevin Federline look talented.Cisco is yet another Talentless yutz sponging off his dad and dating the walking stupid.OYE VEY.

  20. By kim
    On June 11, 2007 at

    mischa is in a serious suicide concern at the moment. i mean come off it the whole bandaging the wrong wrist!!!!!!! and now the drugs with alcohol shit. if she had bronchitis surely it wud mean a spell in a hospital and certainly not out partying. kinda a nasty illness to be having. if you had it, trust me you wouldnt be out partying! you wud b in bed with your feet up not mixing antibiotics and alcohol.
    im telling u 3rd time lucky!


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