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Even more puzzling than LaToya Jackson’s absence from the Jackson turmoil of the past weeks is the sudden emergence of Janet Jackson as a villain. She has always had a prickly relationship with her family and was regarded as the soft-spoken successful one who was above the Jackson family antics. But all that changed when we saw her confrontation and verbal exchange with Paris Jackson on video. A family member has confided to Stacy Brown at the NY Post that It’s all about the money. Janet’s career isn’t flourishing – she has money going out and nothing new coming in. And she DOESN’T want to get stuck supporting eight siblings and their families– something the estate could easily do. THAT’S why she got involved in Randy’s plan to gain control of Michael’s money. Michael had warned his kids to watch out for “certain people” and one of them was Janet – he considered her evil, selfish and cheap, according to the source. So far, Janet’s attempt to help her brothers become financially solvent has backfired and now her reputation has lost its luster.


Posted by Janet on July 29, 2012

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  1. By Dragonfly
    On July 29, 2012 at

    Isn’t she dating a middle eastern gazillinaire? I’m sure she can get paid for doing what she does to him.

  2. By TonTon K
    On July 29, 2012 at

    She never had me fooled. They all played off of Michael’s talent and success. Even when he was part of the Jackson 5, he made it.

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  4. By Colin
    On July 29, 2012 at

    The whole thing makes me glad nobody in my family has money.

    What makes it more strange is that the children aren’t black. They don’t look like the same family. I know this shouldn’t matter but with Michael gone and no mother it must make Janet and the other siblings feel like it should be ‘their’ money even more.

    Hope the children make it to adulthood in one piece. Anyone else think one of them looks like Arnie Klein?

  5. By chris
    On July 29, 2012 at

    This family brings dysfunction to a whole other level. The children seem to be on them,and hope the judges take that into consideration.

  6. By Bu
    On July 29, 2012 at

    Colin, It doesn’t matter who looks like who. MJ was those children’s father (Bio or not) You cannot return children! They are Jacksons no matter what you want to believe. Katherine is their beloved grandmother and the only Mother figure outside of nanny’s that those poor little rich kids have had.

    Janet and those Jackson kids swandered their millions and behaved badly that is why MJ didn’t let them near his kids on a regular basis. It is because of their behavior that they are where they are. LaToya works all the time in Europe and Asia where she is popular. Janet doesn’t want to pay for them. I know that Marlon Jackson has been a stock boy at Ralph’s grocery store for a number of years. It’s just sad that the color of their skin bothers you so much.

  7. By Erma
    On July 29, 2012 at

    Janet has always came across as a b@tch, to me anyway.
    They were raised by an abusive controller (Joseph) with a bad temper, so many of them have inherited that personality type. They witnessed their dad ordering their mom to shut the F— up and let Joseph do the thinking for her. MJ’s siblings treat their mom the same way dear ol dad does.
    MJ’s siblings cannot stand the fact that these kids (who are not “real” Jacksons in the siblings eyes) will inherit MJ’s estate. Joseph did well. His kids are hateful, greedy, selfish and abusive. Oh, and racist too. I mean really, who cares where MJ’s kids came from. They’re here now and MJ was their dad from their birth until his death.
    I don’t know that much about Tito, but he may be one of the sane ones, and certainly his kids as well.
    I will never purchase any Janet Jackson music ever.

  8. By RiosDelish
    On July 29, 2012 at

    Janet reminds me of my ex-husband, Lester’s sister “Stella”. Stella is a witch, but comes across as soft spoken and demure.
    Lester’s family is similar to the Jackson family, ie. large, abusive patriarch, successful careers, constant family conflict in private, fake show of unity in public, matriarch told to be quiet and let patriarch do the thinking for her, abusive behavior carrying over to the next generation.
    I’m grateful to out of that nightmare.
    I hope MJ’s kids can get through this safely.

  9. By caroline
    On July 29, 2012 at

    I love Janet and always will. It has to be a horrible thing to be an artist with a successful career (and hers was for MANY years) in a family of deadbeats. She’s been better at hanging on to her money than even Michael, and guess what – she can ACT! Little Paris ought to figure out she can LEARN from Auntie Paris, rather than dissing her and acting like a “spoiled little bitch” – my opinion of Paris exactly.

  10. By Pippa Martin-St Onge
    On July 29, 2012 at

    Janet was last relevant in 1984.

  11. By caroline
    On July 29, 2012 at

    Pippa, you’re out of touch. Just as an FYI, Madonna wasn’t relevant since 1978.

  12. By Robert
    On July 29, 2012 at

    This is a complete lie. People love to hate and it is so easy to hate the Jackson’s. It amazes me that ppl will automatically feel that Paris and Prince have their grandmother’s best interest at heart and Janet doesn’t have HER mother’s best interest at heart! Janet does not need any of that money. This all comes down to skin color plain and simple. If those kids didn’t look white you all would say how out of control and disrespectful they are. If MJ was alive they would not have twitter accounts and still be wearing masks. That heifer Paris needs a wake up call and Janet Charlton and the rest of tabloid media is ready for her. They are going to turn on her and trash her. They only want to get into the Jackson’s business and Paris is giving it to them. But not for Paris’ tweets we wouldn’t know any of this. SHE and SHE alone is to blame for this.

  13. By palermo
    On July 29, 2012 at

    Oh please … Nobody cares if they are black or white, that old tired racist card again.

    I never thought Janet was the decent one, she is just as nutty as the rest of them. Starving and binge eating, butchering her face, hiding her marriages, hiding the kids she allegedly had. If she really had money would she be doing diet ads? My guess is not. She has always been so fake with that baby voice and trying to act so elegant. I knew she was just as “ghetto” as the brothers, it all comes out when the fighting starts.

  14. By RiosDelish
    On July 29, 2012 at

    Robert… you’re nuts! If anyone is concerned about skin color and race, it’s the “real” Jacksons (Jermaine, Janet, Randy, et al). Michaels sibs are pissed that he adopted/fathered white children who are obviously not biologically his. They feel the kids’ lack of Jackson DNA disqualifies them from inheriting Michael’s estate and the sibs’ obvious proof of Jackson DNA qualifies them to cash in on Michael’s estate and even leave those d*mn white kids out of it entirely.

  15. By forrest gump
    On July 29, 2012 at


  16. By Sedona
    On July 30, 2012 at

    Janet is as phony as all her plastic surgery. She is ugly on the inside.

    My heart goes out to MJ’s children. The loss of their father should be enough. They don’t need the greedy money grubber siblings of their father causing them more grief and heartache.

    Michael has earned new respect from me for the way he raised and taught those children. They are lovely, intelligent and nobody’s fools.

  17. By Strom
    On July 30, 2012 at

    Color does matter in this instance and the BLACK Jackson’s cringe at the thought of the white kids getting control. Michaels perversions come back to haunt them.

    Janet is still having her large and very BLACK caboose pounded by the little Arab but his family will never let him marry a BLACK so she has no access to his money.

    There is nothing as arrogant than a BLACK with a little money or power…the Jackson’s have had both and will do anything to hang on to what is left.

    Send them all to Nigeria where they really belong and where they can be famous again.

  18. By yoyo
    On July 30, 2012 at

    “It’s Janet, Miss Jackson if your nasty.” I always suspected her quiet tone of voice was a tad fake. Sad how money brings out the worst in people.

  19. By anonTWO
    On July 30, 2012 at

    white celebs adopt black children.
    black celebs create white children of their own to “adopt”.

  20. By Darlene
    On July 30, 2012 at

    I thought Michael and Janet got along well. She was the only sibling that MJ really care about. I always like her.

  21. By Reta
    On July 30, 2012 at

    She has the same tell-tell triangle nostrils that MJ had earlier on, and Latoya has and the mom/grandmother even has then now too. I’ve seen earlier pics of her and she didn’t have those triangle nostrils. I wonder why the Dr’s can’t make nostrils that look more normal shaped and therefore harder to spot as an obvious nose job…esp in black people. They just really look so alien!

  22. By Strom
    On July 31, 2012 at

    If you see the monkeylike picture of Halle B in the left column you see the same nose work. She even borrowed money from her bf (white) to make her a chest. And like a true EEOC dependent, never paid it back. Janet is also said to have had plenty of work but still retains her large African caboose.

    The Jackson’s won’t be able to stand it to see the white kids walk away with the money that was basically saved by the lawyers as pervert Mike would have blown it had he lived.

  23. By Strom
    On August 2, 2012 at

    If you see the monkeylike picture of Halle B in the left column you see the same nose work. And like a true EEOC dependent, never paid it back. Janet is also said to have had plenty of work but still retains her large African caboose.

    The Jackson’s won’t be able to stand it to see the white kids walk away with the money that was basically saved by the lawyers as pervert Mike would have blown it had he lived. After all, he turned Culkin into a verb….like Lewinski

  24. By E
    On August 2, 2012 at

    I think Halle B is a loss as a human being (drives under the influence, hit and run, uses her daughter to fight, etc.), but she is the only person I can think of who had plastic surgery that I still think looks good.

    Wasn’t Tito the one whose wife suddenly wound up drowned in their pool one morning after they had fought?

    Funnily enough, the craziest-seeming Jackson is the only one I trust somewhat (LaToya), because she told the truth from early on about the abuse etc.


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