davis_firecrotchshirt_pcn_265.jpgThis picture was taken just HOURS before Brandon Davis finally checked into rehab. Makes sense, huh? WHY did Brandon change his mind and check into Passages in Malibu after resisting his family’s pleas? Not only was his family humiliated by Brandon’s bizarre Lindsay Lohan bashing tape , but their social life has suffered gravely ever since. Their only potential redemption was rehab for Brandon. To propel Brandon into rehab, the Davis’s agreed to pay off all his gambling debts – rumored to be well into six figures. And all Brandon has to do is spend 30 days being pampered at the “celebrity spa” rehab that features private rooms with plasma tv’s, daily massages, horseback riding lessons etc. Not a bad deal.


Posted by Janet on June 16, 2006

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  1. By Anonymous
    On June 16, 2006 at

    Glad he’s getting help.

  2. By Ginger Coyote
    On June 16, 2006 at

    Good to see MS. Charlton doing what she does best….. GOSSIP!!!!

  3. By AndreaR
    On June 22, 2006 at

    This guy couldn’t get more lame if he tried – he is famous for NOTHING. Even Paris is a step up from him and that’s not saying much.

  4. By Mali The MOdel
    On June 22, 2006 at

    The fire crotch thing was great. Hohan deserved it…..I really don’t care if he does rehab or not, As long as he keeps opening that big funny mouth of his!!

  5. By Anonymous
    On June 22, 2006 at

    is this a joke, or was he really wearing that t-shirt?

  6. By Angel007
    On June 22, 2006 at

    wow, can i bash lidsey and get checked into that rehab, and if yes, do i have to accumulate a hefty debt first?

  7. By Anonymous
    On June 22, 2006 at

    He looks like a bloated Elvis, what is this guy supposed to famous for?

  8. By Elizabeth
    On June 22, 2006 at

    He’s so gross, although his Lindsay Firecrotch Lohan diatribe was hilarious. I would hate to be part of young Hollywood, they’re so mean to each other, it’s worse then high school.

  9. By Anonymous
    On June 22, 2006 at

    Greasy, slimy slug. He & Paris deserve each other.

  10. By mel
    On June 22, 2006 at

    obviously money can’t buy class, his family should be ashamed

  11. By Anonymous
    On June 22, 2006 at

    He’s hilarious. Where do I get the shirt?

  12. By Anonymous
    On June 22, 2006 at

    GO BRANDON!!!! You are going to be so much better off sober!!! I am so proud of you!!

  13. By Charlotte
    On June 23, 2006 at

    He’s useless and disgusting. Most of the offspring of Marvin and Barbara Davis is screwed up and spoiled.

  14. By Diandra
    On June 23, 2006 at

    I don’t know why so much attention is being paid to him. He is just a trust fund baby doing his destructive thing. All he needs is A JOB!!!

  15. By Anonymous
    On June 23, 2006 at

    Please. The last thing Brandon Davis needs is 30 days in celebutard rehab.
    What he does need is a spanking and a nap.
    Or a jump off of a really tall building.

  16. By Anonymous
    On June 23, 2006 at

    That guy is a riot. Funny shirt. I want one too. Lindsay is a ho.

  17. By Anonymous
    On June 23, 2006 at

    Brandon is cool to wear that shirt

  18. By Janet
    On June 23, 2006 at

    Isn’t Branden dating Lindsay at one point.

  19. By Mary Anne Lennon
    On June 25, 2006 at

    I don’t think Brandon Davis is “cool” in that T-shirt.
    Especially if it pertains to that young actress he bashed so terribly.
    How does anyone know what Lindsay Lohan does in her personal life? We really don’t know, it’s all such hype. For any guy to call a girl a “fire crotch” is awful. And doesn’t that Davis family have enough trouble right now???

  20. By brad
    On June 26, 2006 at

    Money, power (to get a good table at Koi) & his youth, but lacking one thing…class. What will this crowd does not understand that they are the laughing stock of their generation and an embarressment to American cluture.

  21. By Anonymous
    On June 29, 2006 at

    He’s disgusting. And talking about a teenager like that was vicious.
    The people who think this kind of thing is funny are the same kind of people who think calling someone a n***r is funny.

  22. By deathray
    On June 29, 2006 at

    I don’t know this kid — but his comment was funny

  23. By Anonymous
    On July 4, 2006 at

    Haven’t heard this one before. What does it mean to call someone a “fire crotch?” That they have STDs? That they are promiscuous? That they have STDs because they are promiscuous? Something else?

  24. By Anonymous
    On July 20, 2006 at

    It means they have red public hair like Lohan….duh! He’s hot and I’d do him. And she deserves to be trashed, the way she and her sick mom carry on.

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