Coincidence? We think not. Lindsay Lohan wore these $800 Chanel fingerless gloves in Elle months before her arch-rival Paris Hilton flaunted them at the Video Awards. Who looked better in them?


Posted by Janet on September 6, 2006

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  1. By Scottina
    On September 6, 2006 at

    Who cares…another non-story. Why don’t you cover some of your generation’s (reaad: Baby Boomer) stars instead of these young nobodies who everyone is covering? You obviously can’t compete with Perez Hilton and who’d want to. You’re letting your older audience down, Janet.

  2. By Andressa
    On September 6, 2006 at

    L-Lo did.
    …Paris is the worlds most over-rated person afterall.

  3. By Anonymous
    On September 6, 2006 at

    Yeah give us some stories on John Travolta and his bathhouse escapades.

  4. By Scottina
    On September 6, 2006 at

    Or Roseanne Barr, or Cher, or E.G. Daily, or John Fogety, Boz Scaggs, Sheena Easton or people who don’t get that much coverage. Why stick with the same played-out names?

  5. By Anonymous
    On September 6, 2006 at

    Who cares about these gloves??? Did you have nothing else to post Janet?

  6. By Wendy
    On September 6, 2006 at

    The cow looked better in them. As in the original cow, not these two ho cows.

  7. By Anonymous
    On September 6, 2006 at

    The non-gloves don’t look good on anybody. I can’t imagine a normal person wearing something like that.

  8. By Anonymous
    On September 6, 2006 at

    LL. The only thing that looks better on Paris is moi.

  9. By Anonymous
    On September 6, 2006 at

    800 dollars for a paor of leather ha;f gloves is like, a total steal!
    Seriously, why didn’t I go into fashion design?
    talk about a con game!
    Lohan is the better looking brawd of the two if you really must know.

  10. By aria
    On September 7, 2006 at

    Neither looks good. Those gloves are stupid.

  11. By Anonymous
    On September 7, 2006 at

    neither of them. they both are overrated ‘stars’.

  12. By Anonymous
    On September 7, 2006 at

    Please – no more Paris Hilton stories. Her 15 minutes have come and gone.

  13. By Anonymous
    On September 7, 2006 at

    Hilton was arrested for a DUI early this morning. Just an FYI

  14. By Fire Wife
    On September 7, 2006 at

    The gloves are UGLY – can you please not report anything on Paris? Who cares?

  15. By Anonymous
    On September 7, 2006 at

    Paris has been wearing those gloves for months.. I remember they said that she was stupid cause she lost only half of her glove…

  16. By Anonymous
    On September 7, 2006 at

    they both look like pieces of trash….

  17. By Jade / The Gossip Girls
    On September 8, 2006 at

    I so do not like the gloves. They just seem odd to me. I may not be an “it” girl.. but it doesn’t take much to know ugly when you see it *smile*
    $800? I can make you a pair for $5 and buy you a chanel logo in downtown LA lol

  18. By Anonymous
    On September 10, 2006 at

    Your audience and readers are old – they want vintage Janet. Stop trying to be young and hip. We want Liza stories.

  19. By Anonymous
    On September 14, 2006 at

    neither. those things are stupid and ugly. not to mention USELESS

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