depp-johnny-photo-johnny-depp-6234152.jpgFor years Johnny Depp has been raving about how much he loves living in France and raising his family there. Suddenly the Pirates of the Caribbean hunk says he’s planning to relocate that same family to a private island he bought in the Caribbean (where else?) two years ago. Has he become disillusioned with France? In a way, he has. He loves everything but the tax system. Since his Pirate movies have hit blockbuster status, Johnny has moved into a catastrophic new tax bracket. Socialist France gobbles up a gigantic portion of incomes such as his, so Johnny is prudently packing up his family and moving to the Caribbean where taxes are MUCH less devastating. Whether they like it or not.


Posted by Janet on July 17, 2006

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  1. By lulu
    On July 17, 2006 at

    Jonhnny is a democrat so he should pay his taxes.

  2. By Anonymous
    On July 18, 2006 at

    johnnie rocks

  3. By carlotta
    On July 18, 2006 at

    France takes at least 60% of a person’s income through all sorts of taxes. It seems like almost everyone here has their hand out for a bit of your possessions. It’s no wonder that the economy is in a slump, because laws are so restrictive on employers, and taxes get EVERYONE! The cheese is pretty good though. I don’t blame Johnny wanting to get away from the pollution of Paris to the freedom of a private island, where the only traffic jam is from a few ants crossing the tiny streets.

  4. By Redneck
    On July 18, 2006 at

    France is a mess. The taxes are so overwhelming that they just keep people from working because there money is confiscated for the “greater good” of society. Nobody has much incintive to prosper, since it will be taxed heavily. Why not just relax, let everyone else work, and collect your fair share from the government? You’ll come out about even in the long run.

  5. By Anonymous
    On July 18, 2006 at

    When you bad mouth the country that made you and move to a country that wants to take about half of what you have, I guess you have no choice but to move into seclusion. He’s a great actor but a tad ungrateful.

  6. By Anonymous
    On July 18, 2006 at

    More pictures of Johnny please.

  7. By Scottina
    On July 19, 2006 at

    No more pics of the overrated and (to my mind) ugly Johnny. I think he looks drugged out. That “Pirates” film is boring and I couldn’t be bothered.

  8. By Anonymous
    On July 19, 2006 at

    You bothered enough to post a message about him!

  9. By Anonymous
    On July 20, 2006 at

    Of all of the celebs you could bash, JC, – you chose Depp?
    When trying to grab search engine traffic, at least attempt to be less obvious about it, darlin’.

  10. By Anonymous
    On July 20, 2006 at

    Talk about being odvious..

  11. By Buster Hymen
    On July 20, 2006 at

    Maybe Johnny Boy will have a renewed respect for the good ol USA than those tax loving frog eaters in France.

  12. By POTC RULES( so does Johnny)
    On August 4, 2006 at

    Johnny Rocks I wish he would move somewhere so I could meet him, he sounds amazing, although I dont kno much about him. I just really REALLY liked him in pirates of the caribbean. My fave movie ever! johnny is a great and unique actor. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, savvy!!!

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